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  1. Why wouldn't a sized casing work? If my dies are set up to set the shoulder correctly shouldn't using that put the barrel in spec?
  2. Thanks, yeah I wondered about just using a sized casing so that's awesome if that works too. Do you only have barrels of cartridges that use the same case head dimensions or do you swap out bolt heads too?
  3. The barrel will be for target shooting, some deer hunting, and maybe an occasional coyote. I recently put a new olympic barrel on my ar and it shoots so well that the accuracy limitations of my stock savage barrel are now quite amplified. I also want a little less recoil, not that I can't handle recoil but that just makes it that much more fun to shoot. I've also heard really good things about the capabilities of the 260 Remington. I figured I could rebarrel my savage on the cheap until I have the money to build a new ar in 6.5 grendel
  4. Midway has an E.R. Shaw 260 Remington barrel that includes a barrel nut wrench and headspace gauges for $200. Anybody have experience with E.R. Shaw barrels?
  5. I have a savage 110L in .30-06 and I can't get it to group worth with anything but 110 grain bullets, so I figured maybe I should swap barrels for something like .270 or .25-06 or one of the other cartridges that will work with just a barrel change and cut down on recoil while I'm at it. I understand that a savage barrel swap is not very difficult and something I could handle myself. My question is does anyone know who makes good accurate barrels for savages or where I could find a good used takeoff barrel? I will be reloading for it and I'll be buying a new die set and components anyway, so I just need to find a good accurate barrel and go from there? Should I just hang out on gunbroker for awhile or what? Thanks for any imput.
  6. I have some 110gr Vmax on the way right now. The best group I got with the sabots was about 4 inches at 50 yards, so it wasn't too encouraging. I've got a few combinations I'm still going to try but I don't have too high of hopes. Any particular load you like real well with the Vmax?
  7. My rifle has a 1 in 10 twist. I wouldn't think that was too fast.
  8. Most of the reports of poor accuracy I've read are from .30/30 shooters. It also seems that your barrel should be absolutely clean to get good accuracy.
  9. On some handguns I can use my index finger; however on some other handguns, like 1911s, that is almost impossible. I normally use my right hand to rack the slide after a magazine change, but obviously that can't be done with a flashlight in your right hand. To just lock the slide back I have always just switched hands. I'm not sure that there is really a good way to do it.
  10. I've been wanting to try these for a long time in my .30-06, http://www.eabco.com/reload02.html Does anyone have any experience with these? Most of what I have read so far is reports of terrible accuracy. However, the few reports of good accuracy I have heard are all I needed to be convinced to feed my curiosity. Plus the chance of having a high velocity .224 rifle without having to buy another rifle is too much to resist. I started with loading some 55gr fmj, 60gr vmax, and 69gr smk with BL-C2, H335, and Varget respectively. I referrenced the free reloading data that I received with my sabots and decided to start with the light loads for 110gr bullets on the Hodgdon website. I have no idea what to expect, and I am sort of taking a shot in the dark. I haven't had a chance to shoot any of them yet and was just wondering if anyone had used these in .30-06 before, or had had any luck with them.
  11. After shooting 500 hard cast lead bullets, which the dealer told me "would never lead the barrel", i got tired of scrubbing out lead. I now shoot only berry's and haven't looked back.
  12. I believe the concern is with the length of your casings as opposed to cartridge OAL. While it's true that a bullet seated to fit in a mag will not touch the rifling, casings that are too long can still be essentially wedged against the bullet creating an overpressure.
  13. I did some internet surfing, and I believe the 69gr bullets are PRVI as well.
  14. Mil Spec is a system of standardization used by the Department of Defense, not a manufacturer
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