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  1. Gator Monroe

    Source for Post Ban A2 FSB (F marked /no Bayo lug)

    Thanx Tackle That's the ticket (ordered a Non -F marked 625 FSB from AR15Sport (and the round HG endcap in 625 and the Repop XM style Nut (Not Castle) for the Buffer Tube ) Thanx also to tDean for the prompt response . I will remove the Bayo Lug from the bargain FSB as the Fulton Item was spendy ...
  2. Gator Monroe

    Were there ever "Chinese AK KITS"

    Most Chinese AK were brought in and sold through Norinco & Poly Tech as "Complete" but were "AK Kits " ever sold in quantities ?
  3. Gator Monroe

    Front Sight Post Height Clarification

    Carbines & SBR should go with F marked in most instances (Integral Carry Handle Upper or Flat Top upper )
  4. I'm building a Retro AR (XM177E1/Colt 610 ) in dedicated rimfire and the early XM series of carbines had no Bayo Lug on the FSB . I'm looking for either "Takeoff (holes drilled for pins)or new undrilled F marked A2 or early Colt F marked FSB that has Bayo Lug removed from a Web vendor . Thanx much in advance
  5. Gator Monroe

    California: Roll call

    Going to Rifle Configuration for California Compliance on most of my Centerfire Builds has been fairly easy ( Using Rifle Stock either A2 or A1 if correct for build ) (Removing Flash Hiders and adding Birdcage style Brakes ) (and reverse engineering back to standard Mag Release Button from Bullet Button) (switching out Pistol Grips with Monsterman Grips or Fin Grips)
  6. Gator Monroe

    A2 FSB vs "F" FSB

    I did not use word “ Post “ ,my question is is a Rifle (non F Marked ) FSB used on an A1 Rifle or A2 Rifle ok for usage on a Carbine build (integral Carry Handle Upper ) not an M4 / M16A4 / Flat Top AR build ?
  7. I have gone off on a new tangent and due to California Firearms Restrictions have begun cannibalizing my Centerfire Retro builds and Parts inventory and begun a Retro Dedicated 22 phase . First Build was a CMMG 20" Government profile Dedicated Barrel & Unit M16A2 (Green NM furniture ) then I went farther . Taking an XM16E1 Partial fence lower and having another 20" CMMG Dedicated 22 barrel reprofiled to pencil profile and gathering correct parts (Colt slickside upper , correct FSB , Early A1 furniture including no trapdoor stock ) I painstakingly recreated an SP1/604 in Dedicated 22 . Next up was a Quasi early M4gery with CMMG M4 profile barrel & unit and M&A Parts CAR stock kit on a Aero Precision slickside flattop upper with a Colt Side Mount Sling setup and single heat shield 6 hole HGs . Now I'm working on an early XM177E1 / Colt 610 build . How do I post pics easily here ?
  8. Gator Monroe

    A2 FSB vs "F" FSB

    Can a Retro Carbine Build use an A2 FSB in a pinch or are F marked recommended on all Carbine Builds (Integral Carry Handle or Flat Top) ?
  9. Gator Monroe

    French police report shootout and explosion in Paris

    America will not wage "Total War" against folks of Color (Islam) under the current administration .
  10. Gator Monroe

    French police report shootout and explosion in Paris

    Imperial Japan was a cult.
  11. Gator Monroe

    AR 15 for Militia Movement

    Militia Units & Platoons seem to have more Former Military and Current & former Law Enforcement and NRA instructor types BLM /USFS guys & not all but some do have Older Guys who are disabled or have a makeup that seems to be mostly folks who were never Military or Law Enforcement . N.C.S.M. Level 1 Rifleman in training (1966 COLT XM16E1) (1972 COLT M16A1 ) (1975 COLT M16A1) (M16A2 HBAR) (A2 CAR 15/Commando)
  12. Gator Monroe

    Lee Harvey Oswalds coffin?

    I would bid on Che's coffin
  13. Gator Monroe

    American Rifleman on "tactical" .22's

    Build a CAR or middy AR and get a CMMG Evo conversion unit .
  14. Gator Monroe

    Lee Harvey Oswalds coffin?

    Michael Jackson would have sprung for it...