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  1. Reefaddict79

    Hey reefaddict79

    Thanks dudes, I just want some tacos and a nap
  2. Reefaddict79

    Hey Reefaddict79

    Thanks guys......38 ugh.......4 0 is coming
  3. Reefaddict79

    Who carries?

    Carry every day, I work at Hobby airport here in Houston and come in to work at all times of the day. We have our own gated parking lot so when I am here its in my glove box and when I leave its on my hip. On three separate occasions I have missed by minutes robberies taking place, all three some one taking something out of someones car while they pump gas. Changing my morning coffee gas station I don't think would do much good as the entire airport is surrounded by absolute ghetto.
  4. Reefaddict79

    HELP! Trouble with removing my FSB

    so long as you are trying to knock them out the correct direction and that is not showing any progress, try applying some heat with a propane torch. Keep the flame off the part about an inch or two and wave it back and forth slowly in an attempt to swell the FSB some (get it good and hot). Worked for me on a buddies ancient oly arms upper. If that doest work just cut off the post with a hack saw nice and clean. File / sand to make it pretty again find some to finish the bare steel and done.
  5. Reefaddict79

    Hood rat can't shoot

    hopefully he shoots his junk off tucking that into his pants and will no longer be able to breed
  6. Reefaddict79

    Project Feather - the path to a 3lb AR

    Check out Brigand Arms, they have a carbon hand guard 9" 3.5 oz
  7. Reefaddict79

    its like watching a trainwreck in text format...

    30wt ball bearings and prestone, make sure they get a birds eye view
  8. Reefaddict79

    Wrecking a deck

    chainsaws and nails are a bad mix, sawz all or skill saw
  9. Reefaddict79

    logan trailer 2

    sweet jebus I need moar!
  10. Reefaddict79

    How about a watch thread, we haven't done one in a while.

    watch and gun pron
  11. Reefaddict79

    Do you expect to see mass violence on Friday?

    Im sure our local celebrity Sheila Jackson Lee aka She Jack aka Aisle Hog with hur triple crown weave will be out stur'n the pot
  12. Reefaddict79

    How about a watch thread, we haven't done one in a while.

    I'm having technical difficulties post pic of it
  13. Reefaddict79

    How about a watch thread, we haven't done one in a while.

    Cant wait to dive with, wife has one and loves hers