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  1. Just an honest question from an ignorant person here. Yes, most attacks in the US are committed by muslims who were under investigation or at least under suspicion. How many muslims are under investigation or suspicion though? Millions? Tens of millions? If under suspicion is a broad of a term as the FBI did a background check on them and moved along, then it's a vague concept to be under suspicion. Basically, what I am getting at is if every muslim is in some way looked at by the FBI, than of course every one who commits a crime will have been looked at by the FBI. On the other hand, if the FBI only looks at certain individuals based on suspicion, than yes they suck at their job.
  2. Just emailed Budweiser and told them that I will not purchase another of their products until they cut ties. Not my favorite beer, but it makes a great drink for hanging out with friends or just chilling out at home. Who else sponsors the NFL?
  3. If they put it back up, and you are able to, Captain Joshua Lawrence US Army KIA 10-8-11
  4. Checked one out. Waste of time. They advertised up to 30% off. Most of the stuff that was 30% off was clearance items that they couldn't sell anyways, Most everything was 10% which still prices them above anywhere else. Ammo was not included in the sale, and they has 20 round American Eagle 223 for 11.99 a box. Even the small gun shops are selling that stuff for 8-9 dollars a box. The big insult though was guns are 5% off. Why bother? I guess they want to drag this out until the end of summer because they won't clear out inventory at any speed with these low sale discounts.
  5. Correlation does not mean causation. The race is generally not the problem. The problem is the type of store in general. Same goes for motels, restaurants, dollar stores, etc. The types of placed bought by Indians, Pakistanis, Saudis, etc are low income facilities. Low profit margins, and poor supply resources. They pay more for their products, and have less money to invest in the facility. An Indian immigrant cannot afford to run a high end large volume BP franchise market, a Holiday Inn, or a Burger King. They can only afford owner operated stores or franchises that cost less to get into and have lower standards because standards cost money. The reason race seems to be the common factor is because poorer white people don't generally open their own business as a tobacco shop or motel. When they do, it is typically just a run down and shady.
  6. Also their muzzleloading and archery supplies. I just got a muzzle loader last year, and had nothing for it. Went to Walmart and it was all almost half off. Got powder pellets, bullets, breech plug grease, and bunch of other stuff I don't know the name of.
  7. I heard it mentioned not long after the Paris attack. It never went beyond an unnamed source, and was never brought up again by any other news outlet other than the less than reliable ones. It doesn't make sense. Weren't all of the Fast and Furious weapons just regular gun shop guns? Why go through the hassle of getting a semi auto rifle from the US or Mexico over to a very gun unfriendly country that far away? It is easier to get full auto real AKs from other parts of Europe since they don't have borders anymore.
  8. After the election the gun show here had a bunch of booths with them going for $7 a piece for the 30 cal, and $8-9 for the 50 cal.
  9. Yeah it does. I honestly have no clue what they put on the Remington 870 police models. Whatever it is, it sucks with the non flight control style shot cups. If I remember correctly, Hornady defense 00 buck works just as good. I guess what I should be saying is always test your shotguns pattern before trusting it for defense. You need to know where those pellets will go.
  10. If you use the 00 buck I highly recommend federal personal defense flight control. With my 870 Police shotgun the remington 00 buck patterned around a foot at 10 yards. The federal had a 3-5 inch pattern at the same distance. The good thing is that the federal isn't too pricey compared to the cheap 00 buck options
  11. When I lived in an apartment and reloaded I built a plywood footlocker just like we had in the military. Good sturdy half inch plywood and three hinges. Then I filled it with junk. Weighed quite a bit with the thick plywood and junk so I just bolted my press onto the lid. Sat at the foot of my bed and reloaded that way.
  12. if the property allows it, filling propane tanks and charging by the gallon. The exchange stations are a rip off. I have brand new tanks that get plenty of use. I want to refill them and only pay for what I get put in them. I don't want a flat refill charge or to exchange my new tanks for worn out ones. Also, fasteners by the pound. I miss that so much, and only one store in this area still does it. I will occasionally go in and buy half pound bags of various nails and screws. I dump them in small coffee cans and those are for my random projects. Once the cans get low I go and refill them. Basically allowing the customer to buy what they want, and not packages of stuff they are forced to buy because they need just a few of the items. In the long run I will spend more money, and it is usually in cash, if you let me buy the amount of anything I need. Fasteners, hoses, electrical wire, chain, rope, propane, and random hardware. Once I walked into the hardware store and spent 80 cents on 3 c clips because the one holding the retaining pin on the dust cover of my AR broke. Bought two extra for spare parts. Yeah they didn't really make any money off of me that day, but they have in the long run because that is the first place I go for hardware.
  13. Nest

    Heroin Overdoses!

    Ok, so I've been following this thread for a while and decided to give my perspective. I am an EMT in an ER. We get maybe two to three opiate ODs a day through our front door, and maybe a half dozen come in by EMS. The ones through EMS have gotten the narcan and are coming in for observation before discharge. The ones who come through the front door are generally a car pulling up and the driver running in and yelling that "Something is wrong with my friend!" We have to go out there and drag their lifeless body, which is usually blue, put them in a wheel chair cause that is whats close, roll them into a room. I get the IV started while someone begins breathing for them with a bag valve mask (no mouth to mouth these days). Once I get an IV on a scarred up junkie someone slips behind be and gives the narcan. If the doctor is nice they will order is to be chased with some zofran to possibly help with the vomiting. No evidence from my experience this is effective but it is cheap stuff. The junkie wakes up within one minute and we know it was an opiate because that is the only thing narcan will affect. From then on we all just leave the room except for the nurse for that room who has to do 5 minutes of charting. All in all it is 5 minutes of controlled chaos, and if the narcan works we go back to the rest of the ER patients. If it doesn't than is wasn't an opiate OD and we work the code appropriately. In a year and a half I have only seen one come in the front door that wasn't fixed by narcan. That one turned out to not be drug related. So we observe the narcan recipient for at least one hour. We make sure they stay awake and alert. If they stop breathing again that it was probably too many pills that were ingested, and the body is still metabolizing them. That means they buy a narcan drip and an overnight stay. If it was an injection OD than the single dose of narcan is usually all they need. On occasion they need a second because the narcan wore off before the opiate. Most of the patients are grateful for saving their life. They claim to never use again, and that this was their wake up call. Most are not telling the truth, but they believe themselves when they say they will stop. The addiction has them that badly. We honestly don't mind this process too much. It only ties up our resources for 5 minutes. The good ones lay in their rooms silently until we discharge them. Some throw a fit or make scenes. Those we can't stand. We really don't care if an addict takes up a bed for an hour just chilling. If we really need the room we will put them in a chair in the hallway to observe them. It isn't a giant drain on resources. Not nearly the drain that the pain med seekers, or the Tenn Care patients who get free ambulance rides and ER visits. That is the real drain on the system. Call an ambulance and go to the ER for a rash that has been on your leg for 4 days. Waited 4 days to come in because it was a weekend when the rash appeared and the 2 day Dr note from the ER is pointless if you come in Friday evening. So no, I don't really mind an OD coming in all that much. We did save a life. It is up to the patient to work on fixing themselves. On occasion some do, and that is why we help them all. To give those rare few who will turn their lives around a chance to do so. When I was in school to become an EMT my instructor told us something that I use as my method for caring for people. Every patient that comes in front of me means the world to someone. I may not know them, like them, or agree with their lifestyle. Someone out there though loves them as much as any one human can love someone. So treat every patient as if they mean the world to someone else.
  14. Nest

    300 BLK

    Not sure if one specific Samson rail is bigger. Haven't looked that deep into them yet. The keymod ones were the ones I was looking at most though.
  15. Nest

    300 BLK

    The Samson rails are only .25 inches wider than most other rails I believe, and the same diameter if not smaller than standard as hand guards. So they shouldn't feel too large. They are the diameter of a toilet paper roll
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