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  1. MachineGun Kelly

    Best BUIS.

    Ok, so I am ready to order the 40L-P, but want to know how it compairs to GG&G's offerings. Is the 40 a better system?
  2. MachineGun Kelly

    Best BUIS.

    Great, I am on yhe SWFA web and see they have the 40L-P for $138, and the Troy for $169. But the Troy is listed as an EOtech accesory??? I am loving the 40 with a .50in at 100yd adjustment vs the standard .75 or 1in.
  3. MachineGun Kelly

    Best BUIS.

    I am really taking a good look at the ARMS systems. I really am leaning to the ARMS 40L-P. Love the fact that it is .50 MOA and has the cut outs for CQB if needed. Running this behind an EZtech, will it clear the window for good sight picture?
  4. MachineGun Kelly

    Best BUIS.

    I am reading alot on the Troy from other sites. Any positive news on them?
  5. MachineGun Kelly

    Best BUIS.

    Ok, so I am 100% against the MaTech BUIS on my Colt 6940. This is a brand new system and only mod is a EOtech 553, not going to do anything else on this one. Just wanted a plain jane KISS weapon for 0-300m use. Problem that I am having is the MaTech 600m BUIS, IMO a POS! We do have them as USGI on our M4's and no one has anything positive to say about them. So I need some help on what to use for my 6940. Just want a co-wittness on my EOtech 553 on flat top upper. Price is no object on this, so give me the input you have. Thanks, John
  6. MachineGun Kelly

    vertical foregrips for or aganst

    I have to agree with Kelly on the VFG mounted on the front most position on the rail. This is being filtered down through our chain of command here at the 101st. As far as the set up with the VFG and bipod, well I am different. My role as a DM has me using both on a M4 w/ 14.5. I have set up my own system a Colt 6940 the same as my issued system. Even with the GG&G pod that we are issued. I was skeptical when introduced to this set up, but it is absolutely fantastic and works like a charm. The weight is more than balanced and function is at 100%. The differences in my own weapon vs my issued weapon is the optic set up. Here it is.
  7. MachineGun Kelly

    AR15 Picture Thread Part II

    This is my Colt 6940, she weighs in at 9.37lbs. Has some junk in the trunk for a carbine but all the time I spend at PT makes her feel like a solid 3 to 4lbs att best. Works for me.