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  1. Steelborn1

    Free 1 year Disney + Starts Today

    Thanks for the heads up Ramps!
  2. Steelborn1

    Doesn't it figure?

    What did you get done? That’s a big chunk of change! If you could have made it to Round Rock I might have been able to save you some money.
  3. What ya want for that YHM mount?😁
  4. Steelborn1

    Lots of stuff for sale

    We can close this one. Everything either sold or reused or gifted to someone.
  5. Steelborn1

    Lots of stuff for sale

    Sorry man, it sold last year.
  6. Steelborn1

    For TT!

    I swear they built the house we are renting like that on purpose. I made a gate for our stairs to keep the 2 year old off of them. Took some basic measurements and built my gate square. Mounted it and nothing lined up. Drives me nuts!
  7. Steelborn1

    One of our members has passed away

    RIP brother.
  8. Steelborn1

    Ah Man Who's Got a Fast Car ; Thunder Road Ride On

    Since I moved back to Texas Shiner has become mandatory in my fridge! Damn good beer!
  9. Steelborn1


    Lol, I’m the one who turns the heat up! I absolutely hate cold weather! And by cold I mean anything below 69.
  10. Steelborn1

    Range Time.

    You have a very good problem my friend!
  11. Steelborn1

    Head east old man...

    Awe man, my deepest condolences my friend. Have a safe and uneventful trip.
  12. Steelborn1

    If you had about $100 or so.....

    I appreciate all the feedback guys.
  13. Steelborn1

    If you had about $100 or so.....

    What is the actual name of the Sinclair overall length tool? I don’t find a tool by that exact name.
  14. Steelborn1

    If you had about $100 or so.....

    I’ll look into that too.
  15. Steelborn1

    If you had about $100 or so.....

    I don’t have anything for measuring chambers. I was thinking some of the cool little Sinclair tools Greg talks about all the time.