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  1. 919@12:00

    Finally got an AR

    Thanks all for the replies this is a great site and everyone is very helpful, Im thinking of going with the Troy BUIS the magpul is very tempting for the price but i dunno about a plastic sight,but i had planned on getting some magpul magazines and they are plastic too so ?? i dunno,would love to get an ACOG but that costs more than the rifle itself. I just hope it works well as it was built with the cheapest parts available,what i wanted was a spikes complete lower and an ADDAX gpu,or some other upper possibly gas impingent but with a 1x7 twist.
  2. 919@12:00

    Finally got an AR

    http://i935.photobucket.com/albums/ad196/j...pg?t=1255962508 LOL Its not @ 12 though
  3. 919@12:00

    Finally got an AR

    hopefully this will be a bigger pic
  4. 919@12:00

    Finally got an AR

    Thanks kicker i feel stoopid
  5. 919@12:00

    Finally got an AR

    Its been a long time coming,unfortunately I cant get a pic up loaded. I picked up probably the cheapest AR platform on the planet I traded and old 1985 ATC 250R for the rifle (didnt pay too much for the bike either 6 years ago) DSA lower model ZM4,DTI 1x9 twist upper in 5.56,carbine length M4 type? Havent fired it yet I have to get a BUIS first also a front sight tool,noticed that the front sight post is adjusted level with the "?wings?"of the sight,somehow I dont think this is right?I want to say the front post should be lower possibly in the middle?I will research and findout. How do i post pics?would i have to be a paid subscriber ?
  6. 919@12:00

    Dirt bikes

    Yep Yep I agree with jvellard If your going dirt only stay away from the 230 honda and yamaha though definately 250 the 230s are a bit weak cr250f or the yamaha or kawi 250s are really fun.
  7. 919@12:00

    2010 Honda Fury!

    just what ive got in my garage I have 7 more bikes at motherinlaws another ATC350X ,ATC 250R,ATC250SX,YTM200,YTM200E,XJ650,TT500
  8. Wow dude part #23040B on bikebandit.com $62.54 not including shipping Yea you might be able to come out cheaper by buying after market L.E.D.s or again I can check on a price for you at work tuesday lemme know
  9. Yea man ebay,you will have to replace the whole assembly(left side stalk) It actually may not be that expensive at your local kawasaki dealer. And yea it looks like that phillips may hold it on there lord knows how much wiring goes up in there. tuesday ill look it up at work and see how expensive it is and how its actually put together I might be able to get it for ya at my employee discount as Im a motorcycle mechanic at a Honda,Yamaha,Kawasaki dealership. let me know . or try bike bandit.com
  10. 919@12:00

    2010 Honda Fury!

    The buells get smoked by 600s as they are raced in the 600cc class because of the v twin thing Im sure the old RC51 will smoke it too The majority of Hondas especially the gold wing are built here in the U.S.but honda has now out sourced that for cheaper labor that will mean more recalls. I just dont understand why they call the V-Rod and the buells especially the new austrian buell Harley both are metric (engines)the only thing Buell is the frame?? We have a Fury at work it is sweet but Honda should have put a larger power plant in it,I am a HONDA guy but the bad a$$ is the Yamaha Raider they however should have made it liquid cooled. The raider will absolutely smoke a kawi 2000 that is 2000 ccs vs 1900 ccs weight over horsepower ratio the raider wins the 2000 is a heavy pig. my 919 will probably smoke that buell too and it has a majorly de tuned cbr900rr power plant. Uhh ohh I might be ranting sorry im a motorcycle service tech I used to like Harleys and wanted one untill I worked on them they are archaic technology exept for their electrics and fuel injection i consider harleys to be neanderthal and rice to be modern man as far as technology is concernend i was going to become a harley tech instead of Honda and yamaha,kawajunkie but they are all pretty much the same easy to work on V twin engines all pretty much the same where as the rice bikes and atvs are for the most part very different i.e. V twin V four,inline four,singles, twins,triples oh yes triumph did not come up with the inline 3 or triple yamaha did that in the 80s for four stroke and suzuki and kawi did it in the late 70s two strokes. uhh crap still ranting sorry . we have actually sold a couple of furys and quite a few raiders. My next bike I would like to have the CB1000R but im sure itll never hit the states naked bikes dont sell well here ,so I will most likely find a wrecked CBR1000RR and make a street fighter out of it
  11. 919@12:00

    Pledge to Obama

    Heh heh they wont be able to canvas my neighborhood I live in the sticks, rural georgia is not the place to be doing this. Ya vol mein fuhr...... err mein president. I love that movie.
  12. 919@12:00

    How to begin

    Thanks Chris,TS, Yea that tactical innovations stripped lower is like $109.00,I like that price, still gotaa save $$$$ Chris why is there such a long wait time on uppers ? Is it because you make them all per customer,ie..you dont just put together a few uppers and stock them then sell them ,you get an order then build it on a customer to customer basis so your not stuck with alot of stock on shelves ? I would assume your really busy and probably backed up.
  13. Wow man Ive never heard of taking apart the top end on a break in tune up,sounds like somobody wants to make some money. I also think I may be incorrect on the AT oil filter It may not have the writing on the filter but is printed on the installation instructions that come in the package, the trx 420 tm,fm,(manual shift)te,fe(electric shift 2 and 4 w/d)and the older trx 350s have the writing on the filter I think honda should have made the filters free flow both ways to prevent this but ???dunno why they didnt.
  14. Just remember if you do your own oil change that the oil filter gos in both ways but the wrong way will starve the top end of oil. buy the honda oil filter and it will say" this side and spring towards engine" the other side will say" this side towards cover" Ive had to rebuild numerous top ends because of that,you can get cheaper oil filters at wally world but I dont think they have the lettering on them. Id stick with the Honda parts.