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  1. Remat, Are you looking for just a grip extension, or something that adds rounds to the mag? I have just the grip extensions on my 29 mags, they don't add rounds. I believe they are made by either Pierce or Scherer. Sling
  2. It's great that another manufacturer is releasing something in 10mm Auto, but I don't think I would ever buy one. I had one of their pistols a few years ago and had problems with it. The ambi thumb safety fell off after 15 rounds, and it wouldn't feed anything reliably except for Winchester white box hardball. Unfortunately their customer service was less than stellar, so I just traded it in on a Kimber. This was a sample of one, but just soured me on them.
  3. I read this article as well, and was pretty disappointed. Seemed like a very apples to oranges comparison, and I didn't understand why they chose a self-defense load for the 10mm that uses a bullet not suited for its velocity window. Not sure why they didn't choose the 165 grain Gold Dot load from Double Tap. Also seemed like they could have included a couple of other 10mm loadings, especially since they had quite a few for the 9mm, 40 S&W, and 45 ACP. They might as well just left the 10mm out of the testing. I prefer middle weight loads for self defense, and typically carry the Winchester 175 grain Silvertips. I know, I know, it's not terribly fast, and it is older bullet technology, but I figure a 175 grain bullet at 1200-1250 fps should get the job done. I would like to see a 155 grain Hornady loading with a little more velocity, and maybe with their Critical Defense bullet.
  4. Nick, Not sure if you are still looking, but there are two 1066's on GunBroker, one at $850 with the reserve not met, and another that has a buy now price of $850. Wish I had the coin for one right now... I would snag one of these. Good luck. Sling
  5. Cypress, The following make AR10-type weapons: Larue Tactical = OBR, PredatOBR, and PredatAR Knights Armament = SR25 LWRC International = REPR Lewis Machine and Tool = LM308 Patriot Ordinance Factory = P308 Armalite = AR-10 Colt = SP901 (not sure if this is available yet) Bushmaster = MOE 308, 308 ORC, and 308 Hunter DPMS = Tactical Precision line This isn't all of them, to be sure, but should get you started on your search. I have had experience with Bushmaster (2 AR's and the ACR) and think they are ok, and have a short barreled DPMS AR-15 which I haven't had any issues with. You can always build one yourself as well; that is what I did with the DPMS. I am considering building my own AR in 308, and the MA-TEN receivers look nice. They take the DPMS-type magazines, which like Taos said is nice because then you can use the inexpensive Magpul magazines. Hope that helps, Sling
  6. I agree with Gmountain; it is worth what someone is willing to pay. I wouldn't pay that much for one, but as mentioned, it may be worthwhile to someone out there. Several months back someone was auctioning a Dan Wesson CBOB in 10mm, asking about $1600; it was used with some very minor, but obvious, holster wear on it. It was a nice gun, and I would like to have had it, but just like Intercooler, not at that price. Fusion had just quoted me a custom-built CBOB that was going to come in at just under $1700, so that was a reality check for me... used Dan Wesson CBOB at $1600, or a brand new custom Fusion for less than $100 more. I questioned the seller about the price, and they took offense, even though that wasn't what I intended. I recall that they did lower their price, and I'm sure in the end, someone bought it because they are hard to find, and it was worth it to them. Wouldn't begrudge them a thing... but I wasn't going to bite. In the end it comes down to how bad someone wants it, and how bad the seller needs to move it. Sling
  7. I always wondered if the Sierra 190gr FPJ (full profile jacket) would behave like a softpoint. I think they have quit making it now though.
  8. Congratulations on the find... I was able to pick one up a couple of years ago at a gun show. I'm always on the look out for 10's; just got lucky and happened past this guys table. It was $600 and came with (500) rounds of PMC ammo (7 boxes of 170gr JHP, 3 boxes of 200gr TMJ).... It has a little holster wear, but runs great and is built like a tank. I'm sure you will enjoy yours. Sling
  9. You got me by 25 minutes on the 1086 Shadow. Congrats on a great catch. Sling
  10. Mine is fun to shoot, and very accurate.
  11. Thanks for the feedback Shadow and sqlbullet. I had the same experience with the Speer brass... flash holes too small (ruined a decapping pin), and marred casings out of my RCBS die. This is the only .357 SIG gun I have, and I will be curious to see how well supported the KKM barrel is. Shadow, you mentioned a .357 SIG barrel for your Glock 29, which got me thinking about a conversion barrel for my Glock 20. I have a 29 as well, but I'm thinking the .357 SIG would be even more manageable out of the larger frame gun. Any issues with the shorter round feeding out of the larger magazine? I've also been kicking around the idea of a 9x23mm barrel for the Glock 20. That would be new dies and brass, but that's never stopped me before...
  12. About a year ago I sold my SIG Pro 2340, for which I had both 40 S&W and .357 SIG barrels. I just recently picked up a KKM .357 SIG barrel for my Glock 23, and started rummaging through my stock of ammo, and found some .357 SIG handloads that I had assembled a couple of years ago with Speer once fired brass, CCI 500 primers, 13.5 grains of Accurate #9, and Remington 124 grain JHP pills. I recall working these up from a starting load and not seeing any signs of pressure out of the SIG. At the time I was using the only loading manual that I had, Speer Number 13. I had planned on building more of these handloads using Hornady 124 grain XTP hollow points, but wanted to double check where this load was relative to maximum. Over the last couple of years I have picked up several more loading manuals, and wanted to compare the load versus those as well. According to the Speer Number 13 manual, the starting load is 13.1 grains, and the maximum is 14.6 grains, so according to them my load is at the low end. However, to my surprise, the Lyman 49th Edition handbook has a starting load of 11.5 grains, and a maximum of 13.0 (using Federal 100 primers and 125 grain Speer Gold Dot pills). I have also checked Accurate Powders website, and they list a starting load of 11.7 grains, and a maximum of 13.0 grains (using Winchester WSP primers and 125 grain Sierra JHP's). I know none of these component combinations are consistent, but the Speer load is way over the top, with their starting load being higher than the maximum load of the Accurate Powder and Lyman load data. Now my plan is to pull these loads down and start over at the low end based on the Accurate Powder website data, but my question is if anyone else is loading in this higher range (Speer Number 13 manual data), and if so, what have your experiences been? Thanks, Sling
  13. Glock 20 Glock 29 S&W 1076 S&W 1006 S&W 610 MP5/10 Sling
  14. I should qualify what I said about "being reasonable." That price to me is not reasonable, and my initial reaction to it was visceral... just kind of struck me. Having said that, the price is what someone is willing to pay for it, and someone probably will. To me it would just make more sense to buy a new gun for that kind of money, but if these are truly discontinued for good, I could understand someone seeing the collector value in it. Personally, I hope they re-release these to production in all stainless for something back in the $1100-1200 price range, but I'm not holding my breath.
  15. I just saw a Dan Wesson CBOB on GunBroker for $1755 (starting bid). I had to e-mail the guy and let him know that one could buy a custom built (brand new) Fusion of very similar design for about $1600. The gun on auction had some obvious wear, and it sounds like it is on it's second owner (at least). I love the Dan Wesson CBOB, but lets be reasonable.
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