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  1. After all these years my ole 1076's are still a little bit sexy don't you think?
  2. Nice, luv to see a pic of the old girl as well!
  3. http://www.stewmac.com/shop/Nuts,_saddles/...3&xsr=12511 Go here and order the assortment, start with the pink or the blue. This stuff is great and you'll find yourself using it for eveything. Shhh don't tell anybody, it's a secret!
  4. Hi'ya, fine looking couple of firearms you got there.
  5. Yeah, I agree with the majority. It's probably best in the long run if you keep the limited .45.
  6. I luv mine as well, shot about 600 rounds thru it with zero FTF's. It's a great little plinker and less picky with ammo than the Sig, plus it's smaller and more accurate imo. As mentioned it's a pain to field strip, and one other thing I don't care for; most times if you try to remove an unfired round from the chanmber the ejector will almost always miss and you have to rack it a few times or shake the round out. They make a longer ejector you can buy to fix the problem. Anybody else have that problem?? Over all I still give the Walter an A, it's a fun little pliker for sure! Al
  7. Very nice, you're a lucky man! Both are keepers! I got socks and underwear.
  8. Well since prices are back down, I slapped a cheap AK in the lay-a-way last week. I figure as soon as there's another scare It'll be worth twice the price. But as far as "my" want list for the next year... I'm thinking a nice M1A would fit the bill. I haven't had one in a long time.
  9. I currently have three, all Smith's. But that's alway subject to change as I'm constantly trading guns, my wife says it's the OCD.
  10. I traded for one back in the fall, I haven't got to shoot it much but it seems to do okay. Seven shots off bench at a 100 with PMC 55gr FMJ. It's at least as good as my old A1.
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