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  1. Coyotes and mountain lions here.
  2. adair_usmc

    Just Because I Like the Trailer

  3. adair_usmc

    .223 for deer

    I took a large mule deer with .223 and my ACOG years ago, and it will do the job....with the proper bullet. With that mule deer I used a Winchester supreme power point plus 62g round, which did a good job of planting that mule deer. now, with a rifle that has the proper twist, the bullet selection is even better. A handloaded 70g Barnes triple shock x bullet I think would be just fine for me as long as I got some good groups and decent velocity out of my handloads. Barnes’ factory 5.56 Ammo with that bullet is advertising 2850fps, which should do the job. It wouldnt be my first choice with my .243 sitting next to it, but I have seen it work well.
  4. adair_usmc

    Midway can kiss my...

    I'm Larry Potterfield, and that's the way it is. I still use them for some stuff, like when they put Barnes bullets on a good sale, but I am using them less and less. Still better than dealing with Cabelas in my experience though.
  5. Yes, this version with the brace is still a pistol. They do make a version with a real buttstock but then you have to get uncle sugar to issue you some tax stamps.
  6. Still available. New price - $300 shipped
  7. I think my buddy said it’s about $100 to ship it, so if you hunted out of staeand had someone in the area you hunted take care of it, it probably wouldn’t be quite that high. He said the removable horn option which does cost more makes it much cheaper to ship, but the cheaper shipping is cancelled out by the higher cost of the removable option. I was initially leaning towards a European mount myself but he pointed out my bull was the biggest one he was brought so far this year, might as well go all out for a nice trophy like this.
  8. Yeah, that’s the friend price too (but with removable horns). He normally charges $1500. he does beautiful work though, I look forward to seeing my bull again.
  9. I got the head dropped off at a friends that has a taxidermy business, so I probably won’t see that elk again until Christmas 2019. $1100 but it’s worth it for this one.
  10. Thank you. We just dropped his quarters and body off at the processor this morning - 542lbs hanging weight.
  11. So my wife and I had hunted this same road on Monday before she had to go home, and we saw some old tracks but not much else. The morning before this hunt we bailed off the top of the mountain trying to shake some out of these nasty drainages, and we found some beds that were still warm. Knowing we didn’t spook them out of those beds, we decided to head there for the evening hunt and just wait to see if they came back. It was in the middle of a closed road area and there was sign everywhere, so they felt comfy there. parked by this closed road and started burning to get out there so we could watch before dark. We got maybe 3/4 of a mile down the closed road and we see this bull and another 5x5 standing in the road, likely moving up the ridge. I was faster on the draw with my ruger no 1, and I shot first, hitting a little high with the 200g Barnes x bullet I handloaded, but it hit the spine and he would have been done. Just a split second later my uncle hits it with his .338 win mag, in the back as it tried to run away from us (he wouldn’t have gone far). That 338 and the 225g fail safe he was using out him down right then. I thought maybe he would shoot the other bull but we both went for the first one so we weren’t sure who actually got this bull until we skinned him (he was sure I missed lol). Thr other bull bull went straight down, but this one was dead in the road and we got to work. We are gonna hit thet area again tonight since we weren’t even where we wanted to be, and see if we can’t find another big boy in there. As far as the ruger goes, that is one of my many ruger no 1s, which I actually bought from the same person I was with when I shot this elk (so he could take the money and buy the ruger no 1 in .338 win mag he had in his hands). It’s heavy to pack around but it sure shoots nice, it shot my bull last year too.
  12. When we got it to camp we quartered it up when we skinned it, so it’s hanging in 5 pieces now. We were guessing that after taking the head off, this beast is around 550lbs or so hanging.
  13. There was a sheet of plywood in there, so we got that leaned up against the tailgate, and after that we just ate our wheaties and inched him in there by hand. We had a ratchet strap that kind of helped - until it broke.
  14. Took me until today i get them figured out, but here he is - wow am I tired.
  15. My wife and I, along with some other family have hair tags for elk (bull or cow) and hopefully we can get them filled. This is a new unit for us so we are working a little blind on where to start but I am hoping we see something.