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  1. Ok here is the pict. hope it works http://s916.photobucket.com/albums/ad8/sta...nt=IMG_2552.jpg
  2. Got me first Ar last week its a Stag Mod. 5 in 6.8 spc. will post picts when i get them taken and figure out how to post em heh.
  3. Grats nice picts. thanks. Was thinking of getting a Barska for my new Stag but won't now, thanks again.
  4. Grats on your new rifle, i'm relitively new and just got my first it's a Stag mod.5 in 6.8, I can't wit to shoot it but have to wait on a friend to take me to his friends place, since i cant shoot it at my local range :( Have't taken it apart to clean yet been out of town last couple of days but will today.
  5. Goinggear.com has 7 strand and new 8 strand at good price
  6. Great story, im kinda new to post but couldent stop reading, thanks.
  7. Started an invitory of camping/survival gear and will get an AR in a month or so. good sight thanks.
  8. Verry nice art work, I also make jewlry and others items on the side when I have time, thanks for the picts.
  9. New to this post, I spent 6 weekends this summer ar pow wows in IN with my father, who is part Miami from northern IN. They are allway a great get together with old and new friends.
  10. Hi all found this sight a couple weeks ago and its great.
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