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  1. i am so glad im not connected or share borders with the continental cluster f!@#. if this country is divided into 2,3, or 10 territories, the bottom line is you will all be traveling north for the clean water and abundant natural resources. good luck!
  2. good point montanalon, i believe how people deal with alcohol is how you were raised and a little bit of genetics, i think it is a bit of how long your family lineage or how many generations your ancestry has been exposed with "fire water" and how you deal with it. when i was stationed in okinawa, i was suprised that the locals sold kirin and sapporo beer in the vending machines. my adoptive mother was raised in a bar in the u.p. in michigan, so alcohol was never made a big deal in our household, therefore, alcohol was never a really cool thing when i was growing up, she kinda took the wind out of the sail when i was a minor. also, consequences.
  3. in your spare time, look at the nikon m223, might fit your needs
  4. try zel custom, a new company making their mark in accuracy on ar-15 lowers.
  5. the best thing about the ruger website is that you can directly email the ceo about all your thoughts and ideas. i asked him to reintroduce the deerfield carbine in 480 ruger and the big bore s&w in 460 and 500 mags. their motto has always been dependability and reliability, unfortunatly accuracy is the very reason companys like volquartsen, clark, butler creek has been around for the 10/22s. as for revolvers, gary reeder revamped my super blackhawk into a nasty little hog leg. the bottom line is that i like ruger, they make affordable firearms for american consumers who excercise their second ammendment for any reasons.
  6. what does the TC markings on the bolt carrier mean?
  7. i dont know how much money your willing to spend but the dd omega drop in has an extended top rail that goes over the delta ring to matchup with your upper, i bought a troy drop in midlength for my armalite ar-10 carbine. perfect fit except the top rail does not match with an ar-10 upper, no big deal, i just wanted the quick release bases built into the handguard for a single point carry or a two point carry if i wanted to sling it over. i was also looking at the m85 surefire rails, the pictures on the website didnt look right, it seems the lower handguard piece is the only thing holding it in place while the upper is just covering the top with too much gas tube exposure in front of the delta ring. just my observations.
  8. just ordered mine on march 30, said the wait will be between 30-45 days. been researching a little for aftermarket parts and accessories, ive read you can use an unaltered sig 556 mag that can hold up to 12 rds? also the threads on the brake are uncommon and cant use smith vortex ones from rra 458, is their any other mfg? and lastly handguards, i know it comes with a free floating one and its a carbine length on the 16in version, is their other options? im assuming i will run into barrel nut compatability issues etc, etc my gun life was much simpler until i joined this site and we criticize women for accessorizing.
  9. Because the M1 Garand is the reason we dont speak german or japanese. Yup, America is still number one, even back then.
  10. Has anyone heard or know anything about SI Defense upper and lowers? His website says one of the models will accept hk g3 mags with minor modifications and they only fit dpms lpks.
  11. Wow, Oki, the rock, havent heard that since i was stationed their in 94-95 in camp hansen. Yup, right outside of the legendary kinville. Do they still serve taco, rice and cheese? I do miss the clubs down in Naha, yeah, they love me long time.
  12. Sure velocity kills but remember, their is no replacement for displacement. 450 marlin and 45-70govt are extremely popular rounds here, they are the ultimate brush gun calibers.
  13. Ive been on a waiting list for two months now for one of these. Living here in Kodiak, you can never have enough horsepower, in fact, it is common to see deer hunters with big belted magnums, not so much for the deer but what can happen after the kill and field dressing it out. While most gunshots scare away animals, the bears in some of the areas relate to it as a dinner bell. Yeah, it sucks. When i heard armalite was chambering in a 338 fed. i had to get one of these. They say a 180 bullet that can generate as much muzzle energy as a 7mm mag is quite impressive, much less the new gen II 25rd magazines from armalite. Talk about the god like backwoods ego trip from hell, could anything really stop you? Cant wait to get mine. If you were to put a rail on the rifle, would you choose a samson 13.2in or a daniel defense 12in rail?
  14. I also own a bushmaster bar-10, 20in barrel flat top with the the ace buttstock. It has a low serial number with the bad bolt design, when i called bushmaster, they wouldnt exchange it for the updated bolt, but i could buy one for $179. Does anyone know if the rra bolt will work with the bushmaster bolt carrier? Im really dissapointed with the customer service. Knowing full well that they manufactured a defective gun part and will not atleast exchange it for a safer, dependable part. Im glad i have never fired this rifle, it remains new and in the box but it would give me a peace of mind if it were fully dependable. I wonder if theirs any other defects or recalls.
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