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  1. peabody

    What type of barrel?

    Actually, a plain old A2 will do the job Just fine. Keep it simple.
  2. peabody

    New to forum, kinda new to ARs, first build.

    PSA... = good stuff. I like the blem lowers, haven't found a blem yet. I used a carbine stock lower, with a 20"C7A1 Barrel upper. Talk about a fun rig !
  3. peabody

    Three builds under my belt now...

    phisshaw..... that ain't nuttin... yes your rifles are nice.. now turn your attention to retros... think you've spent money now ? ha! wait till you build your first 603 or 605 .. or even( as i am now a 723). searching searching searching for that one little correct part.. flat slip rings.. triangular handguards in good shape. duckbill flash hiders.old aluminum colt fiberlite stocks.. edgewater buffers.... it NEVER ENDS !!!
  4. peabody

    Noisy buffer spring

    i hear it in my A2s but not the carbeans.....hummmm ??
  5. peabody

    Noisy buffer spring

    lol !!!
  6. peabody

    Noisy buffer spring

    that's interesting to know...hummm? cured mine. heck..i might try some gun grease now.. learn something new everyday.
  7. peabody

    Got some questions for the GURUS!!

    dsa arms complete lower .. you'llneed your FFL buddy for that. 150ish. areo upper 50 bucks.. delton 20" government barrel 150$. handguards .gas tube . slip ring ..50$ you can do it under 600$... shop around. buy some used stuff.
  8. this plus +++1000 that's how i learned to shoot also.. also old remington single shot bolt action. then with my hay money .i bought a marlin five shooter .. model 25 i think ? got to where i could shoot very well with it.
  9. peabody

    Help Finding First AR-15

    i think ? knowing what i know now.. i would get an A1 with a pencil barrel. light weight .. and the wife could shoot it just fine. think colt 604. building one is very simple. learn the iron sights first. ..... of course I'm a 20" rifle fan.. I' m over six foot too. i built a C7/A1 clone.. and can't get it back from my better half.. she loves it. and she's a lefty.
  10. peabody

    2 Point Sling Recommendation

    i just use the USGI silent sling. it's perfect.
  11. mobile one .. very good.
  12. peabody

    Noisy buffer spring

    you can stop the twaing noise .. with a david tubbs flat wire recoil spring. google david tubbs. i love his flat wire springs.
  13. peabody

    Dunno how to title this other than WTF?

    this country is being destroyed by liberal teachers
  14. peabody

    Buffer question

    i run a 20" rifle gas .. with carbine six position stock.. i researched it out .. seems the poster above is correct .. the Canadians have been running rifle uppers and carbine stocks for years.. with an H2 buffer. I've ran mine withzero problems. i also run a rifle gas dissipator 16" with stadard carbine spring and buffer NO problems. altho i did open gas port to 110