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  1. adair_usmc

    Gov. Northam Declares Emergency for VA Lobby Day

    Be a real shame if someone welded all the moving parts on that thing while it’s still on the trailer. A real shame. oh, this is also interesting -
  2. adair_usmc

    Slow Slow Slow Shipping anyone else notice this ?

    Everything has been super fast for me. just ordered a bunch of computer parts and usps got them to my door a day earlier than amazon said they would arrive. Both of them should keep up the good work.
  3. adair_usmc

    Windows 7 Ultimate to Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise

    they are mostly identical but e5 comes with windows defender advanced threat protection in addition to everything e3 has.
  4. adair_usmc

    Still Buying Ammo ???

    nope. Just loaded up another 100 rounds of .500 S&W though.
  5. adair_usmc

    OH NO, What am I going to do!!!!

    I dunno, I am sure there are plenty of NSFW groups where you can find plenty of Bush. 🤷🏼‍♀️
  6. I love their grocery pickup, I haven’t been in the store for a while and just let them bring everything out to me in the parking lot. The produce comes from a separate stock so you don’t have to worry about everyone on the street with the flu fondling the apples and stuff before you grab it.
  7. adair_usmc

    OH NO, What am I going to do!!!!

    One of my accounts for trading things against community standards was named Tess Tickles and they said I had to change it, so it’s now Tessa Tickles and aparrently good to go. 🤷🏼‍♀️
  8. adair_usmc

    OH NO, What am I going to do!!!!

    it’s a good place to buy and sell guns if you know where to go and don’t mind violating community standards. just picked up a second desert eagle 50 in matte black the other day for $500. Worth getting a ban for.
  9. adair_usmc

    OH NO, What am I going to do!!!!

    Lol, amateur ;) You won’t believe what earned the latest one too
  10. adair_usmc

    300 blkout

    Awesome. I use the same little saw to make my brass as well. Works good, especially when you get the little jig for it.
  11. adair_usmc

    Glock Reveal 9:00 am

    I watched an interview with the head of engineering at glock in Austria that makes me a little more excited about this. Apparently this was a pet project of his he pushed for over the course of many years, and the goal was not just to make a 22 pistol but to make one with the same mean time before stoppage metric as the glock 19, with most if not all commercially available ammo. Normally it takes them a year to develop a new model but the glock 44 apparently took 3 years to achieve that metric. They showed two prototypes, one supposedly had 60,000rds through it and the other 40,000 and supposedly no cleaning. I know it’s his job to promote and defend his creation at all, but if those metrics are true and are repeated in the one I pre ordered, I am kind of excited. I have a whole bunch of junk Remington that I want to use to take the Pepsi challenge with those metrics lol.
  12. adair_usmc

    Get your Trumpy Bear today

    hard pass
  13. adair_usmc

    What's the oddest gift you received this year?

    ouch. My wife had a surgery last week on the 20th but we had to go into the ER on Christmas Eve due to astronomical pain. Turns out there was a bladder and a kidney infection, the same kidney they said wasn’t working right when they were in there doing surgery. no damage from the surgery but it sounds like she might be down a kidney here real soon if things don’t improve after we kick this infection.