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  1. ak 74 the afghans call the 5.45 the "poison bullet" there is a reason why
  2. amazing! i thought i had wall candy when i got my l.e.d. tv....but you my friend take the cake.
  3. what i really wish i had was an ashton cabinet torpedo or a la gloria cubana figurado.
  4. hey now. i have a pair of nikon binoculars. they are the monarch 10x42 dialectic binoculars. they are in 100% perfect working condition. only taken out once in the field. i am selling because i really dont need a binocular of this type for what i hunt. id like to get $200 shipped and insured via usps. i dont have any of the paper work, i might still have the box, i have the snap caps for the front and "bikini" cap for the rear.
  5. i am drinking my sorrows away from this very very bad week to orange lava burst hi-c. i dont drink alcohol.
  6. thats what i usually use remmy game loads. mostly 6 or 7 1/2 shot in both 12g and 20g. 5 occassionally.
  7. congradulations! have a great time and as other have said, post pics!
  8. hey now. im putting together on my amazon wishlist everything i need for hunting. i really reccommend you guys get amazons wish list app. from any website you can save things you want to a catagorized wishlist you customize. i plan on printing out what i want, otherwise i just walk around stores going "uhhhhhhhhhh what do i need" anyway i came across this on dicks website: http://www.dickssportinggoods.com/product/...4414427.4414433 apparently this stuff is tactical cleaning solution. i dont know what it does that eezox's and hoppes doesnt do, and for the price im not about to find out... just wondered if this stuff is really that good? and how many of you got suckered into buying it if it wasnt good
  9. ill stick with remmington game loads for now. im so excited. i got all my stuff lined up. i seriously had to stay away from this sight for the last 6 months because if i started to think about hunting id get all mad
  10. hey now. well its hunting time again! im looking to stock up on ammo. mainly 12g 6 & 7 1/2 shot, also 20g 6 & 7 1/2 lead shot. im looking for something new to try. ive used mostly remmington (which is great) and winchester (which is ok, depends on the box i get). i need something good, but economical at the same time. i was wondering if anyone tried anything new they were happy with. im looking to stay in a decent price range, something like $10 a box. i understand im compromising quality, but im not gonna default a payment on a credit card or rent for the sake of fiocchi golden pheasant ammo. im just gonna stick to remmington game loads if i dont hear much feedback. ps- ive always been under the "get a cheap box of lead ammo, but if its steel shot your really gonna want some high quality stuff" impression
  11. hey now. anyone use the gerber lmf knife? i like the way it feels in my hand, but ive not held some of the ontarios im looking at (land, sea, air knife to be specific). i feel like traditional hunting knives are great for skinning and game dressing, but when im out there, instead of carrying shears, a mini fold up saw and a small brush knife/small machete, i can carry a combat type knife and do all the same. im really digging gerber's mark 2. ill pick one of those up when money gets a little better.
  12. i used to feel the same way. but if you look at the track record of the new maxus, sx3, a400 and i hate to admitt it even the ugly arse benelli vinci, you have some pretty solid designs. sometimes parts for new guns are more available than parts for old guns. i usually go straight to the manufacturer for parts.
  13. hey now. i am looking on the web to see if anything new is heading over here from europe (ie- beretta a400 action) or if any gun manufacturers plan to release anything new. am i wasting my time? is it too early?
  14. the shotgun itself isnt that bad at all. theres just too much to it. a shotgun (pump) shouldnt be a complicated thing to take apart. everytime i buy a gun i take every square inch of it apart. then i clean it all, lube what has to be lubed and put it back together. i did that on my beretta 3901. took me all of maybe 10-15 minutes. stripped the bolt, stripped the trigger, everything. that way i understand how the gun works. how the gun works is very important on selecting the right load for shooting. i like to know my guns inside out. so i did that for this mossberg i got. i got to learn about mossberg and how it works. way more than what i coulda learned reading posts online. i wanted to see what this shotgun was about. i wanted to see why people love it so much and also why people hate it so much. so i took it apart.
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