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  1. Raszaron

    New gene therapy halts 2 boys' rare brain disease

    Very true! It is great that something that was once so deadly and frightening, is now being used to be beneficial. Just reminded me of "I Am Legend" and the scientist taking a virus and changing it to cure cancer (??) or something like that, it worked, but then a few years later everyone that has had it starts to change into a man eating, modern vampire zombie thingy!
  2. Raszaron

    Whats the best round for an Angel?

    As for seeing a movie that reverses the roles dipicted in the bible... why not? If you faith in your religion is strong, who cares if you go see a movie and enjoy it. Those who go and get offended by what they see, then they are not as solid in their faith as they should be. I will have to check the movie out, doesn't mean I support the views portrayed in it.
  3. Check out the article, and tell me this isn't like the movie "I Am Legend". http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/us_med_gene_therapy Yeaaaa, go medical science, bring on the zombies!
  4. Raszaron

    Malik Nadal Hasan Shouted "Allah Akbar"

    Anyone who thinks that there are no terrorists in the U.S. just waiting to cause havoc, are either A. isolated from reality, or B. just plain ignorant! Or in any country that is based on Freedom for that matter.
  5. Raszaron

    .308 rifle prices... why so high???

    Thanks... I think... . As for your avatar, I never lost a sub that wanted to be tracked!
  6. Raszaron

    2012, Zombies, Apocalypse, oh my!

    Actually, if you do your own digging on the Mayans and their calendar (Series of Calendars), their calendar which has 2 calendars (260day and 365 day) which form the 52 year calendar which runs in cycles for a total of 5125 years from the creation of the Mayan calendar in 3114B.C. comes to an end on Dec 21, 2012. But nothing states it will be the end of the world, just a period of change, as the calendar cycles will restart.
  7. Raszaron


    When they get you out in the field, just look at the ground before you set up camp... nothing worse than having your fearless leader bed down the unit in a large area of poison ivy! Leaves of Three leave it be! Good Luck and good on you!
  8. Raszaron

    .308 rifle prices... why so high???

    So, I have the availability to get a Savage Model 10FCP-K – with AccuTrigger™, AccuStock™, and Detachable Box Magazine for $740.00 (NIB). After seeing the price as $870.00, I am thinking that is a pretty good deal. Any compariable suggestions?
  9. Raszaron

    GSG-5 Who's got one

    I understand where you're coming from, just years of military training plus working as a LEO at one time, seeing or hearing that term used with a weapon just grinds on me. But you are right... I do need to lighten up.
  10. Raszaron

    GSG-5 Who's got one

    True, but I've never had an Airsoft plastic pellet penetrate my skin or hurt me for that matter. Nor have I heard it happening to all the guys I know who play Airsoft. Thanks for the video link, I will have to watch it when I get home. Anyway, it's a moot point, people are going to do what people do, until something tragic happens, but then hindsight is 20/20.
  11. Raszaron

    Verdict In!

    It's instances like this when I can see the dark side of my soul wish the worst on someone. In this case, the punshiment should be: For Raping= Castration with no Anesthetic, For Sodomizing= Hot Iron Poker appropriately placed, for Torture then Murder: Drawn-n-quartered with forced public viewing by all Juvenille Delinquents and Convicted Criminals in custody, with a warning to them: "We're not F@#%^$g around anymore!" If your curious as to what Drawn-n-quartering is, there is an example on Faces of Death video of Russian Police doing it to a person for not paying taxes. It is one of the most excrutiating painful ways someone could be killed. I truly hope they get what they deserve, and if there is truly a hell, I hope they take "REAL GOOD" care of them there, too!
  12. Raszaron

    GSG-5 Who's got one

    For anyone else who doubts any .22LR on what it can do, check out the link: http://www.snipershide.com/forum/ubbthread...301&fpart=1 Granted, it isn't a GSG-5 used in the test, but a good test non-the-less. I plan on doing a similar test when I get to go home for Christmas, with my GSG-5, along with some of the other rifles I have at home.
  13. Raszaron

    GSG-5 Who's got one

    I apologize for calling Rampy an idiot, but I can also see where this is a little one sided, thanks. I just think that when you associate the word "toy" with weapons, people start treating weapons like toys. If you are not able to point it at someone, pull the trigger and not worry about the consequences of your actions, it's not a toy (or you intended to shoot them with the intention to kill). And yes, I understand that there are kids out there that have great range discipline, and I have kicked adults out of ranges, the first time I was in the military, for inappropriate behavior. As an Admiral I had worked for once said, "Words have meaning, and that meaning has power." Here's a scenerio for you: You come home and see that your child is holding a .22 pistol. The child is watching a cop show on TV, and then sees you. The child points the .22 at you and says, "Daddy, I'm a cop." Oh, I left out the fact that the child sees where you keep the gun, knows where and how to get the gun, and has heard you refer to it as a toy to your friends. What do you do? I know most people will scold their child, and tell them it's not a toy to be played with! Words have meaning! And by the way, this scenerio is played out throughout the US all the time. Little kids think they are toys and shoot other little kids. Is it bad parenting, YES! But if I little kid hears it's a toy, they will treat it like a toy.
  14. Raszaron

    Someone breaks into your house...

    The Akita is a great dog, extremely loyal, and one of the strongest dogs I know of. When I was in high school working at a grocery store, a kid tied his Akita to a News Paper Machine, filled full with the Sunday Edition of Papers (~250-275lbs). The kid goes inside the store, and the dog must have saw something that it wanted, and dragged that machine about 25yds before I was able to run out to the dog and grab the leash. Then I had the fun of moving that machine back! Plants are great. Most of the worlds deadliest poisons come from plants! But it is true, natrual defenses are a great way to protect your home! As to the question; would I kill some one for entering my home illegally. You better damn well believe it! Once you know it is an intruder, don't hesitate - most people who are murdered during a break-in after confronting a criminal are killed with their own weapon. Secondly, once you start shooting, you better damn well make sure they are dead! To many lawsuits against people for protecting their own families and homes, from criminals who got shot but lived and left the house.
  15. Raszaron

    thinking about buying land.....

    Smart Plan!