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  1. Technology is great... until it isn't!
  2. I shook some hands, gave away some cheap swag and met a big wig politician who gave me their cell phone number to handle something for them. All in all a fun day, but not anything I'd have ever thought I'd be doing on my day off! Ha!
  3. That sounds just as reasonable as a lot of other theories.
  4. I think it's far less likely that with all our radar, satellite and video technology we've never caught more than a shadowy glimpse of anything alien. Or, if we did get a better view, it turned out to be something easily explained and created by humans. So it disappeared from the news... cuz it ain't alien!
  5. I think there's some shenanigans going on. History.com link below says their video is the only official video release from the Nimitz incident in 2004. And it looks different from your video. https://www.history.com/news/uss-nimitz-2004-tic-tac-ufo-encounter I think people are creating similar videos and spreading those as the real deal. Add some audio to make it sound better and people will believe what they want to believe. Shenanigans!
  6. Casper

    Man with knife attacks police....

    Dang, I rambled on a bit, didn't I? 😀 I try not to.
  7. Casper

    Man with knife attacks police....

    I seem to agree with you far more than disagree, and this would be no exception. I don't take anything personally, especially online. It's hard to guess someone's expression or true feelings through their words only. I just meant to echo what I've said before in that we don't know all the facts or all the reasons behind what they did or didn't do. I just would rather give them the benefit of the doubt even when they were not perfect. (The one officer constantly looked left and right watching his back, looking for traffic, etc. I thought that showed he wasn't tunnel visioned, at least. ) I think they thought, "oh good, he's down," but then maybe were caught off guard when he wasn't. Again... who knows. I agree there's a lot of emphasis on police being pursued to NOT shoot, in the traditional media or social media. But what about during police training? Is it trained differently than 30 years ago? Probably. But I doubt cops are telling cops not to shoot with the threat of death or serious bodily injury in front of them. After all, cops teaching cops is different than mayors making dumb anti police statements. Though I see how that could influence the actions of the officers in their city.
  8. Casper

    Man with knife attacks police....

    Did he still have the knife after the initial shots were fired? This might lead the officers to switch to the taser. It's hard to see since it's blurred. Was the officer caught in the middle of a tactical reload after 7 shots? Was there someone in his line of fire in the background? Did his gun jam? We can "Monday morning quarterback" this all we want, but I'm glad the officers weren't hurt. Job well done (in the end) and great training video for other officers to learn from. A few mistakes with an overall acceptable result. This guy yelling "kill me", that alone could make you hesitate if you're trying to diffuse and save his life. You're still the one who has to live with your actions.
  9. Casper

    The Louisiana Mosquito

    Ha! Obviously related to the ones in Galveston.
  10. Casper

    Women's world cup

    Maybe it was, and maybe it's the media covering that first that actually puts me off, but I'm not into sports figures talking trash or politics, and it just makes me not want to watch any of it. Dang, do I sound like my grumpy father!?! 😀
  11. Casper

    Women's world cup

    I'll be honest, I've just seen the headlines and caught a bit of it. But someone is already saying they won't visit the white house and someone else made some sipping tea cup gesture at the England game. The latter I don't actually care about, but if you know you're good and you actually ARE good, then you don't need to grandstand.
  12. Casper

    Mongolian Rock?

    Not bad. But hard to get into when I can't even attempt to pronounce the words.
  13. Casper

    It's a Jeep thing

    I don't get the whole wave thing. Like you said, a nice ride is a nice ride. And everyone has to start somewhere. The wave from certain Harley riders was one the reasons to not buy another Harley for me. When people wait to see what you're riding before they wave, I just shake my head. Back in the day, they'd be called a poser.
  14. Casper

    My new ride...

    Nice ride. Now I want to see one in person.
  15. Casper

    Women's world cup

    Is it bad that I want to root against the US team based on all the bs I've heard in the news? I sure wish sports were about sports.