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  1. Thanks everyone! All the information provided will be very helpful to me. I definitely would like to get better and practice is the only way to get there. The training exercises will hopefully make me proficient sooner. Thanks for the link Frac! Hopefully with more practice, me and the rifle will become like "one".
  2. I got a chance to fire my AR for the first time. Heh. it's definitely harder than I expected, espcially with the iron sights. I know a lot of it is "user error" and I have a lot of practicing to do. During sight-in, we started at 25yards to see if we can even hit paper. Even at 25yards with irons, I was having issues getting tight groupings. At 50yards, this was even harder with irons. The target was a 8.5" x 11" paper. I would hit it at 50 yards, but I wasn't getting consistent groupings at all. I sighted in the strikefire at 50 yards, while it was easier to see the target, my groupings varied around the sheet of paper. After reading some threads on shooting at distances, people were getting nice tight groupings with irons at 50 yards. I could barely see the target at 50 yards. All in all, it was really fun shooting my first AR. I shot off 270 rounds. I was shooting PRVI M193 I know breathing and trigger control seems to be the utmost importance of hitting your target or not. Is there any exercises one could do at home? One thing I'd like to get next is a FCS compensator. The recoil and vertical movement was more than I expected as well. How about a trigger job?
  3. Trike

    Vortex Strikefire Group Buy

    Finally got some pics.
  4. Trike

    My Vortex Strikefire

    My Strikefire got delivered today. I'll take some pics When I get home.
  5. Trike


    I picked up a black 42" covert case. For the price, it isn't that bad of quality. I wished the nylon was a little thicker, but for $109, hard to find something better in this price range.
  6. After watching a section on the Magpul dynamics video, they mention that the VF should be used as a reference point for where to put your hand. They suggest not broom handling it either.
  7. Trike


    I was pretty set on getting a tactical tailor discrete case, they're also local to me too. While trying to find some reviews, I found this guys review. http://www.m4carbine.net/showthread.php?p=486998#post486998 He's saying the internal mag pouches aren't very good and says the front pouch sags. He went as far as cutting out the front pouch. heh. "They are advertised to each hold “up to two” magazines, but perform poorly with Magpuls or even standard GI mags when doubled up (left and center), covering little more than half of the mag body, which impinges on the top edge of the outer pocket. A single mag fits deeper (right), but is almost too loose, sliding freely from side-to-side. There are no straps or flaps to retain the mags in the pockets." Does anyone here feel the same way about his review?
  8. got it yesterday. have a cheapy aimpoint clone on it. I'd like to replace the FF with a DD one eventually.
  9. That one looks nice, but its out of my price range. I would need to get their special wrench as well to install it. I also like the looks of the Lite series better than the omega, in terms of the delta ring area.
  10. Trike

    Vortex Strikefire Group Buy

    whoo hoo. me too!, Mine is scheduled to be in my hands on the 9th. My AR got delivered yesterday, it'll be nice to get a decent optic on it.
  11. Ahhhh...... gotcha. that makes sense! Learning something new everyday. This is my first AR, so i'm still learning about all the various parts. I dont want to do any mods to the gas block or barrel. I'll have to go with the 7.0 or find a rail with a slot for the front sight.
  12. I just got my upper and put together the lower last night. I'm still not sure if I like the YHM LW FF tube. I would like to replace it with a Omega rail. I have a question about the gas tube. if I get the 9.0 Rail, what do I do about the shorter gas tube? Seems like it may get pricey for me to replace the FF tube. I'll have to get some tools to unscrew the tube off. I'm all about DIY and replacing the ff tube doesn't look all that hard. If the gas tube needs to be replaced, maybe I should go for the 7.0 Rail instead. I'm just trying to see what the easiest/cheapest way to do it.
  13. Trike

    Matech rear BUIS?

    Thanks TigerStripe, I bought the matech one for $55shipped. I'll see what the quality is like, If i'm not happy with it. I'll get something else. I just needed a rear sight to get me up and going for now.
  14. I started looking for a rear BUIS for my first AR. I originally wanted a magpul MBUS, but i started looking at real steel options. I noticed the Matech BUIS are heavily discounted. Is there a reason for this? I read a few posts that mentions the aperture is pretty small. Whatever BUIS I get, i'll be using it with the vortex strikefire and a standard A2 front sight. But these are the sights that I have found that are affordable Matech ~$55 Magpul Mbus ~$55-60 YHM QDS ~$100 Used/New Troy flip up $110 If the Matech will get the job done, I may get that over the magpul since it's steel. Then there's the used/new troy that I found for $110. But that's double the cost. I could use the extra cash to get a DD Omega rail and get rid of the YHM LW FF tube.