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  1. knot28

    This is when having an on body camera helps...

    And before you ban me, review how you edited Diesel Dan's post to fit your agenda. Yeah, I'm a little irked. Stay solid.
  2. knot28

    This is when having an on body camera helps...

    Deleted. Abusive behavior and personal attacks are rule violations.
  3. knot28

    NY trying to recruit new companies to the state

    I Love NY. We have the greatest??? Right behind Detroit and LA. No really, our change of seasons are wonderful. If it were not for my girls doing so well I would be gone (10 & 6). Funny thing is that education around here used to be better than a lot of areas, common core is changing that though. Glad I'm still well upstate for quality of life but sadly controlled by the NYC.
  4. knot28

    This is when having an on body camera helps...

    Now that was a good shooting, I mean shootings...so much for "double tap". LOL. COP did everything he could and backed away before squeezing off a fast five but suicide is suicide. Camera angle sucks, it's time that department upgrades to Go Pro like the rest of us. Lets face it, all COPS should have this type of technology, makes it so easy to know he did what he could. Without it, there would be someone else's video showing the bleeding heart side of it saying he was such a nice guy and didn't deserve five in the chest.
  5. knot28

    New generation of powders?

    Benchmark worked best for me of the four I have used, 50-62 gr projectiles, 1:9 twist.
  6. knot28

    Will the madness ever stop?

    That is what progressives do. The worst part is, just like the anti American Muslims, they are reproducing at a much faster rate than conservative Americans. They have infected and are changing America to become another failure. Sadly, I think with this last election we are past the point of return.
  7. The sad part is that neither of you recognize the difference. I'll gladly get back to both JC and Pep but I need to hit the pit for tonight. Stay solid. God Bless America.
  8. I never doubted who you are, thinking you are a solid man. If you are taxpayer paid then you do have to justify what you do (or should). Being a tax payer I have earned the right and unless you are Jack Nicholson I really don't care about your inclination.....
  9. Yes actually you do. What you are tells us who you are. Thanks for answering my question of what you think your are, part of the problem. Well, not in your LEO mind. Like it or not, our taxpaying, producing, hard work pays the very salary and benefits that you get (not that you see it that way). So thanks for your answer...LEO. Maybe I won't visit "for another year or so." So glad that as an Admin your so open minded when someone disagrees with your opinion.
  10. Good, bad or indifferent things have not changed around here, one of several reasons I haven't visited much over the last year or so. The knowledge I get from Patrons is great and has helped in many different aspects, Thank all of you for that. Seeing others berated for their opinion, not so much. Whether you think Sarge is a troll, dole or blow doesn't really matter; His original post shows some real problems that he didn't create. It does shine a light on some things that get passed through our current society that shouldn't. To say that COP's are held to a higher standard is insulting. Ask any civil servant with a badge and gun if they consider themselves a COP or LEO and tell me what they reply. Unfortunately, COP's used to have integrity, honor and pride (like politicians used to) but LEO's, tools of elite rule makers. I know I'll be criticized for this but...it is the way our society has been going for a while. So if you are on the job, which are you?
  11. Common sense and facts seem to tell the truth. Politics, regulations and excuses seem to prevail over the truth. What do you expect with our now socialist society?
  12. knot28

    Coyote Hunting Beginner...???

    I can't use the proper tool (scary black firearm) because my elected, corrupt "representatives" have me tagged as a felon if I do. Even though I made my firearm compliant by no longer having a detachable magazine I'm not willing to test the waters, so I gave it to my Brother in NC. I just know some puffed chest "traitor" would trample the Constitution as did the "representatives" that all swore to uphold it, only causing me problems. F*ck Cuomo! The good part is I can't wait to get at it! I went to Gander Mtn. and the MOJO is $45. I saw a mouth call that is a rabbit with a mouse squeaker all in one, should I try this? Should I start with the MOJO and mouse squeak first then go louder with the rabbit? If so, How long should I wait? The good part is that I have played this course many times and am familiar with the lay of the land. What I don't know is, using the crosswind system how should I move through it? What I'm thinking is, if the wind were directly from the west, I would start on the SE corner then move North on the East edge. From there move upwind (west) about 1000yds then go South, each time trying 1000yd blocks. Bigger, smaller, different???
  13. knot28

    Coyote Hunting Beginner...???

    Thanks Montana and all for the information, can't wait to give it a try. Starting with a MOJO and maybe a cheap electronic call along with mouth call. Probably going to be a little heavy on firepower with the .270 but probably using 90gr HP over the 130gr BT, any thoughts?
  14. knot28

    Coyote Hunting Beginner...???

    Hey watson, Glad to see you are still helping keep the Armory going strong! I wish I had one of those black scary firearms that (F**K Cuomo) says New Yorkers can't have, I'll try with something else. Mack's link is a big help so Thank You for that Mack. Is there any time of day best or better to get the drop on them dogs? I've been told night is good but day is better for me.
  15. knot28

    Coyote Hunting Beginner...???

    BTW, Thank you for your service.