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  1. bob72

    Good Morning!

    long time no chat. Morning all
  2. bob72

    My first CCW Holster.

    For simple comfortable IWB holster I use these guys. https://www.n82tactical.com/products/holsters/ I have the Original for my Springfield Champion LW1911 and LC9 and my wife has 1 for her PK380. There is a write up on the 1911 in here somewhere. If you plan on doing training or lots of draw practice go for the Professional, but if you are like me with a family and no time or money the Original works great.
  3. bob72

    Good Morning!

    Morning all
  4. bob72

    Hey all. Been a bit.

    Thanks guys. My dad owned his own business since I was four and I work it off and on until he sold. I know how it can go. Now is the time for the shoulder. Will screw up school a little, but would rather that then work
  5. bob72

    Hey all. Been a bit.

    Been awhile since I have stopped by. LOTS going on and guns and shooting have not been gotten to! I am back in school full time now. Going for Network System Administration then on into security. Plus we started our own cleaning company. So when I got free time the last thing I want to do is be on a computer. O yea I am also going in for rotatory cuff surgery on the 14th of this month. Let me tell you it is no fun mopping a gym floor or vacumning an entire office with this! Thanks for the Birthday wishes and I hope everyone is doing good!
  6. bob72

    Good Morning!

    Morning all. Have not been around in a bit. Wife had to start her own cleaning company and I am back in school. Very busy
  7. I will be talking with the lawyer who runs my Monday night class. He sounds like he knows what he is talking about on this one! He WILL NOT let them put the NO CARRY sign up!
  8. Sorry for bringing this one back t finally got a straight answer. ITT Tech is a for profit learning center, so they will not take the liability of a no carry policy! So the answer is I CAN CARRY!
  9. Ok I know its country but damn its entertaining with a good message.
  10. bob72

    Alternatives to Win 748 in 223

    Just be careful in the heat with H335! We had a hot spell and I was shooting in 105+deg with high humidity and some weird stuff happened. Some over pressure signs and stuff. But I still use it, just not in the high
  11. bob72


    Enjoy this wonderful day
  12. bob72

    Hey scotto

    And many more caveman
  13. bob72

    Taurus already recalled the Curve

    As it does myself. I love it. Just have to remember to pull the trigger like an old DAO revolver and it is smooth as can be.
  14. bob72

    5,000fps out of a 22-250?

    You could be thinking of a gun chamber in 460Rowland. They load 45acp brass to rowland specs. But in my quick search I could only find 185's Speer GD 185 .451" 1.240" 18.0 Pwr Pistol 13.4 Fed 150 1517 946 0.8 AA#7 is at 1510fps! That is from Real Guns. They have 2 loads for 200gr XTP's over 1450