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  1. Odd question I know, but I have a idea. A small location near me recently became vacant. It's situated in a place in town that would be ideal (IMO) for a small locally focused hardware store. There is only one other comparable business in town that isn't a franchise. I always try to go there because it's quick and they tend to have one of most things. No searching, no lines, no giant parking lots. I can get in, out, and back to work. So my question is this, when you know you are going to a hardware store that can't have it all, what do you count on them having?
  2. Hey guys! Long time no talk I know. Just wanted to check in and say hi. I dont have any new guns to show off, but I do have a beautiful baby girl. A big one too, 9lb 13oz! Eden Kay joined us on July 4th like a true patriot. I'll try to post more. I still browse pretty often. Life's just been busy. New house, new baby, and a whole lot of new bills.
  3. Don't bother with that .44 special stuff! Anything less then full power loads is making much less fun then it should be.
  4. Just a few random things laying around the house I have never used. If you see something you want and don't like my price, make me a offer. Its on here because I want gone. It never hurts to ask! This gun belt I think I got from Vic. I cant remember for sure though. Its for a blackhawk frame gun. Not really sure of the manufacturer. Is also a size 37. $45 shipped. This gun belt came as part of a deal i made for a Colt SAA clone a while back. It seems to be of pretty high quality but i dont really know much about this kind of gear. The belt size is roughly a 37". The manufacturer is Classic Old West Styles. I wasn't able to find the price of the belt, but the holster it's self is $65 brand new. $80 shipped Tactical Tailor mag vest. I bought it brand new 2 years ago for a magpul class and never used it. It has been thrown in the back seat of my truck a couple times but that is the most abuse it has seen. I cant find a tag that has the size on it but I was about 180lbs when i got it and had everything tightened all the way up. I couldn't find this exact thing on their website anymore. I'm not sure if its no longer made or if i just didn't see it. $80 shipped
  5. Another vote for the quality and craft of Dan Wessons. I had a valor for a good amount of time. That gun was a F-ing lazer. I absolutely loved it. I imagine as time goes by it will be one of my " I never should have got rid of it" guns, but such is life. I traded it for another well regarded 1911 and a ruger revolver that I think has some collectible value in the future. Beautiful piece. The only other 10mm i have got to shoot was a ported glock. That was a fun pistol. Plenty of power in your hands and with the ports, though absolutely not necessary, made it a complete pussycat.
  6. I will take both cash and trade offers if anyone is on the fence.
  7. Life being life dictates its time for this safe queen to venture on. Gun is in great shape and has a grand total of three cylinders shot out of it. This model 97 was ordered by me with two factory options, the 3.5" barrel and the round butt grip frame and stocks. Unfortunately the factory box was lost in a move. It will ship in a soft handgun case. I am asking $2,400 + shipping. I will entertain offers but am not interested in any trades. I will also be listing this elsewhere on the web. First "I'll take it" or agreement on price based on time stamp will get the gun. Tell your friends!
  8. I do it in spurts. I let it pile up and pile up and sooner or later I get tired of tripping on it and folks like you benefit from my temper tantrum induced pricing.
  9. Cleaning out the gun room today and found all kinds of goodies that I don't need anymore. I would really like to get this stuff out of my way, so if you don't like my price on something, make a offer. All muzzle brakes are $10 shipped. Black Hole Weaponry Dragons Head Sold Standard A2 Ares Armor Effin-A (with all screws)Sold YHM Phantomsold Next is a bunch of .280 Remington stuff. All prices are shipped. 50-Unfired Winchester nickel cases, 20-Once fired nickel cases, And reloading guide for .280 $20 Both boxes have 12 unfired and 8 fired Winchester nickel cases. Comes with plastic case holder. Loads were done by another member on the forum Vic_B. .280 Remington 130gn. speer BTSP 56gn IMR4831---$8 .280 Remington 175gn Nosler Partition 52.5gn IMR4831---$8 (mostly) full box of speer 130gn BTSP. Guessing there are 80 left.---$10 RCBS FL .280 Remington die set---$10 Some .300 Win. Mag. remnants. Just want enough to cover shipping.---$5 for both Factory M&P Shield sights--$15 Uncle Mikes kydex holster for Sig 225,245,228,229---$10 Magpul FDE MOE-K Grip---$8 Magpul Black AFG2---$8Sold Two IWB holsters for J-frame smith and Wesson---$10 for bothsold Harris Bi-pod---$15Sold Tagua OWB leather holster for Kahr K9 (would probably fit similar sized pistols)---$10 ETA One more item. These complete BCG would part of a big group buy arranged here on the forum by GLshooter. He didn't tell us the manufacturer but assured us that if we did know we would be paying quite a bit more then we did. Brand new and well staked. --- $50sold
  10. I'm still around. Life's just been getting busy is all. I am getting married the 27th of September. I'll try like hell to get to it whenever and wherever it is. I haven't done much shooting in way to long.
  11. I would love for a domestic vehicle to kick that cars ass, but the facts or the Itialians and brits build better super cars then we do right now. I have seen a couple of those Mclaren's driving on the PCH when I was down working in California. Belive me, the pictures do no justice to what they look like rolling down the road.
  12. To each his own. Biggest difference I noticed was with how easy the protective plastic for the glass got messed up. The lifeproof box held up a lot longer. I work with metal all day as well, so I end up with a lot of dust and shavings all over me. The water proof feature keeps that out.
  13. I kind of agree with RB on this, I have sort of mixed feelings. It does seem a little nannyish. It also seems like a reasonable way to encourage a win for everybody involved (and those who aren't).
  14. Otter box's suck IMO. Maybe they have a tougher version out now. I only had one and then tried the lifeproof box. I left the verizon store with one on my 5S when I upgraded.
  15. Sick. I really want to get a snowmobile bad. I know I would under use it though.
  16. You 10mm guys have been talking about this gun for as long as I have been on this message board.
  17. Not having the worst trigger ever put on a pistol, ever, in the existence of ever possibly.
  18. Merry Christmas guys. Hope its all great!
  19. He is a sick bastiage. I am glad he is gone.
  20. This is me at a magpul DMR/SPR class this summer I took along with Newbe.
  21. You can deny it all you want, but you were hoping we would all think you were the coolest motherFer to ever walk this earth when you posted that picture.
  22. Correct. And we can talk about it as a social issue but we all know that is freaked. The question stated by the OP was in reference to the police officers use of force. I agree with pepper.
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