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  1. Viper1357

    Springfield Armory Omega

    Thanks for the nice comments guys, and yeah Old Navy, it's like seeing double with our builds and ser #'s so close. Very cool!
  2. Viper1357

    Springfield Armory Omega

    Glad to see this thread still alive and growing a bit. I finally took mine out for real shooting sometime last fall/winter after my last post and had mixed reactions. While it was soft shooting and accurate as I can shoot with my 51 year old eyes and now glasses with progressive lenses (don't even get me started, as my shooting ability has taken a bit of a dive w/these glasses and declining vision) I did encounter some FTE's that I didn't experience with my other OMEGA. After extensive research, testing and having the gun inspected by a pistol smith, it was obvious and a bit embarassing I didn't think about one simple fact. Ammo.. Duh.. The OMEGAs were built around original era 10mm, when the "men were men, and the sheep were afraid" or something like that. In anycase, my last OMEGA I was shooting older ammo I had from back in the day, where my newest one (see previous post) I was now purchasing 'Blazer', 'WW', 'Rem' etc.. The problem is these modern loads are barely stronger than many .40 S&W loads, and do not generate enough energy/power to cycle the action properly. I partly fixed the issue by purchasing (when money can afford it) ammo from Georgia Arms and Double Tap. These still don't match the full house Norma loads I used to shoot, but also don't beat the pistol to death. Also, I did a ton of experimenting with lighter recoil spring rates to match the lighter mordern ammo loads. Of the top of my head I don't have the info, but I do have the springs, and they work perfectly. Poundage, OAL, compressed rates, etc. This was also accomplished with the help of my close friend who is a very knowledgeable pistolsmith. During this ordeal, I found I could also shoot .40 S&W rounds safely, reliably and accurately (with the reduced recoil spring and proper magazine) as the case is held against the breach face with 2 strong extractors, and while this has caused many arguements in other forums, I am not concerned in the least after the "ok" from the pistol smith, and actual testing that has yielded very positive results. No over pressure, eroding the headspace chamber bore ledge, etc.. Just have to keep the chamber clean, which you should anyway. The gun is a dream and I wish they still made them. Here is some interesting info on the subject shooting .40 in a 10mm and lower pressure 10mm modern ammo. A bit of debating, but I state my case clearly and accurately. http://thefiringline.com/forums/showthread...highlight=omega And some new pics as you guys will hound me if I don't add some! This is what's needed to make this hot rod run right! Here is the result of modern ammo, reduced recoil spring rates and shooting .40 S&W and 10mm. Very versatile! I shot better before my stinking eyes went bad and progessive lenses, but I'm happy I can still shoot this good... Outstanding gun! "
  3. Viper1357

    Springfield Armory Omega

    Yep, (nice pic, from my 12 year old 2.11 mp camera..) that's a mid to later style guide rod. I got mine that way as it was one of the last production models produced by SA. Here's some additional pics for reference and enjoyment. I got another Omega shortly after this one, so I never actually shot this one. I bought it used from the original owner (older gentlemans estate sale on GB), but was told by my pistol smith he believes it's never been fired except at the factory, so I've just kept it in the safe. After reading this thread though, I'm tempted to bring her out for a 'Sunday Drive". "
  4. Viper1357

    How many?

    I don't honestly have a guess for total number, but I know of 1 for sure!
  5. Viper1357

    10mm Beretta?

    Hey, I'm not here to be a know-it-all, nor snuff out any optimism. I was just being realistic, and I think I came across wrong. I love the 10mm, and would love to see a fully functional and safe beretta 10mm conversion myself. I looked into creating a .38 super conversion on a 92FS some years back with the same conclusion I spouted here about the 10mm. I too was able to rechamber the barrel, but ran into the same grip frame issues, and while I could have cobbled it together, it would have been unsafe to fire without major frame reinforcement, but that would have made the grip too large, or weakened it in some other way. So I was just reliving what I found. So I concede it is possible to some degree, but just not overly feasable for safety or total functional reliabilty. Many other better host gun bases. I have a Coonan .357 magnum semi-auto, and a S/A OMEGA 10mm semi-auto, I love the big Semis! Sorry if I came across wrong...
  6. Viper1357

    10mm Beretta?

    Niether were they/him able to do it. Let me say properly and effectively. Let me try and be more clear without making enemies. Any bubba/hack (no offense, just an industry description) myself included, can rechamber a barrel, hog out material to make something fit, but that is not in my mind nor my master pistolsmith friends a legitimate safe, and fully functional conversion. After reading the comments on the YouTube vids posted here, it was abundantly clear that in order for the modified cz/witness magazine to fit in the beretta 96 (which btw is the same as a 92) you are changing the structural strength and integrity of the frame immensly. IS THERE AN ENGINEER IN THE HOUSE BESIDES ME??? So just shooting a couple (I saw one unidentified round inappropriately hand breach loaded) 10mm rounds through a rechambered barrel, weakening a frame, and admitting that sustained consitent feeding and ejecting has not been achieved is proof of a confirmed conversion? Plus, based on the amount of material I can only assume was removed in the grip frame up to the ramp area to meet up with the breach area, will certainly cause (possibly catastraphic) frame failure in a short period of time. To combat/improve that, you'd have to weld in an external reinforcement, but that would change the grip size quite a bit, and make the 7075T aluminum frame more brittle. We can argue the semantics of the word "conversion" all day long, but in the end, this is not what I would call a successful, reliably functional, and certainly not safe "10mm Beretta conversion" YMMV
  7. Hey brigadier, what can you tell me about the Beretta 96FS 10mm conversion you have listed? Have you actually seen it? The reason I ask, is that I have several 92/96FS configurations, and in talking with a Beretta armorer, and another pistol smith colleage, we've come to the conclusion that the 92/96 magazine and grip frame are not long enough to house the 10mm/.45 ACP/ .38 Super cartridge family. How did someone "sucessfully" modify a 96FS Brig to feed, load, fire and extract/eject (factory?) 10mm ammo length? We're interested to say the least.. Thanks, -Mark
  8. Viper1357

    10mm Beretta?

    Not possible. The 10mm/.45 ACP/.38 Super cartridge family are longer lengths overall than the 9mm/.40 S&W family. The 10mm would would not fit in the Beretta .40 magazine or the grip frame with any modification. Just too long overall. Even if it were (hypothetically) possible, the frame and slide of even a .40 S&W beretta would not take the pressures and excessive battering of a 10mm. While I didn't take a picture, I did just try several different 10mm loads in a beretta 92FS full sized mag and the bullet protrudes out over the front of the mag body by .125" (+/-)
  9. Not exactly the S/A linkless in the ad, but... From what I've experienced (my own and a friends OMEGA) and heard directly from SA was that the updated (last few production runs) OMEGA's had improved/upgraded recoil rods in the area that was prone to breakage. Also that had a lot to do with Norma full house loads and hot hand loads. This OMEGA of mine below was shipped from SA in one of the last two shipments before they quit making them. It was a legal/patent issue between Peters Stahl and S/A. Supposedly mine (so I was told anyway) has all the bugs worked out that plagued earlier models/versions. It's been very reliable, durable, and more accurate than any out of the box and modified pistols I have ever owned. I do worry about the lack of parts should something happen, but I remain hopeful that it will continue to serve me well. Plus I have an excellent pistol smith friend!