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  1. Longhair, I kinda thought that would be the case. I think the 1/2" helicoil length should do the job pretty well. Thanks for the comments!
  2. ... chuckle ... I have an 18" White Oak upper. An older one ... am very pleased with it's performance. Have uppers built with 16" and a 12.5" ARP 5R barrels. Also deliver superb performance. Unlikely to need to rebarrel any of these as am getting on in years, but if I were to do so would be with an ARP 5R barrel.
  3. Guys, Took apart a lower that has been together for many years. Did what I needed to do and started to put the grip back on. Threads are not in good shape. Used a tap to clean things up, but I think this is the last time that's going to work. Looks to me as if I'll have to provide a better way to get some thread grip in the future. Anyone heilicoil the 1/4x28 hole for the grip screw?
  4. Have an 8.5" 1:7 in 300 BLK ... pistol gas. Bbl ported for subs only. Works fine but the 300 BLK sub is not representative of the gas volume generated by the 5.56. Also have an 11.5" 1:7 CHF BCM DI upper. Runs very, very well! Is a bit loud without a can! Just acquired a POF 415 10.5" 1:8 piston upper which is slick as can be. Have not changed the POF FH to a Saker FH yet ... and this beast is VERY loud. Looking forward to seeing how the can moderates this one. I think it will be OK. Would NOT go any shorter in 5.56!!! A 12.5" 6.8 w a can is about a far as one can go for use in any kind of confined space. Concussion is just tolerable. The 12.5" POF-USA 1:10 308 is NOT tolerable in a confined space even with a SpecWar can. Without the can that fella is simply astonishing ... is like being next to a howitzer when fired.
  5. Checked out the M14 Forum stuff. Interesting. Did see folks seemed to lean toward faster powders. AA2200 is in the same burn rate area as Exterminator and there is a listing for the Barnes 130 gr TSX projectile for it in their new loading date. Have a good supply of 2200 as I shoot a lot of 6.8. Think I'll try that.
  6. Guys, Anyone load the 130 gr MK 319 Mod 0 projectile in 308 for an AR10? Midway sold a bunch cheap and lookin' for any experience that might guide a good start. Thanks, Mike
  7. Thank you! Did try the best local Jeweler. They have done and can do forged AR15 lowers but could not properly hold the billet lower. Thank you VERY much for the list of possibles. E-mailed Ident Marking some days ago and have gotten no response. Really kinda want it marked on the front of the magwell ... out of the way and not so obvious.
  8. Just got a note back from Amelon ... they do not do lower marking and do not have a recommendation for the service. Any one have another recommendation?
  9. Actually sent them an e-mail note before I posted this question this morning. Have not heard back from them at all.
  10. You can get the Sakers very hot if you try a bit! A couple of mags rapid semi on a 12.5" 6.8 or 308 warms thing up enough to get heat mirage. Is a pretty mean thing to do to a can ;-)
  11. Have been able to compare a 308 Ti Arbiter, a 7.62 Specwar, and a 7,62 Saker with 5.56, 6.8, and 7.62x51. Arbiter is biggest, lightest, and as quiet as the others. Specwar is as big as the Arbiter but much heavier. 7.62 Saker is shorter and lighter than the Specwar and almost as quiet. Terrific with 5.56 and 6.8. Very, very robust! These three are very, very good cans. Arbiter will live on the relatively slow fire very accurate rifles as it has shown almost no change in POI. Specwar will live on a 12.5" 308 SBR. Saker will be the one that gets moved around on rifles with higher rate of fire.
  12. Gentlepersons, Anyone have a recommendation for someone that does SBR lower marking in the mid-Atlantic region. Is a POF-USA 308 lower that came from the factory in Cerakote Burnt Bronze color. Thank you!
  13. ... chuckle ... Indeed, the 300 BLK can be almost hollywood quiet with a 308 can. Still very pleasant with a 9mm can. I don't shoot the 5.56, 6.8 or 308 Win subsonic ... but a can makes the shorties SOOOO much more pleasant to shoot!!!!!
  14. I have an SAS Ti Arbiter 308 can and see no change in POI with it mounted on 5.56, 6.8, and 308 rifles. So far I have seen a little change of POI with the 7.62 Saker. Honestly not surprising given the differences in the mounts.
  15. ... chuckle ... When I asked Silencerco if the Saker 7.62 could survive an M60 and they said "Yes" my decision was made.
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