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  1. Elvis is back. Sorry, don't check the forums much. Just send the mags in with a note requesting warranty exchange. I sent four, with no receipt.
  2. Good news for all who suffer from the Witness 10 mm 15rd failure to load, failure to feed rounds 15-9 etc. Tanfoglio is shipping to EAA newly designed mags that appear to function perfectly. They have reduced capacity to 14 rds, but you can load them to capacity readily by hand, and they have proper feeding angle and spring tension from rds 1-14. The follower is a new design that looks a lot like a Glock follower, and the mag body is modified as well. I'm pretty sure they have a stronger spring. Floorplate is different. The finish is matte black, not the shiny blue. Just send your mags in and they will exchange no charge. I sent four in on 3/24 and got the replacements today. Finally, a mag that works like it is supposed to.
  3. Do the current production stainless Delta Elites use the dual recoil spring and plastic guide rod setup?
  4. I bought a 10mm top end from EAA in December and they still had some of the old style blued slides in stock. My smith had to fit the barrel hood.
  5. Colt is selling mags on their website now. S/S 8rd 10mm mags are also 34.95, so the difference would be in shipping cost only.
  6. Thanks Scott. I was looking at a NIB Delta and was trying to figure out whether it had the frame mod. Additional pictures showed that it was the modified frame. Pick it up Saturday.
  7. Does anyone know the serial number where Colt began the "Fix" for the frame rail cracking? Thanks in advance.
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