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  1. STI has the escort, and it is reliable and accurate . No feed or other problems in over 3k rounds.
  2. Just like piston ring gaps do not have to be staggered, I would not believe that staggering the gaps on a bolt would have to be. Tests were done at the dyno lab when I worked at one of the big three, and to almost everyones surprise, the staggering of the gaps made no difference.
  3. Beautiful, I envy the talent these people have. We personally have a few pieces of pottery from various pueblos in New Mexico- smaller pieces though. They do display very nicely atop the bookcases in our living room.
  4. S.T.I. makes 9mm in an officers style 1911.
  5. Welcome and stay reading.
  6. For me its STI all the way but that is just my opinion.
  7. paper thin crust, sausage, cheese, and anchovies !
  9. Link to another forum with an unsatisfied customer for what it is worth. http://www.utahconcealedcarry.com/viewtopi...?f=6&t=7089
  10. Mine has to be Ave Maria I guess it is really not specifically a christmas song, but I always associate it with chrisrtmas as I always heard it at midnight mass with my mom. It will always be my faviorite
  11. First welcome friend. Range shooter myself , mostly pistols. Currently a CHL license, for 3 yrs now, finally talked the wife into getting one( Chicago city girl) - she takes the course Nov. 14. I agree we need more Texans here
  12. E clips are solid, you would be surprised how many times they are used where safety is priority 1.
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