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  1. rudy426

    Hey rudy426

    Thank you very much,
  2. rudy426

    Hey rudy426

    Thank You.
  3. rudy426

    HP Tested

    I have built two uppers with BA Hanson barrels and I really like them. One a 16 inch mid length and the other is the 18 inch mid length that you are asking about. The 18 inch is what I would call a heavy barrel ( 40 0z ) not a bull barrel and shoots fantastic so far. During break in ( at 40 yards ) it put 35 rounds in a group about the size of a fifty cent piece cutting a nice hole. I took the 16 inch out this last weekend and it performed almost the same way as the 18 inch. I am using Aero precision M4E1 uppers with these builds so that might help with the accuracy of the barrels. My experience so far is that you can't go wrong with the 18 inch Hanson mid length barrel for a semi budget build.
  4. rudy426

    Americans Learning to Live with Treason

    Was listening to MPR last month and that question was brought up. And the answer was. Pence is in trouble. With Trump, Somethings will stick and some will bonce off. But with Pence they will all stick. They want them both gone.
  5. rudy426

    Best deal on a bolt carrier? (Not full bcg)

    http://primeweaponry.com/products/m16-bolt-carrier-group-nickel-boron-9310 Bought this one for a build. great reviews and free shipping and Paypal Super fast shipping. they are from Wisconsin and I'm in Minnesota so YMMV
  6. rudy426

    Black Friday and PRE-black Friday sales.

    Cabelas has the Magnum Research MR9 Eagle on sale for $399 right now. A friend from work bought one and let me fondle it. Nice handgun.
  7. rudy426

    When in doubt, 'snap a cap'.

    If I said you had a beautiful body - Would you hold it against me. Bellamy Brothers. Raised on Hank Snow, Hank Williams, Earnest Tubb, Buck Owens and Johnny Cash Can't stand the new stuff
  8. rudy426

    Song Rocket Man is Awesome!

    My neighbor is in a band that plays songs from and about the Civil War time period. They go to reenactments around the area. She is getting up there in age now, so sometimes I drive her to places that they play at. It is awesome to sit there and listen to them play those songs and get to know the history. The music is very similar to blue grass. She is starting to get rid of records and tapes that she has collected over the years which I happily take of her hands.
  9. rudy426

    Trayvon Martin's Parents Sign Book Deal

    I was in Barnes and Noble this past weekend and Micheal Brown's mom has one out. The first thing I thought of was," The Dreams From my Son".
  10. rudy426

    What's a pirates favorite gun?

    What's a pirates favorite letter in the alphabet, " Arrr, it B about the C "
  11. rudy426

    Is this how it plays out

    I think the police did a fine job. I know the person who owns the mini van. Been to his house a few times. He live out in the country and keeps his vehicles garaged at all times. With the business he runs and the inventory he has, he needs to keep things closed up. He knew that there was nothing in the mini van. I know a bomb threat is nothing to play around with and it's easier to play it safe than be sorry.
  12. rudy426

    Is this how it plays out

    It will be interesting to see how this will play out if this story is true. The town will want blood when they get the bill for it. I'm still trying to wrap my head around why a minor from a big city would want to play with a small town 150 miles away.
  13. rudy426

    Is this how it plays out

    For sure
  14. rudy426

    Is this how it plays out

    That is exactly what they are doing. They are having an Emergency Management Debriefing to talk about what went right and what they can improve on. With being a small town and with the way things are now a days, this is something everybody is going to have to look at and plan for. The one thing it did prove. Was that due to response time to get special units down here. A person could have raised all sorts of hell. Maybe it's time for the County to get it's own Bear Cat or K-9 unit. .
  15. rudy426

    Is this how it plays out

    About two weeks ago, the town that I work in, a community of around 1,300 people had a bomb threat. The Police closed off and evacuated main street and called for a Bomb Disposal team to come and check the mini van for explosives. Here are the facts. The caller called the Sheriff's Department at the County seat first. They in turn called the town that had been threatened. All Government buildings in the County were put on lock down. A Bear Cat from a neighboring City in Wisconsin was called in. And a bomb disposal team with robot was called in from St.Paul ( a three hour trip one way ). A bomb sniffing dog from the Rochester Police Dept. K-9 unit was called in. Plus your your local Swat and neighboring Police Departments. The person who owned the mini van has a local business and his wife used the family van to take her girls to a play practice. He offered to open up the mini van to show that there was nothing in it. The Van had not been sitting there to long But was denied . The mini van was parked in front of a Communication CoOp ( Local telephone, Cell and cable ) which has two cameras in front of it ( facing East and West ) so that people can go to it's web site and click on a link to watch the traffic go through town. It is rumored that the police were in contact with the caller and to see if the caller was indeed watching the van. They had the caller read off the license plate of the mini van. That is when the police realized the caller had used the two cameras in front of the CoOp to single out the mini van. Not sure how much of this is true, But the caller did use the cameras. After seven hours of the town being shut down, the ordeal was over with no bomb found in the mini van. I understand that the police where trying to keep people safe by doing what they did. But something doesn't seem right to me. I walked into the towns Kwik Trip after work a few days later and one of the guy's involved with the incident said very loudly ( I could hear him from the back of the store ) " It was better than having Megyn Kelly from Fox News asking us Why we didn't do it ". Which I found as an odd thing to say. Why not just say the news A friend at work who's father owns a restaurant in town, said that the caller was a minor from the Twin Cities who used the cameras in front of the CoOp to single out the mini van. Again I find odd. To me anyway. This seemed excessive. Wouldn't it be easier to use the dog first to see if it picks up any scent and then call in the bomb disposal unit if it did. I'm not trying to play arm chair quarterback here. Just trying to figure out how this is suppose to play out. Life in a small town.