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    21 years in Air Force, retired with Medical. Was in Crash Fire Rescue. I am on computer, fishing as I live on a lake, and shooting my AR's and handguns. Used to hunt but that was before I became disabled. Now keep the safe and weapons clean, and put holes in paper. I am also a life member of the NRA, and the DAV.

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  1. Good to see more new people join up, I can now say welcome too. I like you am scouring, and picking up all kinds of good stuff. By the way I have been out now for 20 years, 2 more and I'll have been out longer than I was in.
  2. Thanks for the info Dan, I also have a LWRC M6A2 and they say that it has FZ but they have me so confused and I believe there are others in the same boat. I hear I should have a one piece BCG and the Bolt should be of the same color and mine is not like that. They even had me send a picture of my BCG broken down and they say that it is OK but if that is so why do I see others with a one piece BCG and the Bolt is the same color. I just hope that it is what they say it is but if that's so then the gun should run dry without oil, yet it came with oil on every piece. If it is set up with FZ only the barrel should require oil. Anyway, I oil it and now have 2 S&W M&P AR-15 that I bought used and want to get them set up with the right stuff and be able to run dry and not have to worry so much about wear and tear by doing so. Thanks for the reply.
  3. Glad to see you. Trying to figure just what and how to improve my weapons.
  4. I agree with you Drag, buy a good one so that you can build one to equal to what someone else proffesionaly put together and then perfect on thiers. I bought high end and will try to do what I am sure you will, but I don't know about going up North with them. Anyway, just have fun with it.
  5. I agree with Redbarrons06 post#5 comments to a greater extent. When I was Active Duty you got into trouble for wearing your uniform, even though they could still spot you by your hair cut. Now everyone wants to be associated with the Military even if they are phony.
  6. I carry more than one type gun but not at the same time. Would not carry my glock without a proper holster and don't have any snow down here to worry about but my glock is normally where I sleep where it has no holster. I just keep my finger off the saftey till I have a target.
  7. Have a G32 357sig, think that I'll just leave the trigger as is, any lighter and might cap twice. Then again maybe not but why take the chance and waste the money, instead work the trigger on the AR.
  8. LWRCI M6A2, S&W MP AR15, fiveseven upper. Looking for another AR15 should be coming soon.
  9. Now they want $14.20, save just $0.75. I’ll pass, must be better elsewhere.
  10. Diabetes got me, am on Diet A&W Root Beer. No problem with me, I spent too many years drinking while in the service and after.
  11. Military dropped me here in the middle of Florida in 85 after spending a year at Thule Greenland. After 6 years the shock from -40 and 0 humidity to this heat and humidity took me out and ended up with a scalpel in the back and a medical discharge after 21 years in service. I now live in Winter Haven, hi to the Forum.
  12. Unfortunately in Fl you have to advise any LE that you are carrying, but that can be a good thing. However, I wore a badge for 21 years in the Military and have no desire to carry one now. I vote no.
  13. Newbe here, good looking coating. I would like to know how it stands up to FailZero, I have some item that I would like to have treated in the near future and just would like to know
  14. I think this is where I do my first sign in. I'm Mil Retired, DAV 100% and not sure what to say. 21 years Air Force from 69-91, when I hand my back operated on and then given a medical. I live in Florida. I own several weapons and like to fire them, but am thinking about the 6.5 and the .458 SOCOM.
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