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  1. adair_usmc

    Looking for a new EDC

    For that kind of money you can do far far better than benchmade. https://kershawguy.com/products-page/zero-tolerance/
  2. adair_usmc

    Use of military?

  3. adair_usmc

    DJI Mavic Air 2 Drone

    I have taken mine pretty high and played fast and loose with the regs, but the mavic pro will get some impressive shots. Video from the coast where our beach house is -
  4. adair_usmc

    DJI Mavic Air 2 Drone

    I didn’t know about the mavic air, but I have a mavic pro.
  5. adair_usmc

    Mine's Larger than Yours

    Needs a birds head grip and a cut down to 26.1” OAL
  6. adair_usmc

    Deleting FaceCrook

    Sounds like someone was reporting it. I sell actual guns on there from time to time and I never have an issue, its all about posting it to the right groups and how you word things. it also helps if those groups dont have a bunch of brownshirts reporting posts.
  7. adair_usmc

    12Ga Mini 00 Buck Shot Shells

    I shoot them exclusively in my mossberg shockwave, and they are great. The federal mini shells are hotter than the aguila and are considered full power, but are harder to find around here. The adapter is for mossberg 500/590 to get them to feed reliably, but they do not make an adapter for an 870 at the moment. I have heard mixed results with using these in an 870, some people saying they work great and others saying not so much. I have only shot an 870 tac14 with them and they ran fine.
  8. adair_usmc

    WOW Real Douches Revealed Washington State

    This isn’t surprising knowing the tri-shatties area.
  9. adair_usmc

    Shot Show 2020

    Ian (Gun Jesus) is pretty cool, he runs the forgotten weapons YouTube channel. https://www.youtube.com/user/ForgottenWeapons
  10. adair_usmc

    Shot Show 2020

    You mean Gun Jesus? He is far from a snowflake.
  11. adair_usmc

    Dateline Billings Montana......

    It’s mostly self serve in eastern Oregon now, a few stations have people that will come out but it’s rare here on the east side now, even pre corona.
  12. Yeah, it cost us a mint but we traded my Yamaha YXZ turbo in on this one so we could have four seats. I also had to buy a new trailer to haul it, which complicated this idea, but now my two kids and my wife and I can all go ride together in style.
  13. Spent all day in a dealership today and towed this home. Can’t wait to get it out for a little social distancing this weekend.
  14. adair_usmc

    Tula ammo any good

    I haven't had a problem with it in my AR10 when I have shot it, but I have not shot much of it. I figure if it cant handle steel, then it doesn't deserve brass.
  15. adair_usmc

    Economic Impact Payments

    we have elk, bighorn sheep, mountain goats, mule deer, whitetail deer, mountain lion, black bear, moose, turkey and even some wild buffalo in one small area. You can’t get tags for the moose or buffalo though, but I see them around where I live on occasion. Blacktail deer are all over towards the coast but not where I live. I will likely only use this for deer and probably just set up a blind and ambush some. I only go after mule deer though. We have white tails beginning to come in but as much as I would like to shoot them to get rid of them, I don’t want to waste a good deer tag on anything less than a mule deer. I won’t bow hunt for elk though, even though the bow hunters get to go during the rut. I like chasing them during the rifle seasons, preferably when there is snow. We can apply now for premium elk tag that lets you hunt your tag with any weapon for like a 3 month period, during the rut. Only one of those tags per unit though and it’s purely a lottery win, no preference points to build up. I would love to toast a big bull with a rifle in the middle of a bunch of bow hunters trying to call them close with that premium tag. Thanks for calling him in to rifle range there boys 🤣