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  1. Steelborn1

    So, Who Is At The Bench Today?

    Seems like I’ve spent the last couple of months prepping brass! Ok, maybe I have, at least in my rare spare time. I finally made some new boolits yesterday. I had a bag of 63 (looking at you TT) 60gr 224 softpoints I had never used. I don’t even remember where I got them. Anyways, I have a decent shooting load for the ballistic tipped version so I duplicated that. If nothing else they should be some decent 2 legged critter stoppers up close.
  2. Steelborn1

    Secret Knock Means Goodies

    Why do you not like the tipped version?
  3. Steelborn1

    Had enough of this BS

    Pretty sure you can block someone and you won’t see their posts anymore. Hell, as far as I can tell, Rampy has mellowed out a lot!😂
  4. Steelborn1

    Need a standard milspec stock

    Just a basic M4 stock is fine.
  5. Steelborn1

    ROAD TRIP!!!

    It was great seeing you again brother. Hopefully we can meet up again on your way home. Maybe then we can go out to eat! Be safe and thanks again for your service!
  6. If it doesn’t have beans it just hotdog sauce.
  7. Steelborn1

    Things that kill more people than coronavirus

    Stealing to post on the FB.
  8. Steelborn1

    Need a standard milspec stock

    Yeah, it’s a barebones low buck build for sure. He doesn’t have a lot and it took a while to save for the parts he got. I’ve thrown some of my stuff in it too so it’s reliable.
  9. Anyone have one they won’t use? Trying to help a friend finish up his first AR. Thanks.
  10. Steelborn1

    Rally Point

    Ok, Team Texas, where we meeting?
  11. Steelborn1

    Good Morning!

    Good morning from central Texas!
  12. Steelborn1

    New Shooter. Emergency Stimulus Check

    Maybe go put one on layaway just in case?
  13. Absolutely stock up on what you can. The idiots are buying out everything they can find. People from Houston drove 3 hours south and cleaned out my home town.
  14. It’s going on a savage 308 for now. I figure it can be moved to the 18” AR if I want later on.