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  1. Just preparing for this monster hurricane that maybor may not hit. They said Irma wasnt going to hit and I lost half my roof when the eye passed directly over our place. praying this beast turns away and spares any other folks from the misery of a hurricane and its aftermath. yall stay safe if youre in a threatened region.
  2. Im quite happy here in Florida for now, especially since we dodged the Gillum bullet and dumped Bill Nelson. Finally getting rid of that troll Brenda Snipes from Broward is a bonus. I love NOT having to shovel snow or pay state income tax. I am seriously thinking about a second home, maybe a small two bedroom cabin somewhere up in TN or other location in the mountains one day to escape the summer heat but for now I shall remain a real swamp dweller. Id kinda miss my gators...
  3. For some reason I am locked out of the PA. I have entered the password but it keeps telling me it is incorrect. Has it changed? thanks, Muz.
  4. But I can see anything more than two feet away fine. I just need glasses to read smaller print. Id have to be taking them in and out constantly. Isnt there a surgical proceedure or something to correct that?
  5. I got mine. I pledge as the first thing I do with my winnings is to buy Noneya the gun of his choice!
  6. Ya'll know what the end game here is dont you? The Donks would love to see Trump have to deploy the military at the border. It will be even better if some of them end up getting shot. The dems would love to be holding up pictures of dead women and kids a week before the election. These people are sick, and no better than the middle eastern terrorists who use women and kids as suicide bombers. If he doesnt take the bait they manage to get in it makes him look weak. Either way its bad optics for Trump right before the election. I swear these people need to be culled from the herd. How much more of this sick twisted crap does the human race have to put up with?
  7. Well theres a few thousand less Dem voters ro worry about...
  8. I just wish there was an easy way to fix presbyopia without using glasses...
  9. Hey thank you gents? Much better. This armory 1 skin is fine. I just couldnt take the bright white background. Appreciate the help!
  10. Since the upgrade my page has taken on a totally different appearance with an all white background. Is there a way to change the skins to return it to the way it looked previously or maybe even some other way. The all white background is kind of rough on the eyes. I looked unde my account settings but couldnt find an appearance or akins option. Any help would be appreciated. thanks, MB
  11. Wow everything is so big and different now. Gonna take some getting used to.
  12. I wonder if he waited for her...
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