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  1. Thanks for the responses. I am new to the BRD, and just wanted to make sure bad things wouldn't happen to her if I let those scratches go unre-touched. Side note, this was the first time I ever shot my AR and I was very pleased...I was hitting 2 liter bottles at about 20m right away! I know that isn't much of a distance, but I hadn't shot any firearm in over 15 years, so I was happy to get some immediate satisfaction.
  2. So upon oiling my Bushy today after returning from the range, I discovered scuffs on the outside of the mag well, on the lip there. Do I need to fix these somehow? I am not even sure how I accomplished this...I rested her on a nice soft towel whenever I was taking a break. What is the coating there? Is is just black paint? Thanks!
  3. Thanks, guys. I'm pretty excited about it. I bought a couple of extra mags already, but I know I need quite a few more. Went ahead and box a box of mil surplus ammo yesterday too. I need a sling now! I also got to handle a pre-ban Colt that was really sweet. And a Sig Sauer AR pistol that really wanted to go home with me.
  4. Thanks, TS! Can't wait to take it to the range...i have to wait until FRIDAY!
  5. $1175 OTD. I know I paid a couple hundred bucks more than I would've if I'd ordered one in, but I felt like it was a good thing to establish a relationship with a local shop. Thoughts? Comments? (I'm trying to stave off the buyer's remorse, I wanted a Colt, really.)
  6. Thanks TS. Kinda matches my gut feeling on purchasing used. Anything to say about the DDXV? I've read a few things that say they're an improvement over the 6920, which i'm leaning towards currently after a review of "the chart".
  7. The Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot is today and tomorrow, and I've thought about heading there to check out some goodies. Do you guys have any recommendations re: purchasing at a gun show vs. ordering / having an item delivered to an FFL? I have taken your recs to heart re: models/brands and will be looking for a DPMS/ Daly/ possibly Colt, but I"m a little hesitant to just purchase one from someone at a show without being able to really tell what I'm getting. I mean...should I be looking for carbine that already has the buffers, etc? What about a used gun? Do you have any pointers in this area? I appreciate your patience with me...I'm finding this to be a steep learning curve with getting up to speed on the terminology, etc.
  8. Thanks for all the responses! I hadn't even looked at DPMS or Charles Daly. I appreciate your advice re: the stock options. =) Would anyone care to tell me more about the "middy" vs. carbine topic? I've read about the issues re: gas port, but not sure what model I'd be looking for in a middy. Really excited about purchasing one of these....so many choices, I might have to buy two. =)
  9. One caveat: my investment is not intended to make me a "Safe Queen". I fully plan on training with it regularly.
  10. Hi everyone. I've taken a stroll around the help for new people and found a lot of advanced information that I hope to digest shortly. With the stock market as it is, I've decided the best investment I can make currently is in guns. I recently purchased an XD 9mm and look forward to taking it to the range next week. It is my first semi-auto weapon (moved up to it from a .38 Special). That said, I'm interested in purchasing an AR next. I'm going to throw a question out that is probably the most dreaded question. Which one should I get? I feel like I'm a little over my head with all the different parts and subtle differences between these models. I want to buy for $1000 - $1400, and want something I can "grow into". What would you all recommend? I have read "Boston's Gun Bible" and he recommends the Bushmaster Disappator A3. He recommends against the telescoping stock, in favor of the more rugged full stock. I'm 5'5 and have short arms. Would I be better served with the telescoping stock? I'd like something I can buy and take right on out to the range, without optics or other gadgetry. Thanks for having me...and I look forward to the responses!
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