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  1. ballistic_ken


    Howdy from another NMican. I ain't gonna comment on the post count
  2. This one's mine. Got a .40 bbl, .22 conversion kit, and a few more mags not pictured. Now I want a 29. I should have my press rigged up soon as well.
  3. I'm waiting for the ECCWL, then I'll be a bit energized about travelling.
  4. I'm digging up bones here, but did the 200 gn XTP load ever get revisited with non-magnum primers?
  5. Thanks for the review, I hope he does well. I bookmarked his site, when I get into my reloading and start on the heavier loads I imagine I'll be placing an order.
  6. Well, I shot the G20 today for the first time. I have no chronograph, so this is just my impressions. The .40 bbl was first, shot all the .40 ammo that came with the gun. I wasn't that impressed. It's nice having the ability to shoot the 40, but I will keep that as a backup thing. Then I dropped the 10mm bbl back in and went to work. American Eagle 180 gn was unimpressive. The gun also came with a box of 200gn blazer ammo, the stuff with aluminum cases. I'd never liked the blazer ammo, but it had a bit more punch than the AE stuff. I bought the 10mm for a general purpose woods gun, I want it to have a bit of a bite. I'm thinking that whatever load I work up needs to use 200gn bullets. Whadda y'all think?
  7. I use blade-tech and comp-tac. I am a southpaw, both outfits make good gear. The Glock "ambi" holsters suck.
  8. I was thinking along these lines, except I'd like to use 180gn "solids" or 180 gn hollow points depending on the situation. Load would be the same, just diferent bullets for different needs. Would that work, or am I oversimplifying things?
  9. Thanks, that seems like the best price I've found.
  10. I have similar markings on my "new to me" G20. S/N is MBM***. It has to be a molding/injection issue. The "cracks" do not carry over to the inside of the frame, and flexing the frame does not change the "cracks". My conclusion is that the marks are cosmetic. I am going to shoot the snot outta my gun smile the whole time.
  11. Haven't got a chance to actually shoot it yet, picked it up yesterday. Had to work this weekend. I plan on shooting it Tuesday. I plan on getting new sights, and having a local Glocksmith do a grip reduction. Then there's working up a load. I got my work cut out for me.
  12. I heard Tom talk about a good deal on G20 mags, but can't remember the source. I couldn't get through on the show today. Anyone willing to lshare? IIRC the mags were less than 20.00 each. Thanks. Oh, I'm new here, thanks for a great forum .
  13. I guess I'll post up. I just started lurking, after picking up a Glock 20, 40 S&W bbl, AA 22 conversion kit and 4 mags. I am a southpaw, got a bladetech holster and a few single mag pouches. I have a few questions, but am trying to get a bit of reading done first. Don't want to waste anyone's time. How about getting a link to the 10mm pic thread. I'll add to that. Oh, I am gonna start reloading for it, as soon as I get the dies. Thanks for a good forum. I hope I can contribute.
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