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  1. Outstanding! The man above must have more good for you to do!
  2. Happy birthday my friend. You are truly missed brother!
  3. Yep, we are out of here. However, the Sherriff's department does a lot of policing in Travis County. I wouldn't be surprised to see them just take over where APD is out.
  4. I'm pretty sure we have a strong record if kicking cancers ass here on the forum. You got this! Prayers inbound brother!
  5. I didn't mean shot by the police. Parents, neighbors, bystanders......someone should have put that animal down before the police ever even showed up.
  6. How did this piece of shat even make it to jail? He should have been shot dead instantly!
  7. Posted that in my south Texas politics group. They’ll be foaming at the mouth real quick!😂
  8. Oh no! He was such a good man. Always offering to help anyone. I will deeply miss him. Damn! Rest In Peace my friend.
  9. Maybe we’ll meet up for a beer also!
  10. I’ll definitely have to check it out! Thanks for the tip.
  11. Been here 3 years now!
  12. I forgot FW lives up there. I’ll have to hit him up too.
  13. I’ll have to hit you up for a beer sometime my friend!
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