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  1. If that’s true for you awesome. For the most part it’s just noisy and annoying to me.
  2. Probably my most memorable was seeing metallica with my wife with floor tickets. I cannot stand listening to live music though if I have a choice, or just music in general for that matter. But we had fun, then her brand new SUV got the mirror smashed off by another car in the parking lot, which wasnt so fun.
  3. from what I hear retumbo and h1000 not only have supply problems like everything else but the factory is where those two are made were lost in a fire. Our local gun shop was told by one of their vendors it would be 6-7 years before those two powers would be seen again in quantity at the retail level.
  4. A friend of mine sold an 8lb jug of H1000 recently for $2000 cash money.
  5. We bought a new house in December and when I was moving the ammo I found an extra 1200 rounds of m855 and 400 rounds of silencerco 300blk Subsonic ammo that I totally forgot about, all stuck in an ammo can I was sure was empty.
  6. Same for me and my Astigmatism. However I still see a little fuzz so I prefer my two ACOGs.
  7. Now that I got my reloading area all set up in the new house, I started some brass prep. Did all the 9mm and 10mm brass I had on hand, 429 cases of 9mm and 377 cases of 10mm, all sized and primed and ready to load. I think I just about caused a financial blow on par with the ‘29 stock market crash when I ruined one small pistol primer when priming some 9mm. Rip little buddy, you are irreplaceable.
  8. I visited the reloading fairy in my town today and they had the goods
  9. I have since my grandfather taught me as a kid. I have everything I need to last me a long time except maybe bullets, though I do have quite a few of those.
  10. For an AR bayonet from whats available, I would look at an Ontario OKC-3S USMC issue bayonet. Around $140 or so on midway and a few other places. I have had offers of up to $1,000 for my Zero Tolerance bayonet, which is my favorite, but they have been discontinued for a long time now (the top one)
  11. I like the show quite a bit, today’s episode was great, and I get Disney+ for free with my cell plan so I will continue to use it.
  12. they both came in the mail on the same day 🙂
  13. It is a .308, same one I have posted before with the green hogue stock.
  14. I picked up the new ZT 0308 variant to go with my original 0308.
  15. Gave my Remington 700 AAC-SD a facelift. Upgraded my old Nightforce NXS to a Nightforce NX8 4-32, replaced the hogue overmold stock with a magpul hunter stock and the magpul magazine adapter, added a bubble level top ring to the nightforce one piece mount, and kept the same Timney trigger. Can is my YHM Phantom
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