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  1. Appreciate it. I was 99% sure, but it's the 1% that kills ya.
  2. Before I purchase a new flash hider can someone please confirm the threading on DPMS 5.56 barrels are 1/2" x 28?
  3. scaast

    I need a little guidance please

    This is exactly what I did and cannot be happier with the performance or appearance. I opted for the spectre length versus rifle length, but both look awesome.
  4. scaast

    first time builder

    You are going the right route by building yours from scratch. I wish I would have done the same. I bought a complete DPMS rifle and there are very few original parls left on it now. SO many options and cool upgrades available. I agree with the Magpul setup...only thing I would change is the grip...I like the Hogue grips personally. Can't go wrong with Magpul and the customer service is great...I ordered their MBUS online from a retailer (not directly from Magpul). When it arrived the front sight was missing the mounting bolt. I emailed Magpul and I had a replacement bolt within the week.
  5. scaast

    Handgaurd Delima

    Yep...that's it. I bought the spectre length that covers the gas block...I like that look. The carbine length will work just fine with the stock gas block. It's simple to install. With that said...Yankee Hill sells a forearm wrench specifically for installing their free float hanguards...get it! It will makes things MUCH easier.
  6. scaast

    Handgaurd Delima

    On my DPMS it came with the GlacierGuard handguards, and they were more of an oval shape than round and the bolt on rails (Aluminum and CAA) never quite attached the way they should. I ended up going with Yankee Hill Diamond Series free float handguards in the end...glad I did.
  7. scaast

    Removing Gas for flip sights

    It's simple with the right tools. I did mine in about 15 mins with no prior experience. brownells.com has some great tutorials...youtube does as well.
  8. scaast

    Free float tubes

    Check the Yankee Hill handguards...they are top notch. Easy to install with the appropriate tools. They offer all of their handguards in different lengths as well.
  9. scaast

    Best Optic for the buck?????

    I would caution you on spending $150 on something you REALLY don't want...I've learned my lesson many times. Save another 100 bucks and look into picking up a Bushnell Holosight...they're made by Eotech. I am happy with mine.
  10. I own a DPMS...I too considered the Lo Pro 16, but it didn't have the forward assist or dust cover...I passed and picked up a different model. If I was to have a backup AR...I would definitely build it. You can build an AR exactly the way you want it for a reasonable amount of money. One thing I learned while buying accessories (handguards etc) is not to compromise to save a few bucks...just get what you want and you'll be happier in the end. Don't be afraid to assemble one...it's monkey simple but satisfying.
  11. Check Yankee Hill...they have great handrails in different lengths...good price too.
  12. scaast

    HOW and DO free floating hand guards work?

    Yankee Hill makes awesome free float handguards for not a lot of money.
  13. scaast

    EOtech sights

    Checkout the Bushnell Holosight...retails for about $250-$299....and it's made by Eotech.
  14. scaast

    inexpensive rail kit?

    Botach Tactical has KZ aluminum 2 piece guards for $45 and $50...I ordered the $50 and they are solid. Very nice handguards.
  15. scaast

    Blank Stripped Lowers

    Zeke...checked out their site...very cool. Thanks for the info.