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  1. Tell her if she wants to force Lent upon you, then noone eats anything but bread and water!
  2. There's supposed to be another system on the way.
  3. The Lee Child "Jack Reacher" novels are pretty good. I just got finished with Steven King's "Under the Dome". It was alright.
  4. I watched the video. It's no big deal. It just rehashes what we all know about the border problem anyway.
  5. Hurricane Ike taught me that a person can get a pretty good shower out of a five gallon bucket.
  6. "Welcome to Martyrdom 101. I usually like to start the class with a demonstration. Do I have any volunteers to assist me?"
  7. If it's all one sentence, then wouldn't it just be one wish?
  8. A magazine that never empties, a canteen that's never dry, and a woman that never tells me no.
  9. I hate the taste of just about all alcoholic beverages, but I sure do like gettin' drunk!
  10. Watch out for snakes. That's about all I have to say about that.
  11. Not since I finished training my dog!
  12. The only thing I could see having a problem with, would be the knife throwing. Now if it was axe throwing, I could give them a run for their money. If it was a double bit battle axe, I would be unstoppable.
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