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  1. as long as nobody outbids me on gunbroker i'll have one i guess...
  2. damn now they are out of stock at impact guns lol
  3. there was also a guy on gunbroker with 2000+ pos feedback that offored to do layaway on the DW for $200 down and $200 a month untill its paid for, no time limit. as for impactguns prices they were actually on the low end of the scale. had most others beat by $100 only other company i noticed cheaper was buds and they are out of stock, too bad they werent discontinued. i'd gladly wait for buds to get em back in lol he had them listed for $896 when everyone else wants $1040-$1399
  4. i wont have enought money to pick up a dan wesson pointman 7 for about 3 weeks but they are selling out everywhere fast and impact guns seems to have them instock with a good price so i was thinking of putting one of layaway to hold it for me. but i've never dealt with them before. would love to hear some feedback on them
  5. luckily i started loaded before i bought a 10mm. if i didnt load i probably woudlnt even consider a 10mm. like you said its damn near the price of .44 mag aka the "buck a shot"
  6. your a little late. i bought the 20 a while back and love it. we're now discussing a second pistol
  7. yea the one im looking at getting is a 10mm, with stainless finish. i wish buds still had them in stock. they had em listed for like $896. the price varies a ton on this pistol from store to store. i've seen it range from 896 at buds to 1399 at the hyatt gunshop site. a local guy i know with a ffl is also looking for the best deal on them right now so hopefully i get one for under 1100. hell i think if he said he could get em for buds price i'd get 2 lol before i realized these were being discontinued i was going to try to get a trp lol i want a .45 but since buying a glock 20 im in love with 10mm
  8. think im ready for another... is there any downside to stainless Dan Wesson pointman7 10mm compared to other 1911's in that price range chambered in .45?
  9. i second the bill springfield recomendation. cheap fast and great. its like $40 for a 3lb pull with speed hammer mod. i love mine
  10. more like 100-200 rds per week kinda guy with all my semi auto's and 50-100 a week out of my bolt guns. i have no safe queens. i was actually hoping to buy some cheap bullets soon for plinking . the only reason i bought the xtp's was it was the only box of bullets they had for 10mm/.40 and they wanted $42 for a box of 50 rds and i already had everything else at home besides the bullet tips so i figured i'd buy the box of 100 bullet tips and get to shoot twice as much for half the money.. tbh i dont even like hornady lol i prefer nosler bullets for all my other reloading my only problem with factory ammo for sd is it would cost me about $65 for an extra and a box of shells that may be worse than i already load. altho i may reconsider now that you mention it because $65 is nothing compared to paying a lawyer for even an hour. and saving $65 isnt worth a day in prison.
  11. hornady 155gr xtp hollow points doesnt say on the box im talking about the rcbs tool you spin around in the case mouth like you do for rifle casings after you trim. that is what im thinking and i think those 4 that got messed up were the first 4 to go thought the expander die when i was still figureing out how to set it up and therefore they didnt get belled enough but the cases after them did. i think this because i loaded 100rds tonight with all steps being done as a single batch and only 4 out of 100 did this.
  12. i just loaded another 50 without having this problem happen again so that puts us to 4 out of 100. im wondering if maybe the 4 that had problems were the first 4 i ran through the expander die as i was setting it up. note to self get a bullet puller hammer
  13. that actually sounds like a pretty damn good good possibility. that die did confuse me a bit. do you chamfer/debur?
  14. they were sized with a batch of 200 and were seated to 1.26" just like the others but only these 4 did it tho. wouldnt the rest have done the same thing? should i be chamfering/deburring pistol cases?
  15. i have no plans for shooting them i just want to try to figure out what went wrong to prevent it from happening in the future.
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