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  1. No snow here but it got down to 31. Finally some decent weather.
  2. Well you are free to write your own operating system and make everything the way you want it to be.
  3. You do realize that Microsoft is not responsible for driver and product updates for third party hardware manufacturers right? second, computer components can be hard to get right now, everything from motherboards to peripherals and especially any equipment that will facilitate working from home. Don’t be surprised if several places don’t have stock of the item you want. I can’t help you with the phone business, I never call and ask a store anything, if it’s not in stock and order able on the website then the product obviously doesn’t exist 🤷🏻‍♂️
  4. I had navy federal (technically still do I suppose) when I was still in, but I moved everything to usaa when I got out. Never had a problem with them. I should see if they still have the $120 I left in my old checking account 🤔
  5. We had nearly zero until a bunch of morons at a local church hosted a wedding where several people who knowingly tested positive attended and shared with everyone. We had 360 cases not long after, but we haven’t had any new cases now in a while.
  6. Now that I loaded up all my .308 bullets for now I worked on knocking some .243 out last night. Loaded up 50 with some nickel plated brass, 48.5g of Superformance, and an 80g Barnes TTSX.
  7. got 175 rounds of some precision .308 I have been working up done. 175g nosler custom competition, 44.1g of Varget, Hornady brass, Winchester LR primer, 2.810” OAL. My suppressed r700 really likes these, average of 2605fps in my testing with a SD of 8fps.
  8. It pays to be good friends with the owner, my haul from yesterday. I don’t even use varget much, but I cleaned them out anyway. ☺️
  9. They should have just changed the mascot to a red potato, and stayed the redskins
  10. Getting ready to work up a new 175g load for my bolt .308. Been sorting and prepping brass and I was able to pick up a bunch of supplies at ace hardware the other day. Just waiting for them to get a can of Superformance in at this point for some .243 -
  11. For that kind of money you can do far far better than benchmade. https://kershawguy.com/products-page/zero-tolerance/
  12. I have taken mine pretty high and played fast and loose with the regs, but the mavic pro will get some impressive shots. Video from the coast where our beach house is -
  13. I didn’t know about the mavic air, but I have a mavic pro.
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