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  1. How about Gallagher? Apparently, he can marry people now! How awesome would that be? Woman: I don't want you messing this up, so I'm picking the venue, the cake, the band, my dress, your tux, the date.... Man: Ok, but I'm picking the guy who marries us. Woman: That'll be fine. https://gallaghersmash.com "Smashing cake in each other’s face is not nearly as cool as having Gallagher smash the cake!"
  2. Casper

    Drivers license renewal

    I wish it were that easy. I think they need blood samples and our first born to renew here.
  3. https://www.foxnews.com/lifestyle/irish-man-pre-records-message-funeral-viral His dying wish was to play a prerecorded message at his funeral.
  4. Casper


    I guess if you're more of a prepper, you buy a system with batteries. More of a green, save the world type or a long term savings guy, you buy the attached to grid system. I stand corrected on what I assumed. I don't think I'd buy a system that shuts down in a blackout. Seems counterproductive. But in my current neighborhood, it makes perfect sense to anyone staying in their house. In 15 years, we've lost power for 3 hours at the longest. And not very often. All lines are buried. So far so good, anyway. A buddy of mine loses power for a week at a time, at least once or twice a year. He bought a gas powered whole house generator and loves it. Still depends on a gas utility company, however.
  5. Casper


    Apparently, that's a conspiracy theory and fake news website. I didn't read the article, but if you have solar panels that don't provide you power during a power company power outage.... then why the heck did you pay for solar panels and what moron hooked them up?!
  6. Casper


    From my limited understanding... they have extra power from solar panels that goes to the electric company after fulfilling their own needs. So they should still have their power, but not selling any extra to the power company.
  7. Casper


    Four days without power. What will people do? In 9 months, you're gonna see record birth numbers! Ha!
  8. Casper


    I can't even imagine the backlash from this. Some chit gonna change! And just like when the hurricanes come to town, everyone is scrambling to find a generator a few weeks too late! Did the hardware stores stock up on them prior to this?
  9. I'm sure you'll get it done in half the time it takes him: https://www.motor1.com/news/358976/lamborghini-aventador-3d-printed-body/ 3D printing a Lamborghini.
  10. Do it!! You can eat out of garbage cans for a couple months, can't you?
  11. Casper

    Glock Factory Night Sights ??

    I'm a bit late to this post, but how's your natural night vision? I mean, how are your eyes at night? My eyes aren't getting better with age. I swapped to these sights and while it's different, it's not learning to shoot all over again. With aging eyes, these bigger, brighter sights are awesome: https://speedsights.com Look up some reviews and, more importantly, ask around to see if someone local has them so you can see them in person. That's how I decided they were right for me.
  12. Casper

    Wut the.....

    Bama, if you miss at 3 foot distances... it's you, not the gun! 😁
  13. Casper

    Wut the.....

    Seeing that face made by others at the range is exactly why you buy that gun! Ha!
  14. Casper

    Is it me or the P320

    I say give your gun to a couple other shooters you know are good and see if they go left, too. (Now that you moved the sight, see if other shooters are shooting right) Moving the sights to compensate for a mistake in your shooting grip isn't fixing anything. If the gun genuinely was off...fine. But with a smaller gun, you could be wrapping your off hand around more and over gripping with it, pulling your gun to one side while pressing the trigger. I never move the sights before handing it to someone else. That way I fix my grip instead of blaming a gun. Generally, I'd say these guns are precision made and a lot less likely to be off than you or me.