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  1. Casper

    Where did he just pee?!

    I guess it was, but I hope he doesn't decide my shoe is his next destination! I'm 97% sure it wasn't alcohol related! Ha!
  2. Casper

    Where did he just pee?!

    I know I'm not alone on this one... My oldest comes charging into our room like his hair is on fire, goes into our master bathroom and starts peeing in the trash can! It took me a second to figure out that sound. I get up and surprise him when I say "that's the trash can!" Funny part is, he wasn't missing that little trash can until I startled him and made him pee on the wall! 😂 When he was done, he tried to lay in our bed. He didn't have a clue what was going on the entire time! I was laughing my butt off.
  3. Casper

    Seeking Advice: Gun Safes

    Nice. Did you get the swing out gun rack option? I mean, it's not a "real" gun safe till you have a swing out gun rack! Ha!
  4. Casper

    Morel Mushroom question

    If it's growing naturally there, I wouldn't do much to change that. Like someone else said, try to expand to a new area, but I'd be leave this untouched, but productive area alone other than picking.
  5. Casper


    Glad you're mostly ok! Smashed chest and forehead.... did ya skip the seatbelt? 🤔
  6. Casper

    FatBoy coolers anyone?

    Nice. It looks like a quality product. I'd be interested to know if you think it still is after using it a couple times.
  7. Casper

    Whoopie! Guess what just came in the mail?

    That's crazy expensive. To me, everyone pays taxes to a government agency to do their job. If the government says issuing a permit is part of their job, then there shouldn't be a big fee. I can understand a fee of $5 or $10 to print a laminated, driver's license type card. Or a fee for paying for the printing of documents (because if you don't have any fee, you'll be printing hundreds of things for whackos). But anything over $10 or $20 is just additional taxation for a service your taxes are already paying.
  8. Casper

    Midway USA sucky Customer Service (Again)

    Midway lost my business a few years ago when they canceled my back order, but were still offering the product for purchase at a higher price than my back order. I don't even look on their website now. Optics planet has always been good to me. Funny how people can have vastly different opinions on the same company. Which company was it that had one price on their own website, but sometimes a different price on their amazon or Ebay account?
  9. Why would the ATF be allowed to examine weapons in an FBI investigation? It's not the ATFs investigation, so they would mess up the chain of evidence if the FBI allowed them to handle evidence. I'm guessing there were certain FBI agents at the scene not allowed to examine the guns either. It just means only certain people can touch the evidence.
  10. I'd have to look up the wording on the law, but what is acting in official capacity? If it's your job to protect society, it's a pretty good argument that carrying a gun off duty is still acting in an offical capacity. The problem he might run into is how they discovered he had a gun in a cabinet. Did a student find it? Maintenance worker? Administrator? If someone randomly looking for additional pencils found a firearm, that's not safe. If the cabinet can be opened with a couple kicks, that's not secure enough. If the district doesn't allow for firearms to be held in the school (away from the trained owner), then it may not be safe to do so depending on how easily that firearm can be found by others. Without a policy for it, I seriously doubt it was properly secured. But again, how was it found?
  11. Casper

    Bionic Ankle; here we come....

    Well, there you go! Load and keep loading until you don't have to load for the rest of your life! Always look on the bright side of life!
  12. Casper

    9mm or 45.

    Aren't they all? 😁
  13. Casper

    Free coupons primary arms

    Talk to my wife. She still seems to have money for horse stuff. 🤔
  14. Casper

    My son graduates college today.

    That's awesome! Are you talking about his bills? 😁
  15. Casper

    Free coupons primary arms

    Heck, I've already used 3 of the $150 off $1500 coupons! No, wait. That was a dream. I'm still broke.