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  1. I have heard Lee's rust easy if not taken care of properly. RCBS is all I use and never had any troubles with other calibers....just getting ready to get one for .223. I have heard a lot of good things about Redding and Hornady. There are a few sites posted above which are all pretty close to price and seem reliable.
  2. in response to a weapons ban.....ironic thing happened to me just like happened to dave2184.....all my guns and family and friends guns were lost during a terrible boating accident a couple of years ago while we were on vacation...it was such a shame. those were some good guns and I miss them dearly.
  3. Thanks Jim! Powder thrower very accurate with ball powder and if I have to go through walls......12ga with double buck will due just fine.
  4. M1A if it is a project and you have the money.......go with it. I think the Socom Scout (18" barrel) over the Socom 16 (16" barrel) would give a little more accuracy and still have CQB ability....I really like the socoms.
  5. I would have to take 22, AR and a high power rifle (270 or 308) I wouldnt tell you but I would have my 9 at my side too. I could do what ever with these....kill game, kill emenies or take others food and water sources. It is a great idea to have a group of friends that know what vicinity to meet at and each of us would have some good weapons and hopefully other supplies....dont forget the water though...cause I am not drinking piss
  6. Freedomfighter........you couldn't hit anything so you would be dead....practice with your Beretta more and we will see who can shoot our new ARs better after tax time....By the way....thanks for saving some tax dollars for us Obama....we need guns.
  7. Ok so I am getting ready to purchase my first AR....dad just bought an Oly K16. Shooting sub MOA with factory ammo...less than 40 shells and we already hit the mark. So my question is....if I am looking to go cheap for an AR....which one. I like the bull barrel on the Oly, but still wonder on quality due to all the internet BS. What about the double star, stag, or even a S&W. If DPMS had the brass deflector, forward assist I would go with it on the cheap model. So what gun for cheap guys. Next- we are getting ready to get the guys together and start reloading .223 Dad has many RCBS dies for 10 different calibers but not 223, what is best for 223 semi auto quality dies. I have heard a few bad things on RCBS 223 dies. I was shocked...but stated something about issues with bullet seating (found comment on Midway). I feel it has to be inexperience or just not focusing...seriously RCBS is well above average products. What is the right die to use folks? Looking at using H335 since we got a great load for 222 and nice to have same powder for both calibers. I understand alot of people like 4198 but seems like alot like the H335 too...preferences or pros and cons against or for either. Also, what other powders do you all use for 223? I have more....what about brass.....it seems like used once fired LC brass is a great price and quality as long as you can shave it down correctly. Thoughts? I believe we will be using Hornady BTs but intersted in the Hornady Spire Points or even Super Explosive Spire Points (SXSPs)...Any experience with any of these or other suggestions would be great.... Lastly....what the hell did I hear about someone seating the primers .003 to .006 below flush. Is this safe, needed or even good quality control? What primers do I use guys...seriously? And is there a true need to crush the hell out of your primers to seat them a little lower than flush to avoid a slam fires. I thank you all in advance for any comments and assistance you give...even if it sucks.
  8. Thanks glockman...thats what I was hoping to hear about the H335
  9. Anyone used the Hornady Super Explosive Spire Points (SXSP)? I was thinking of ordering a box or 2
  10. I dont know about keeping shavings but I am a brass scavanger
  11. Looks like you guys get alot of stuff from Cabelas. Isnt their price kinda high? I guess if you can find it get it right.
  12. Has anyone had issues with RCBS dies and bullet seating? Someone Midway review stated they had issues with dies. All other calibers we have are RCBS and looking to get 223 die
  13. Sounds like most of you have more than me...just getting ready to start up on reloading 9mm, 45s and .223. I am ready to stock pile some ammo.....winter is setting in so its time to start the assembly line with the guys
  14. Thinking about starting to cast my own 45ACP and 9mm. Read on Midway website about the Lee alox lube but also stated something about mica powder. Any have any knowledge or experience with utilizing the mica powder and why?
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