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  1. Doesn't really say why it was suspended, but he has 4months he has to serve in 12. The nice thing to read about though is that people like this are actually caught. Just don't know if it is the same operation that tried to scam scotto or just a similar one.
  2. Check it out: Microsoft scam man is sentenced in 'landmark' case http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-26818745
  3. I'd be willing to pay $12 to kick those ppl in the balls...
  4. Interesting observations. It is sad. I think the more frustrating thing is that people get burned going the opposite direction. Meaning a free state person in a less free state out of ignorance of their laws since it seems one of the few things you have to be highly aware of when traveling state to state (and even at the city level unfortunately) are gun laws. I can't think of any other laws which require me to look up and dig through state statutes to "freely" travel through or to other states. and hurricanes with no where to evacuate to but out of state (I lived in FL myself previously)
  5. Never realized Kahr sold that well. The others really aren't surprises.
  6. A lot of this (at least skimmers) should go away in 2015. The fraud liability changes so that the card issuer is liable if they don't provide chip cards and merchants are liable if they don't provide a way to read it. Honestly the reason we don't have it now is because of merchants. You can get cards with chips now (from most of the major US issuers), but good luck finding a merchant (in the US) that reads the chips. ETA: An enterprising business might have taken the money it saved from interchange fee caps from the Dodd-Frank Durbin amendment and squirreled that away for card machines that accept chip tech. Instead I'm sure 2015 will roll around and business will beotch and moan about how expensive new card readers are. Anyone want to bet? ETA: Still haven't seen how Internet fraud around cards is solved though.
  7. Because dogs know cats are hell spawn
  8. http://news.yahoo.com/china-train-station-attack-act-terrorism-183108072.html 28 dead 113 injured in knife attack
  9. At the end of the day...it is a freaking moose. They're not even endangered. It also doesn't appear he was trying to use this an excuse to poach it. Even assuming he made a mistake in his initial actions, he was supposed to what let it trample him? "Sorry you had poor judgement now you get to die for it." We have the benefit of hindsight here knowing how the moose reacted. I doubt said snowmobiler expected to be charged by a moose. Do we expect every person that sets foot into the wild to be experts on every bit of fauna? I'm sure we can get PETA/Sierra Club behind a license to experience nature if you're so inclined. ETA: I honestly think a lot of the outrage outside this board is a combination of "ah poor animal man killed you" and "omg man with gun, gun bad, man wrong." I expect all of those are by people who've never had experience with aggressive animals that outweigh them by a couple hundred plus pounds. Like I previously mentioned I came very close to being kicked by a race horse in my youth while working at a racing stable. The horse took exception to me being in its paddock, charged me, then turned to kick at me with its rear hooves. I felt the hooves whiz by my face. I was basically lucky. I'd not expect to come out of a situation with a similar sized, but even more aggressive animal determined to kick/trample you alive.
  10. At least one state actually has a specific CCW provision surrounding snowmobiles. ETA: Ok I double checked and SD used to have a restriction against CCW on snowmobiles. Don't know if it still is.
  11. No idea. I have no experience with moose/mooses/meese (those all sound bad ) I always find the condemnation comments from urban dwellers amusing though. I do know after being charged by and almost kicked by an aggressive "tame" race horse I'd be wary of an aggressive wild animal that size with hooves...
  12. Hired by MAIG, MSNBC, or some similar org?
  13. http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2014/feb/23/trial-mark-witaschek-washington-dc-one-shotgun-she/?page=all#pagebreak I don't know how anyone can read this story and think justice was served... I know this case has been covered before, but this has some new information including the BS manipulation by the prosecutor to avoid a jury trial.
  14. Season 1 is available "free" if you have Amazon prime at least right now.
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