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  1. I now have pics....Took them tonight...When I ship the pistol I will inclide the invoice on what Smith and Wesson did to it when it was in their shop.
  2. I will have them posted this evening. THanks for waiting. Picking up the pistol from FedEx as it has just came back from Smith.
  3. I had the 1006, I sold that due to it being HUGE....I thought I would like the smaller 1076 but no I did not that is why I know the 10mm round is not for me. I am picking the pistol up from FedEx as Smith just shipped it back to me. I will post pics this evening.
  4. Hello all, This is a Smith & Wesson 1076 10mm package. Civilian version of the FBI gun. Updated by S&W per two dots under decocker. I am very new to the 10mm world. I just bought a 1076 before Thanksgiving. I have spent some time shooting it and all I can say is this pistol is not for me. I will be selling it….. Anyway what I am selling is a very good model 1076. The finish is about a 85% as all the internals are 95% or higher. The gun was born on February 13, 1991, it lived in Wisconsin for a bit, it was then sold to a dealer in Illinois who then sold it to me. The Bore is bright and shinny. The grips are a bit worn as well. I will also add a MINT Kramer Horsehide Leather OWB holster (137.00 new). This was not made for this pistol but for a Sig it fits like a glove. I will also add a very nice suede lined Safari Land 567 paddle holster as well. (58.00) The pistol does not have boxes or paperwork, it also has TWO magazines. So all in all I think it’s a nice set of things. Total Price: 675.00 delivered to FFL and ammo and holsters to your address. Postal Money Order or Certified Check only please. I also would not like to trade. I understand I am very new here so if you wish to check reference I have been selling on e-bay for years….I am phinz_up2822. Send me a message there and I can e-mail you back to confirm, I have 100% feedback. Or if you would like to have a chat on the phone just ask.
  5. BOY OH BOY Smith and Wesson Service Rocks........ All of you were right the clicking was just a trigger play spring. Its funny that it was just something as small as that. They are also updating all the springs etc free of charge.....WOW. I should get it back any day now and I will then shoot this bad boy. 200 rounds of Remington UMC are ready....(Of course not all at once just start with a box of 50 Thanks to all on the forum. Scott
  6. Hello again, So if I understand you correctly, if I use sand paper etc it will leave the finish shiny. IF I sandblast it will give it the dull color? I do not want the pistol to be shiny I want a matte finish. Also I sent for a mail recept so I can send the pistol to Smith, I will let you know what happens. I hope the trigger play spring wont be expensive to replace. THanks guys
  7. Can you give me some more information on that? Not to sure what you mean...Do you mean to sand the guns finish itself? Just a bit more info would be great on how to do this.
  8. Shadow, WOW I just looked over all your links you gave me an encyclopedia of information. I am very happy that you could help me out. I just hope Smith can help me put it right. I want to SHOOT soon. Regards Scott
  9. Shadow, Thanks so much. I put in for a warranty repair. I hope they can fix it. I have alwasy wanted a 1076 now that I got one and it was not in the best shape I hope Smith can fix it for not a lot of money. Again thanks so much
  10. I see I think that is what it is. First: Can the pistol still be used with this issue Second: Where can I get this fixed. I think I may have been taken advantaged of when I bought this pistol, as it also has Trigicom sights that really do not fit the dove tail. It slides in BUT the back part of the sight does not fit into the dove tail so the sight...I guess angles down a bit. PLEASE HELP...I feel stupid as I dont know what I am talking about.
  11. Hello all, please forgive me I am pretty new to the site and to 10mm. I recently bought a SW 1076, it is a bit beat up in regards to the finish but the internals and barrel look good. I did have a question. I notice when the pistol is in single action and I bring up the slack there is a noticeable click as I take up the slack. It a small click that I can feel is as I take up the slack. This is not the reset of the trigger, as I can feel that as well. Its when I fire double action and let the trigger go all the was forward. (Not just a bit to reset the trigger) I feel a slight click or catch in the trigger. I want to know what you all may think it is. ANy help would be great. THANKS
  12. Thanks for all your help guys as well as the information. I did buy the pistol, I have not got it yet as its being shipped o my FFL. I payed 600.00 even for the pistol So it looks like it is right in the range. Thanks again SCOTT
  13. Hi all, I have my eye on this 1006. The pistol has 3 mags the wood grips and the Galco holster. I have not had much if any Smith and Wesson experience. Can you give me your impressions of the pistol, from looking at the pics can you tell me if this looks to be in good shape and how much do you think one like this with the extras would be a fair price? Any info would be great. Scott Rouse Link to the pics
  14. Well I have been on this site for a good 4 months, did research and finally "pulled the triger and got a DPMS system. I have the A-3flat top and the standard 6 position stock. SO now I need some more help. I am looking at getting a Midwest Industries MCATAR-17X Carbine 2 Piece Extended Rail System. This is a non free float system. It says it installs like regular hand guard. My question is once I remove the hand grips there is a cap that holds themthat sits right behind the front sight post. Does that need to come off or does that stay on? If it does have to come off how do I do that? Do I need to take off the front sight and gas block? Looking to see what I can do to install they say it installs just like factory hand grips....Is this true? Let me know. PS if anyone has other ideas for an extended NON Freefloat rail system please point me the way.
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