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  1. Watched once. New these are $75 plus shipping. Selling for $65 shipped. Paypal only ''
  2. I have 2 of these for sale. soft rubbery feel $20 each shipped to USA only Paypal only IM or Email Used for a year or so but look great. comes with screw
  3. got 3 with a bolt. only need 1. used but in great shape. has numbers and an arrow in red sharpie on each. Would like to sell the set. $40 shipped for both paypal only to USA address only
  4. these came off a gun i bought and i dont care for them. im 95% sure they are VZ Gatorbacks fullsize cut in Earth Brown. These are slim line. Previous owner enlarged the thumb channel for mag release Retail is $65 Asking $35 shipped Gift Paypal IM or Email
  5. Watched once. great shape. Price is $30 each shipped via USPS Discrete paypal only. email or im
  6. Watched once. New its $49.99 $35 shipped via USPS. Discrete paypal only, USA shipping only IM or email is good
  7. got this from AR15.com Okay, today is the day. My first novel, which anticipates evil renegade BATF operations like Fast And Furious by a decade, is available on Kindle for free download today and tomorrow. The goal is to create a spike in free downloads that will send the cover to the top of the Kindle downloads page, and fire a shot across the bow of Gangster Government, and their willing minons in the mainstream media. This is an easy (and free) way for gun owners and those interested in freedom and our RKBA to "vote" against the elite lamestream media and their constant presentation of gun owners as ignorant toothless rednecks, with a gun in one hand, a Bible in the other, and a pint of cheap rye in their back pocket. If and when the avalanche of free downloads (FreeLoads in Kindle vernacular) cause that yellow cover with the Gadsden Flag and the AR-15 on it to make it into (I hope) the top ten, the media will begin to notice the sudden interest by the Bitter Clingers in this "radical, dangerous and seditious anti-government" novel. Of course, it is none of those things, but it is very disturbing to Statists who in their hearts hate freedom, and wish us all to be disarmed "for our own good." Thanks for your help. It's a way to punch Gangster Government and our lamestream media in the face with one click of your mouse. Here is a direct link to the FREE Kindle download page for Enemies Foreign And Domestic. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B004JF4L98 If you don't have a Kindle, you will be prompted about how to download the FREE Kindle for PC app. Here is a link that explains what Enemies Foreign And Domestic is about: http://www.enemiesforeignanddomestic.com/bookefad.htm
  8. standard AR threads. 5.56 just like this one http://www.advanced-armament.com/product.aspx?pid=493 used for about a year on my AR. range time only. some marring on rear metal part where wrench goes from mounting. otherwise great shape Im or Email. Discreet paypal only, usa only $55 shipped via USPS
  9. yeah its worth it. way brighter than my G2X tactical now...
  10. did you watch the video on the site comparing them? crazy bright!
  11. I work as a rep for several semiconductor manufactures so i meet alot of customers. has a chance this week to meet Gene Malkoff of Malkoff devices at his shop. great guy. amazing products. We tested my Surefire G2 with upgraded "200 lum" head...turns out it was putting out 136 lums. Gene dropped in his head and got it up to 240 lums! amazing difference. i got that head and a press on momentary/press more to click on tailcap. he showed my some of his custom flashlights that were measured up to 800 lums. crazy bright that will throw for several hundred yards. if you are looking for a drop in replacement head for your surefire of maglight, check this guy out http://www.malkoffdevices.com/
  12. no i just always use it when mounting scopes or red dots. adds that extra grip just in case the wants to slip and scratch. tape comes right off when you remove the mount
  13. Bought new from Addax tactical 2 yrs ago. Range time only, 9 out of 10 condition. Red and green dots with NV mode. comes with 2x screw in magnifier. in original box and manual. ordered with a high cantilever mount. the black substance around the mount is liquid electrical tape which will come right off and does not harm the paint or the optic. reduced to $110 shipped and insured thru USPS SOLD Discreet paypal only im or email me.
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