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  1. I thought about putting this in the reloading room but I thought it more likely to get an answer in here based on number of topics about the caliber in each room. What do you 458 guys shoot at the range to save money on your reloads? I can't justify buying Barnes bullets from Midway at the going rate. I'm looking at the Hornady 300gr HP's but have also been looking for some lead bullets. I don't cast myself but apperantly a lot of people don't cast .458. I found Moyer's Cast Bullets but am not familiar with them. Any other ideas or options you guys are satisfied with? Thanks for the info.
  2. I'm not a real grip enthusiast but I can recommend the VZ grips also. I have the Elite Tactical Carry in Black Desert Sand on my Kimber and I like them. Light, durable and good grip for me. I've used Pach's in the past but am not a huge fan for a carry gun. The one's I'm familiar with are rubber though they may make other types. Rubber tends to grab onto clothing.
  3. I have one. I got it in 2009 I think before CZ jacked the prices up and performed a makeover on the product lineup. It's a great gun. Never had a problem with it and has sold me on Dan Wesson quality. I've been keeping my eye on a CCO but I have a hard time paying more for that than I paid for my CBOB.
  4. Yeah, I just parted it out from Addax. Went with the ACS stock. Thanks.
  5. Thanks for the feedback guys (or gals I suppose). I hadn't really looked at that ACS but now that I think about it the storage compartments coul be handy someday. Thanks for the links.
  6. I'm not looking for an answer to the old question of what is the best LPK. I'm just wondering if anyone knows of any decent LPK bundles out there that might also include a grip and possibly stock and who might be selling them. I know Palmetto Armory has some but that's about what I've found. I have a Noveske lower with a LMT upper and a YHM BCG. That's as far as I've gotten. I need an LPK but want something that's a step up from the standard grip and adjustable stock. Not a $300 stock but just the next step up from the standard and some type of ergo grip. If you're aware of any bundles out there and who might have them then I'd appreciate some input. Figured I'd ask before just buying an LPK, grip and stock all separately.
  7. I wouldn't order .45 from Sportsman's Guide. I've been waiting on 1k rounds of Federal AE ammo from them since June. The benefit is I locked my order in at a good price compared to what it's going for today.
  8. If I had to fire an AK in a house, which I would not think about doing, and I was worried about the damage the round may cause I'd probably research the following options for ammo: 1. Some type of shot like a snake shot round, don't know if they make this or not 2. Lead flat nose bullets 3. Low velocity hollow point At close range with standard FMJ you'll probably see a shot go through your target and possible through whatever is behind the target. I would probably find a used shotgun for less than $200. Sorry I can't provide more specifics. That's just the approach I would take.
  9. Agreed. I've learned this lesson. Even being tired and waiting a day makes getting the gunk out of the barrel more difficult. The thing has metal parts, friction, pressure and heat.
  10. I've got one of these and it's the most reliable 1911 I have. Not the most accurate and not the best sights but it will shoot. Will shoot reloads that my others will not for a variety of reasons that are my own doing. I love this gun. I'm comparing this to a Sig Revolution and a Dan Wesson Bobtail Commander. I've got some experience with Kimber and SA's as well. As for buying it, I guess you have to compare it to the market. I'd probably go as high as $650 for the gun if it's in good shape and not customized. Assuming it's a shooter.
  11. 250 Federal 230 gr for $108 after shipping http://www.palmettostatearmory.com/529.php
  12. Looking through the Addax site the ADX-CARBINE-16-DI-MOE-UPPER and STG-STAG-15 MODEL 2HT caught my eye. Anyone have experience with this Addax upper? I've dealt with Addax before but am not familiar with their uppers. I'm starting my research for choosing an upper and would like to stay under $750.
  13. I haven't rceived mine yet either. However, IIRC there is a website or phone number you can call to check status. Download the rebate form and I think the info was on there on how to do that.
  14. Thanks for the information. I'm happy to learn from others experience.
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