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  1. Rkangel

    Build progress

    My first 80% was a Polymer80. Although I have since moved to aluminum lowers, the polymer lower still works fine and has had nothing but a steady diet of 5.56 and 300 blackout. I don't beat it, or use it as a chin-up bar, though. Polymer has its limits and it probably wouldn't be my "go-to" life and limb gun, but it was a fun way to get started in the 80% game back in the day.
  2. Rkangel

    Build progress

    Albany/Corvalistan area.
  3. Rkangel

    Build progress

    80% Lowers are fun and satisfying. Never had a problem with function after following the instructions and taking it easy. Just picked up a 12.5" BA Hanson barrel in 6.5 and blem BCM upper to start a Grendel build, too.
  4. Rkangel

    Elftmann triggers

    I haven't used their match triggers as I personally don't favor ultra light tiggers for defensive firearms and I don't do a lot of precision shooting. However I do use their SE triggers and like them quite a bit.
  5. Rkangel

    Red dot recommendations

    One that is not often mentioned is the Nikon P-Tactical Superdot. I have been liking this red dot quite a bit. It is built like a tank. Glass is nice and clear without color cast. Dot is bright. Has an auto off feature to save battery. It comes with two risers for multiple co-witness configurations. I actually like it a little better than my Vortex Crossfire.
  6. Carbine buffers will work just fine. Pistol length gas system simply refers to the length of the gas tube. Pistol length gas system is the preferred for 300 blackout. I use standard weight carbine or H buffers in all my blackout pistol builds. Most of my builds also use Toolcraft BCGs. I have yet to find a better BCG for the money.
  7. Unless it is plinking, my favorite is 300blk for performance in a short barrel AR. It is designed to work efficiently in short barrels around 9" with only marginal velocity losses or gains depending on barrel length. If all I was going to do is plink on the cheap I would go .22lr conversion. Otherwise I'm not really in the camp of pistol caliber AR's. That's just me. YMMV.
  8. Rkangel

    Expo Arms Barrels?

    I believe Expo is Primary Arms' private label. I was looking at them, too for my last build but I missed their sale and went another direction instead.
  9. Rkangel

    State just shut my office down!

    Exactly what we've been saying, too. It's like treating the disease by killing the patient.
  10. Rkangel

    New toy!

  11. Rkangel

    Latchless Charging Handles?

    I think it was the Daily Shooter on youtube that had a latchless charging handle hit him in the face. I believe it was on a pistol build. Strike Industries specifically states that their latchless handles are not recommended for use on pistols because of the back pressure. On the flip side, I've seen them used on 16" rifles without any issues.
  12. Rkangel

    Need advice on a new build

    I've purchased a 10.5" barrel and a few other parts from Grid/Ghost. So far quality has been fine. Communication and shipping has also been good. I only have one range trip with the barrel. First round was a failure to extract but that could have been my bolt or the Frontier ammo. Swapped the bolt and after that I put another couple hundred rounds through it without issue. The barrel is slightly over-gassed so a heavier buffer is in order. I haven't shot for groups. This first trip was break in. According to Grid/Ghost they turn most of their barrels in-house and occasionally farm out to Bear Creek if they need to meet demands.
  13. Two different companies. Both are good!
  14. Rkangel

    Decent Nitride BCG Deal @ PSA

    Another great deal for $59.95! Picked one of these up. Phosphate. Chrome Lined. Great quality! Individually HPT and MPI tested, great staking, C158 bolt. Specs are right and quality rivals BCM. I'd say pick one up while you can. https://www.righttobear.com/RTB-Phosphate-Bolt-Carrier-Group-158-HP-p/rtb-m16-hpt-mpi.htm
  15. Rkangel

    Anderson Lower Parts Kit with Stainless FCG

    Back on sale: https://www.righttobear.com/anderson-manufacturing-lower-receiver-parts-kit-p/g2-k421-a000-0p.htm