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  1. Thanks for the great advise and exelent responses. Looks like I will get a decent reddot sight for around 300$ to get me started or maybe just the iron sights depending on what I find. You guys saved me from buying crap and I truly appreciate it. I do want the best for my rifle so I will be building it up slow as suggested. Great forum, thanks again.
  2. Thanks for the warm welcom and quick replies. The one thing that apealed to me about the optics in this kit is the magnified scope with the compact red dot mounted above. I definetly don't want to buy low quality parts for my rifle but my funds are rather limited. Has anyone purchased from vahalla armory that could vouch for thier quality or lack there of? I like the idea of getting a all in one kit. Does anyone know of another reputable company that provides a kit like this? And what would be a reasonable amount to spend for the accesories this setup includes? I have been trying to do reaserch but the amount of options and manufacturers is rather daunting. What this kit includes: Picatinny Quad Rail Forearm (Carbine length) 3-9x42 Tactical Scope with Illuminated Reticle and Bullet Drop Compensator for long range precision shooting. Mini Red Dot sight for close quarters action. 65 Lumen 3 Watt LED Tactical Light. Comes with mount, remote pressure switch and tailcap switch. Maximum power GREEN LASER SIGHT. Comes with mount, remote pressure switch and tailcap switch. Aluminum Vertical Grip with rubberized coating for rock solid shooting under any condition. The cost is around $350.00 Thanks again
  3. Hey guys, It's my first post here. Looks like a good forum you got here. I just purchased my first firearm a bushmaster AR15 xm15-e2s ORC. I'm looking at optics and accessories. seems I found a good package from vahalla armory. This is what I'm looking at http://www.valhallaarmory.com/ProductDetai...LT&CartID=0 can anyone tell me if it's a good product or have any better suggestions? Thanks a bunch, looking forward to any feedback. sorry for punctuation and spelling I'm typing this from my phone Kaspar
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