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  1. CarolinaAR15

    Buffer Assembly Detent/Retainer Pin Issue - need some advise

    Hey guys. Tried exactly what you suggested and it worked in fixing my problem. You all are the greatest. I am back in action and learned something in the process. Many thanks for the assistance.
  2. I swapped out my lower with a couple of upper assemblies. This last time I broke down my AR-15 the buffer assembly "sprang out" of the buffer tube (receiver extension). The buffer assembly detent spring was all torn to "heck". Luckily I did fine the buffer assembly detent pin. I got a new spring; pushed the buffer assembly and recoil spring into the buffer tube and put the buffer detent and its spring into the hole on the lower (in front of of the buffer assembly) receiver. Released the buffer assembly and the detent pin does its thing and kept the buffer assembly held back. Now the issue...I noticed that the buffer detent pin seemed to be a bit high but went ahead and closed the upper assembly. Racked the charging handle and it did not completely go forward into battery. Opened AR back up and buffer assembly once again was out; detent spring again all torn up. It appears that the buffer assembly detent pin springs out when the charging handle and bolt are pulled rearward. I put in another new buffer assembly detent spring and reassembled. The buffer detent pin does catch the buffer assembly but when I remove pressure off the buffer detent pin (push the buffer assembly further back into the buffer tube) the buffer detent spring comes completely up and out of its "hole". Am I missing something when replacing the buffer detent spring and pin that should hold it (catch it) so that it sticks up far enough to stop the buffer assembly from coming forward but doesn't allow the buffer detent pin to come all the way out? What happens is when the very rear of the BCG rests on the detent pin (there is a groove for it on the bottom of the BCG) everything is fine but when ithe BCG moves rearward and the opening on the bottom of the BCG moves over the buffer detent pin, the detent pin pops up and then the spring gets caught and pinched by the BCG returning to battery. Hope I explained it well enough to get the advise of you experts on the forum. Can't figure out how to keep the buffer assembly detent pin (and spring) locked in place and from moving up to high out of its recess hole. Any and all advise on how to correct would be greatly appreciated. Only replaced the buffer detent spring; not the pin itself. Is that my problem? Is there a stake that holds the buffer detent pin in place that has been sheared off/down? Be great if you guys could save me a trip to the gunsmith!!!
  3. CarolinaAR15

    Will changing stocks affect bullet PoI?

    Hey gentlemen, thanks for the input. I too am doing a PRS upgrade (like the 'dawg). Was more thinking along the lines of mechanical effects of having a new/different buffer spring and longer (A1/A2) buffer tube; but everybody's points on changing how the gun lines up to cheek and shoulder are good. It will give me a good reason (as if I need a reason) to head to the range and do a zero. Speaking of which, do you all prefer a 3 shot string or 5 shot to determine grouping?
  4. CarolinaAR15

    Will changing stocks affect bullet PoI?

    That is what I thought but wanted to get the opinions of the experts. Thanks for the confirmation.
  5. Back from the land of the lurkers with another question. Santa is going to bring me a fixed stock for Christmas to replace the current adjustable/collapsable one that I have now. I know that I have to change out the buffer tube (receiver extension), spring, etc. to an A1/A2 config prior to installing the new fixed stock. Question is... will changing the buffer and spring to an A1/A2 from the M4 change the bullet's PoI (using the same round, of course). Currently I have a scope zero'd for 200 yds. Not a real issue since I have fun at the range working with zeroing the rifle/scope, but just curious as to the impact (if any) with moving from a collapsable stock to a fixed. Thanks for any insight and info.
  6. CarolinaAR15

    A first post...and a thumbs up

    Hey DMV, thanks for the tip. I guess it is just a matter of what you are used to. Reloading for handguns seems so simple to me and getting into rifle ammo where you got to worry about cases stretching, trimming, small base or full dies, shoulder necks, too much lube (I used carbide dies for handguns), etc. makes me cringe. As far as my setups; I started out with a Colt 6940 and have just gotten a Bushy Varminter upper topped with a Zeiss Conquest scope. Haven't done alot of mods yet. Did add a oversize pistol grip and a stock saddle for personal taste. I think I would like to add a Magpul PRS stock. It would be great for the rifle setup but heavy for carbine. Also would need to get a non-collapsing buffer tube prior to adding the PRS. The AR is a great platform and I am having a blast planning for all the ways I can change it up. For now, since I am a new rifle shooter, I am working on the basics and fundamentals. As Kelly mentioned "Practice more". I just need to fess up and admit that I just like to shoot this rifle platform. That is why I am starting to reload for the 223...to keep ahead of my habit. Mainly I am doing range shooting now but want to try my hand at some varmint hunting in the near future. Always interested to hear any advice or favorite tweaks to the AR that everybody has done (hence my lurking in this forum). Anybody can chime in with ideas.
  7. CarolinaAR15

    A first post...and a thumbs up

    Yeah, all of you are right that I should post more. Heck, who knows maybe it will become a habit. All of you help a newbie a lot but really don't help with curing my BRD. Always leave the forum with new things to try and more stuff to get. Just got me a second upper. Now have a carbine and a long rifle setup. Wanted a 204 Ruger upper, more for the novelty of having that caliber, but better sense prevailed and I ended up with another 5.56/223. Now I will have only a single caliber to reload for...until you guys tell me that I got to have another caliber; or heaven forbid an AR-10. Reloading for the 223 will definitely create some questions for me to post to the experts here. I have been reloading for handguns for many years but never have tried reloading a rifle round. Guess that is another sign of having the BRD.
  8. CarolinaAR15

    A first post...and a thumbs up

    Okay, confession time. I have been a member of this forum for a while now and have owned an AR-15 for a short while. Never posted to date but really learned a ton of stuff about the black rifle as a “lurker” from all the experts that ride here. So I am not one to rant but I would like to give major kudo's to Bill Springifield. I wanted to improve my factory trigger (lighten the pull) so I sent him my trigger and the result was great. I have read other posts that recommend his work and would like to add myself to his list of very satisfied customers. Now back to lurking and quietly dealing with a big case of the BRD. Thanks for a super forum with very knowledgeable people.