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  1. 2_Djinn

    lets go shoot

    Cold weather shooting is no problem with me. Lets set a date. Its been killing me not being able to make it on wed's night. Alot of trigger time getting missed out on!
  2. Whimpy driver vs. Whimpy security guard. Im sure both parties were not very profesional
  3. Well now that you have done the PITA work its time for some more PITA work...lol. Now is the time to look at the sub floor for any rot (hopefuly none) and depending on the location (basement , 2nd story ect.) you may want to fix any bounce and or sqeaks in the floor. I also recomend laying felt paper or rosin paper under your new flooring to avoid sqeaks and what not. The finished look of the snap together flooring in my experience is not worth the PITA or cost. Now granted depending once again on the location some of the finishes on the cheaper snap floor can take a load of abuse in a well traveled area at the expense of for lack of a better word "cheaper" look. For quality pre finished floor expect to pay 3.00 plus a Sq Ft. I would recomend 3/4" tounge and groove material. Now installing T and G will require the rental of a nailer and IMO resulting in a much tighter higher quality floor. just my .02 Feel free to ask any questions.
  4. 2_Djinn

    lets go shoot

    Now that its getting cold out im going to have more and more time to shoot. Lets make it happen!
  5. 2_Djinn

    Indiana CCP

    On my 18th B-day i applied for my CCW and got in 12 weeks. But you cant buy Handgun ammo or Handguns till your 21. I always told the girl at wal-mart the .40 ammo was for a rifle and never was asked twice......hehe
  6. When I was Shopping for sights I had a hard on for trijicons however after a buddy of mine pulled my head out of my ass i saw that I would like the Meps WAY better. Compare the hell out of the two before ya get a set. GooD Luck.
  7. Once again a great showing by KHI and RCR motors! Tony is the man! A true racecar driver. How about that finish? Cars sliding in the grass, hitting the pit wall ect. Tony Stewarts team went over the wall in time to celebrate and had to jump back over cause of all the cars wrecking ....haha Sunday is shaping up to be one helluva race.
  8. On Monday, Knaus was suspended from the Daytona 500 and all other activities leading up to the race, just 24 hours after Johnson's car failed post-qualifying inspection in the rear window area. Sources close to NASCAR said Knaus likely will receive further suspensions for California and possibly Las Vegas. :nana: :nana: :nana: :nana: :nana: :nana:
  9. That 2nd "no passing below the yellow line" penelty was out of control. I guees next time he should just wreck 20 cars and tell nascar to shove it huh ? Im not a Roush fan but I like Carl Edwards and I think that he is really good for the sport. Now Kyle Busch on the other hand needs to be choked, that kid is is danger to everyone on the track. I think after the race Tony was mainly talking towards the #5. I dont think you will see many guys drafing with Kyle on Sunday ...lol Infact I be he gets roughed up and wrecked.
  10. Im a plain AR kinda man myself. However I am working on a M4gery with a LIMITED number of add ons :beer2:
  11. My Vote is for the Blue Press 550b or 650 cant go wrong.
  12. Sounds like a opening scene from CSI Miami.
  13. Well were pretty close boys and girls. Who do you think will walk away the 06 Bud Shootout winner? I cant help but think It will be Hendrick power but I have got to root for the #29 GM Goodwrench Chevrolet! Git -RRRR -Done :beer2:
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