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  1. Mac4570

    i cheated on my ar's :/

    I know the feeling. A friend of mine bought a Draco not to long ago. After trying his out and seeing how well it was put together I picked one up also. I don't have much use for it but it sure is fun to shoot at the range. If you haven't yet, put a sling on it. You will be surprised how much more accurate you are with the sling.
  2. Mac4570

    to many tree's!!!!!

    Another Mainer here from up Presque Isle way.
  3. Mac4570

    Good Morning

    Happy Thanksgiving to you all!
  4. Mac4570

    Opinons wanted

    The more I think about it the more I like the SBR idea. I guess I will hunt up a couple of lower receivers. Fill out the paperwork and get it sent in. From what I understand the wait is getting to be 4-5 months on the approvals coming back. The sooner I get it in the better. Thank You for all the opinions and advice.
  5. Mac4570

    Opinons wanted

    "1) Lowers: Black Rain (billet), Charles Daly, DPMS, and Tactical Innovations forged." Thanks for the welcome and the info, its much appreciated! Any vendors that you recommend over others? "i think a SBR would be much more practical than a pistol AR but that's my opinion and it's about what you paid for it." I hadn't given the SBR any thought. I don't know why, as I am waiting on approval of a form 4 right now. I could always get the stamp and then build it in 556. An SBR in 556 would probably be more practical for target shooting than a 9mm pistol. The only additional cost would be the tax.
  6. Mac4570

    Opinons wanted

    I have a couple of questions I wanted some opinions on. 1. What brand of lower receiver do you folks recommend I use for a couple of AR builds. I am thinking of a M4 or Car build. The other build I was thinking on was a pistol build. 2. Is building an AR pistol really worth the time and effort. I have built a good number of different types of guns over the years. I own a couple of factory AR's. However, I never had an AR pistol. I have been thinking it might be fun to build one, but my gut tells me it won't be that useful and I will be disappointed when I am done. Any opinions on the AR pistols. Guy's that have them, do you like them? What caliber do you all recommend? I am not sure how effective the 556 would be in a short barrel pistol. I was thinking maybe a 9mm might be a bit more useful. Any thoughts? Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Mac4570

    Finally got an Ak

    +1 on surplus metal mags. I would stay clear of the new Korean mags that are on the market. Any surplus metal mags from Europe will work fine. I also use grease on AK's. Most Ak's will run forever dry, but why abuse them. I grease them with the same stuff I use on the Garands. Mag wobble is common to most AK's. Some are much worse than others. That being said, Century sometimes gets carried away when they convert the mag well over to double stack. I have heard of one guy tig welding a shim to correct bad mag wobble. If you can find a large selection of surplus mag's at a local gun shop. Maybe they will allow you to fit mags to your gun. Some of the Century's have been known to have canted front sights or canted rear sight blocks. From what I understand the problem crops up less often now than it did in the past. If you find it shoots six" to the left or right at 25 yards then you have an issue with yours. It can be corrected with a little work. AK's are not a long range target rifle but they are a lot of fun to shoot. Everyone should own one or two. Good luck with yours
  8. Mac4570

    bullet for coyotes

    I have great luck on coyotes using V Max bullets in several guns including a Bushmaster AR. I use VV powders for many of my loads. I find most of their powders to be very consistent and very accurate.
  9. Mac4570

    New memeber checking in

    I appreciate the warm welcome. Thank You
  10. Mac4570

    New memeber checking in

    Thank You Sir. I am still trying to figure out where everything is here and how it all works. So if I mess up please let me know. I am interested in building a M-4 in 556 and maybe a 9mm pistol AR.
  11. Mac4570

    New memeber checking in

    New member just saying hi! I have tinkered with guns and reloading for over forty years. I have built a number of different guns and now I have the bug to build a couple of AR's. I currently own a two factory Bushmasters. I have heard good things about this site on other boards and thought I would come over and get some opinions on AR builds.