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  1. Black Rain is NOT the one getting the bad rap, Mr. Norton. What exactly has been said to give you the impression that any of us at any time have given a negative nod in their direction? Black Rain also does not have its name associated anywhere else online with any 'negative' press, at least not from what I have seen. Black Rain was not at fault in any way, shape or form. "...We tried to work with the winner to give them a replacement AR they could use..." How did you try to work with the winner Mr. Norton? I am sure 'the winner' has all of the evidence of you 'trying to work' with them. How many different excuses did you give to The Winner and various other individuals, including an associate of The Winner just this past weekend at an event? Why does The Winner not have a replacement AR? Let us just pick a date of, oh, say January 17th - if you were going to start working on the AR, would The Winner have that AR by this time, March 20th? How many AR's has your company sold since that date? I would just be curious to know some of those little details. Gosh, it sure does seem like a long time for them to have to wait once you committed to giving them that replacement. Thanks N!
  2. There is no 'got it right'. They have always rocked! I will send you one. I have a few padded envelopes left over from cookie baking season.
  3. Hey, is a can a silencer thingy?
  4. STOP EDITING MY POSTS SATCHMODOG! :realmad: :realmad: You removed the first few lines of this post. I stopped in to my office on Tuesday afternoon, which is the day I don't work. Tuesday night happens to be the high power rifle practice night. I walked outside to relocate a hornet's nest that I discovered at the front door and I heard machine gun sounds. Curious since we do not allow rapid fire, I wandered down to the Rifle/Pistol range. One of the guys I work closely with told me the guys from the (can't remember what the group is called so,) 'machine and sub machine' league were practicing, he asked me if I had ever shot an UZI before - uh, no - so he told me to go in and shoot one. At first I said no - but he insisted and told me I had to try it. I walked in the room and as soon as I was introduced to the guys, they started handing me all these machine gun type guns (I'm cute, what can I say, ) and excitedly explaining all of them to me, etc. There was some sort of antique Ruger pistol that I can't remember the name of, that I also played with - that one was fun because I nailed the same clump of dirt at 50 yards 4 times in a row. I may be getting my grove back! The boys just loved showing off all there expensive toys to the girl! The STEN was awesome!! I had to wear a glove because the, uh - part of the gun you hold with your left hand - was very hot - fire shoots out of the right side of the, uh - part of the gun where the spent cartridges fly out - and the smoke billows up into your eyes because the suppressor forces the gasses back (I think I got that one correct) which normally I would be totally repulsed by, but it was a whole body experience and it was all great, even the hot hand and burning eyes! Also, I really have to learn the technical anatomy of the guns a bit more. I may start making flashcards. Anyone know a good study site?! lol. The rest of spousal version is true. I need to make Tuesday afternoons a regular thing.
  5. A very bad mistake? A very bad mistake is when I pulled my car a bit too close to the curb a couple weeks ago and slipped the right front end into a drainage ditch and had to have a tow truck pull me out - FORGETTING your two DOGS in a 140 degree pressure cooker is neglect, ABUSE, pure stupidity of the highest level and there is no excuse that frees him of this. This officer of the law is training to serve and protect, not to mention the intense training that the K9 officers go thru - it isn't just a week of dog handling. These dogs were his partners, simply stated. He killed his partners. You don't think he should be fired, maybe just a little refresher course. So what exactly would this officer have to do to result in his dismissal? Leave a suspect in his vehicle overnight? Shoot a bunch of unarmed citizens while attempting to apprehend a suspect? The guy should be forced to go to every single canine training unit and tell his story, then show all the future handlers his wonderful doggie partners, and show them what can happen if they are neglected in such a way. Perhaps this awful case can bring a bit more awareness to this subject of animals in hot vehicles. These K9 cops are supposed to be highly trained and knowledgeable about these dogs, yet they OOOOOPS! -ied and left them in the stifling, suffocating car? No. No excuse. Grounds for termination. :gun2: :bringit:
  6. That is hilarious! I don't 'talk' about feelings and crap, I just blabber mostly to my dog, and Great Big Baby Diesel answers back - we walk around the house conversing constantly. If this is the sort of talking she is guilty of, then pop in some ear buds and listen to music. If she is trying to talk to you about feelings and crap and is becoming angry that you don't want to talk to her, I have no advice for you other than recommend she go to therapy so she can talk to the therapist, or tell her you have a raging headache.
  7. Major medical problem, HA HA HA HA HA HA! That is funny...
  8. Which wife are you referring to?
  9. Fabric softener sheets can work wonders. I have an overly 'scentsitive' nose. It is a horrible affliction because I can smell every little odor that enters my air stream. I find food smells to be particularly nasty. I would say your biggest offender would be the cat pee, which is a nightmare to get out of fabric or porous surfaces. Dog smells are pretty easy to get rid of, in my opinion. I have lived with kids, dogs and cats, and the cat pee, even if it is in the litter box -can be detected over anything. Anyway - if you place a couple fabric softener sheets in various places around the house, it takes some of the edge off the smell. You can always tell when a neighbor is doing laundry because of that nice, fresh scent floating through the air, so it help to get your brain in the 'clean' smelling direction. Use a couple in your vacuum cleaner. Insert a couple over the filter or stick a couple inside the dirt collecting part of it, or bag if yours have a bag. I like to hang a couple off of the ceiling fans and turn them on low. Other ideas would be putting a diaper on the cat, cleaning the litter box every day and keeping the kid locked in its room until college. Keep reapplying a nice fresh towel to the bottom of his/her door to prevent outpouring of odors - you should be good. With a dog, a couple of spots on their bodies tend to hold odors: their ears and their faces. I wash my Great Big Baby Diesel's face and ears very regularly. I also take a few of those fresh scented baby wipe towels and run them around his body before I comb him. It helps take the dander/dusty's off of him and it leaves him smelling fresh. He hates being clean, though. Junkyard dog. He also gets misted with Sweet Pea body spray a couple times a week.
  10. Oh fun - I bet you have some great stories. Just a possible future thread idea - :oh yea:
  11. Actually, my sweet BabyDog would have been more likely to eat the bumper. Remember the VAN?! Kosmo was so funny.
  12. I saw it on one of those HBO RealSex specials.
  13. Set up a webcam in your bathroom and hook into a fetish site. Seriously - if you are freaky you can make a lot of money. (from what I have seen in some documentaries of course). You can do all sorts of household chores, such as cleaning your guns and ironing, in the nude and there are a lot of people who would pay to see it. No, seriously.
  14. OK - I am not a hunter so my questions are acceptable - meaning I am asking because I am curious. 1) Why did you kill this animal? Was it a threat to you or are they over populated in that area? Is there a season that Bears are taken down for population control measures? (believe me, I have no desire to be near a bear, so I am all for this) 2) Other than the head being an obvious use as a decoration for your house, what did you do with the rest of the animal? Do you eat the parts? Thanks.
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