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  1. Convertible meaning the smooth handguards that you can add rail sections to as you choose?
  2. I am thinking about picking a YHM lightweight quad rail up to replace my standard handguard. I like the low weight and price but are there any problems with lightweight rails? Any fit issues with YHM rails? Thanks in advance
  3. Hey all, Before I head to shoot my new AR for the first time I had a couple of questions. Should I strip the factory oil and re oil the gun before shooting? Is Hoppe's lubricant sufficient? I have read about the clp, slip2000 and weapon shield lubricants - lots of choices. Is there any other pre-shooting maintenance I should perform. As I understand there is no need to break in a chrome-lined barrel but are there other parts that I need to watch during "break-in"? Some of these may be popular questions but I can't use the search feature yet. Thanks in advance
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