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  1. adair_usmc

    Anyone pirate moves or music?

    The first rule of fight club....
  2. adair_usmc

    Morel Mushroom question

    Go to this campground - https://www.fs.usda.gov/recarea/umatilla/recreation/camping-cabins/recarea/?recid=57053&actid=29 however, though this campground is surrounded by huckleberry bushes, they are picked orettty clean from the campers. There are trails going into the woods from here with better access. However.....pay attention as you are driving in. Once you hit the forest service road, you will notice the bushes as you get down the road some, and they are endless. Find a place to park along that road and those bushes should bear some nice berries, and you will fill up in no time. There is a reason there are a lot of people selling huckleberries in Elgin and Weston, and that mountain is the reason.
  3. adair_usmc

    Morel Mushroom question

    I know of a spot close to here where there are endless huckleberry bushes for miles in the forest. Usually good to start picking in August, if a road trip for huckleberries is in order. Last year we went there for one day and got almost 10 gallons. Should be good this year with all the snow pack and moisture too.
  4. adair_usmc

    Seeking Advice: Gun Safes

    It does, and has the digital lock upgrade. Heavy as hell through, I was so happy that the store had a free delivery option. It had a scratch on the side go I got a great deal on it.
  5. adair_usmc

    Morel Mushroom question

    The grow all over where I live but I can’t stand them, so I don’t bother with them. Huckleberries are a different story though.
  6. adair_usmc

    Seeking Advice: Gun Safes

    I have one of these as my primary safe, and I cannot reccomend it highly enough. I believe they are made in Idaho, but a local store had a sale on one of these with free delivery, which sealed the deal for me. https://rhinosafe.com/ironworks-aiw6042x-60h-x-42w-x-27d-54-long-gun-130-min/ I have a couple of smaller ones as well, but all the valuable stuff goes in the Rhino now.
  7. adair_usmc

    So, Who Is At The Bench Today?

    So I get to buy a new scale. My 2.5yo followed me into the basement where I have my reloading setup, and he used his little wooden hammer like Thor does mjolnir and came down on my digital scale. I know my charge pan weights 121.6 grains, and now when I zero the scale and weigh it, it comes in all over the place. I dont know what he did, but the scale did not like it one bit. Thanks Alex! I have been going back to my crappier scale for now, and still working on my big batch of hot 10mm. My nice scale did make things easier and faster though.
  8. adair_usmc

    Got lucky at a local shop today

    So far with some informal testing, I have yet to have a malfunction with 4 types of ammo. Mini mags, federal bulk pack, American Eagle suppressor, and Winchester suppressor ammo all work perfectly. I was expecting to have issues with the American Eagle since it’s only rated for 970fps, but it was just fine. So far this thing is a great shooter.
  9. adair_usmc

    Free coupons primary arms

    I think those went out to everyone, so they are not single use. Use em up.
  10. adair_usmc

    Got lucky at a local shop today

    Some updated pics now that I have the adapter and the brace installed. I definitely need to get a riser for the optic, which is already in order now. I also need to figure out a single mlok slot afg to use, because I can, to fill that mlok slot on the bottom.
  11. adair_usmc

    Got lucky at a local shop today

    Well the adapter and the folding SB tactical 1913 brace is ordered to get this thing set up as a folder. I was going to order some spare mags but the brace and adapter was on sale, so I decided to go for it.
  12. adair_usmc

    Got lucky at a local shop today

    I have not had a chance to shoot it yet, but from 22 plinksters review on YouTube the mags feed perfectly as long as you follow the instructions on how to load it. Doesn’t seem to hard to load though. They have some 50rd extensions coming soon, but I think I am gonna wait to get any new mags until those extensions are available. Mags right now from keltec are $50 each, ouch. I am working on getting the parts to make mine look like this in the meantime -
  13. adair_usmc

    Chewbaca Dead !

    This is very sad. I got to be pretty friendly with Peter through reddit, I had tagged his official account in enough threads when Star Wars questions came up that he hit me up on direct chat a few times to say hello. Never met him in person but he was very nice to me.
  14. adair_usmc

    Got lucky at a local shop today

    Here are some better pics with my warlock II and a primary arms red dot put on there. I am really thinking this needs a folding brace now....
  15. adair_usmc

    Got lucky at a local shop today

    Yeah, I saw this yesterday and I was surprised to see it, and when it was still there today I had to jump on it. While we were doing paperwork someone else called in hearing about it being in stock and asking them to transfer to an FFL across the river into Washington. I think I am going to hold off on any more mags for now and get the adapter and folding brace for it, since they are both on sale. I already have the red dot and suppressor for it, so I am excited to play with this.