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  1. Need these gone asap, raising money for concert tickets - Prefer discreet Paypal. Please know the laws where you reside will not ship to ban states. #1 . Troy battle mag / lightly used #2 new thermold mag / never loaded #3 Okay industries mag / used good condition $28 for all 3 - $6 shipping with tracking #
  2. tradded a set of dies for mags + $ , very smooth transaction .
  3. SPF* **I have a Lee Deluxe pistol die set in 9mm luger, $50 paypal shipped includes everything it came with. I can send a picture on request. Possible trades : Ar15 Pistol tube Ar15 magazines M11/9 Magazines
  4. sopmod89

    1+ for pyro073

    Very friendly reasonable seller, really helped me out too- no hassle transaction
  5. I just switched it for a black one ... I can switch it back if it matters whom ever is interested < no prob.
  6. Looking for 30 round Pmags any color windowed or non the 20 round FDE pmag is new i just bought it last week, i did swap floor plates on it but have not shot with it. Also have an AFG1 in FDE Very light use, i switched to a tango down group so i no longer need it. Ill try for a better pic later if you so desire- ****************************** ------- -- Please just message me with offers and what you have<
  7. Just looking fro a pistol lanyard - let me know what you got Found one earlier this morning
  8. Thank you both , Ill consider the acetone but my gun has trijicon glowing sights on it i dont want to have to remove... you think they'd be alright?
  9. Alright i was stupid and i spray painted my slide on my m&p Now i want to remove the spray paint some how .. what can i use that wouldnt take the finish off of the slide?
  10. ak47 stock also usable on a 74 and the like - it features the trap door for the cleaning kit as well. hoping to get a mag or any interesting ar parts you might have < lemme know what you would wanna trade me for it. Disregard the afg in the pic i decided not to get rid of it>
  11. its very appreciated as well since we seem to be in the dark ages for gun rights .
  12. basically i lost my instructions so if any one else has a troy medieval muzzle device that can give me directions would be great.
  13. we will never have a truly pro second amendment predsident because they represent the organization it is meant to defend us from the government its self... We have alot of stupid people in society that dont understand you cannot legally enforce a law that infringes on our rights thats one reason it is a right to protect it from legislation idiots and politicians.
  14. i truly think the logic of 30 round mags being evil its like them saying you are only allowed to shoot ten people before having to reload . I understand they think it might limit casualties in a mass shooting event but theyll just find a new way to kill people hell a can of gas will take down a building /ied etc not to mention you dont know how fast a person can pop in a new mag whys it matter if they use a ar with 30 rnds or three handguns with 10? Does anyone else get what im saying? You arent goin to stop people dying from guns unless you get rid of them completly all together which is impossible and immoral.
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