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  1. It really was not gouging on the LGS end. They have a plain jane AR15 with no frills on the rack for $1,300.00. This is a used gun on consignment. I don't know the brand because I did not look at it. It appeared to be an S&W or Bushmaster. Certainly not a top end unit. Needless to say, I did not buy it. All of his store stock AR's, AK's, etc. were gone since about three days ago. I did get some bullets, 1 1/2 small pistol primers and some powder. Primers seemed pricey.
  2. Win75

    Missouri Members

    The only days I miss are when I am not home. I would be up for a meet maybe in a central state location.
  3. A neighbor gave me a 20 round box of once fired Hornady superperformance varmint 223 53 gr. V-MAX brass a couple of days ago. The catalog number is 8025. This brass had crimped primers.
  4. All of my LGS are out of lowers, mags, uppers and about anything else AR related...including ammo.
  5. Any bets that the NR bidder disappears.
  6. I ordered a stripped upper and a forward assist on the 15th. Got a forward assist and a 30 round mag on the 19th. I called 10 times only to get a busy signal each time.Number 11, I got the message that all operators were busy. After 10 minutes, I got an order taker that told me I had to talk to customer service. I was on hold for 45 minutes before I got to talk to Karen. She said they had been backed up from 12 to 18 calls since 7:30 that morning. I was on the phone about an hour and 20 minutes total. Karen left her desk, went to the warehouse, found the upper that I had ordered, and shipped it out UPS overnight air. I was scheduled to get it yesterday. NOT here yet. :nfa stamp: Brownells/Karen did their job. Edit: UPS delivered my upper at 9:00 P.M. this evening. Happy camper now. Brownells has always done an outstanding job of correcting problems that I have experienced. That has been very few. I forgot, she told me to keep the mag for my trouble.
  7. Good morning everyone.
  8. Good morning everyone.
  9. Good morning everyone. Praying for all the families and victims in CT.
  10. Good morning everyone.
  11. Good morning everyone.
  12. Good morning everyone.
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