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  1. Steelborn1

    Friend's Property

  2. Steelborn1

    NBC, Chrissy Teigen and vaginal steaming

    Pics or it never....wait, family site. Never mind.
  3. Steelborn1

    My KIA Soul has 60,000 + miles on it.

    The last timing chain I saw fail had over 300,000 miles on it. The chain usually isn’t the culprit, it’s the tensioner or guide that fails and lets the chain loosen or jump time. 99% of the time the engine will warn you that there is a problem with loud ticking/clacking noises prior to failure.
  4. Steelborn1

    My KIA Soul has 60,000 + miles on it.

    I’d go ahead and do a drain and fill on the transmission fluid. Should only take about 5 quarts and is really good maintenance. They only hold about 7-7.5 quarts.
  5. Hell yeah! I’d keep my Florida permit too.
  6. Steelborn1

    Holy crap! That was fast!

    Renewed mine in person the week before we moved out of FL. Walked in and out in like 10 minutes. I was very impressed.
  7. Steelborn1

    Very stressful December ends very well for us

    Didn’t want to simply ignore some possibly good advice so I called and asked what Kia recommends. She said they have a special break in oil that is ran in it first for an hour or so using different engine speeds and loads. After that synthetic blend or better is the recommendation.
  8. Steelborn1

    Very stressful December ends very well for us

    The problem is in order to get a good oil the only choice is synthetic. Conventional is garbage now and blend is only marginally better.
  9. Steelborn1

    Very stressful December ends very well for us

    They called today and said new engine is there. Should have it done by Friday. I told her to price me a few parts while they have it in there like radiator hoses, thermostat, belt etc..... Also told her synthetic oil only and I’ll pay the difference.
  10. Steelborn1

    "Why I Hate The Desert Eagle"

    I don’t care for them personally. I’d be more impressed by a Wilson Combat 1911 than a DE 50 every time.
  11. Steelborn1

    Lost my best bud a couple nights ago

    My condolences! Sounds like he lived a good life though.
  12. Steelborn1

    We just had a visit from the RCSD SWAT team!

    Wow! Exciting night.
  13. Some of you may remember my wife getting in an accident at the beginning of the month. Well, what I didn’t tell you is what happened 2 days prior. On that Sunday evening we went to get family pics done. On the way home I pulled out onto the road and stomped it in our Kia Optima. The engine just died and I pulled over into the median. After trying to get it to start for a while I gave up and towed it to my shop. The next day my master tech and I were checking it out. After getting nowhere he put a breaker bar on the crank bolt and tugged. It didn’t budge, seized engine! Dammit! 2 days later the camaro pulls out in front of her and bam. We had zero cars for a day before we finally got a rental. It took State Farm 3 weeks to decide on my truck and they totaled it. The entire time the car sat at my shop. I was stressing over what to do with it. Even the used engines for it are expensive and I wasn’t sure I wanted to put a lot of money into it. It has 180k on and isn’t worth much. For Christmas I ended getting a damn good deal on a new Durango for her. She loves it! However, we still only have 1 working vehicle. I remembered that earlier this year I got a letter from Kia about engine failures and took it in for inspection. They said everything was fine at the time. I called them the day after Christmas and told them what happened. They sent a tow truck to the shop and picked it up for inspection. After waiting 2 days they finally called back. We are getting a brand new engine installed for free under warranty. 180000 miles and they are replacing the engine for free! Man, what a huge relief. Looks like we might keep this car for my oldest daughter to drive now.