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  1. adair_usmc

    Anyone use the 12ga Mini rounds?

    Capacity and they are a little lighter to shoot. I use them exclusively in my shockwave, I love them.
  2. adair_usmc

    Had to get new tires on Thursday from Firestone

    Sounds like Les Schwab here in the PNW.
  3. adair_usmc

    Levi Jean's have made the list

    I have never owned anything denim and can’t stand it, so I guess I’m good.
  4. adair_usmc

    Airbnb---Anybody Use Them or Know About Em????

    We have used them a couple of times, we got the whole place and it was a vacation rental that just went to booking through Airbnb. No personal belongings or anything in the homes, just fully furnished and ready for anyone to book. It has been a great experience every time.
  5. adair_usmc

    Hot Peppers?

    Try some of this sauce. Pepper X and chocolate pepper X. It’s actuslky really good, though it’s over 2,000,000 scoville. https://heatonist.com/products/hot-ones-the-last-dab?variant=378416136201
  6. adair_usmc

    Elk everywhere

    We have a new roadkill law but since this was not technically roadkill I did not inquire about the permit and stuff. I did not have a firearm with me cause I was snowmobiling to put it down, but the trooper and and Oregon fish and wildlife took it from there. Around here I am pretty sure it goes to charity or the schools. Elk chili is on the menu at my sons elementary school from time to time. I just spent $500 getting my big bull from this year processed so I don’t even have the freezer room at the moment, but they do not go to waste around here.
  7. adair_usmc

    Elk everywhere

    Yeah, I love being able to hunt elk every year in some form. Fish and wildlife says there are about 2500 or so in our valley floor, driven down by the snow. Here is a pic of a group of bulls a friend took the other day -
  8. adair_usmc

    Elk everywhere

    So the snow in our area has driven all the elk down into our valley, and I thought I would share some pics. Here is some I saw with the drone by the house yesterday - here is one that jumped onto the road in front me coming back from snowmobiling last weekend. He jumped up onto the road onto the ice and slipped and ate it, and broke its right front leg, which you can kind of see in the close up. Had to call the troopers to deal with that one unfortunately.
  9. adair_usmc

    Smoke Detectors/Alarms

    I replaced all of mine with nest smart smoke detectors a while back. I love that I can get messages on my phone when they go off, in case something happens when I am at work or something.
  10. I know someone that has one and likes it a lot, but i have not shot it myself (yet). He seems to get a lot of use out of it.
  11. adair_usmc

    I guess winter is over

    We got another two feet of snow last night. Love waking up to fresh powder.
  12. adair_usmc

    Snow days...

    We got about 4” on Sunday and this morning I woke up to another 6” or so on top of that. This week is turning out to be pretty awesome.
  13. adair_usmc

    Snow days...

    Sounds awesome!