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  1. I agree I think im going to give it a shot. I also have a cqb on one of my other guns and I love it.
  2. Any imput on this scope? Likes dislikes?
  3. I already have a 552 on accucam mount so im just looking for the magnifier right now. Adxtactical is the best price I have seen so far I greatly apprec the help guys.
  4. Hey guys I have a Rock River that I carry with my police department and recently my partner put a magnifier on his Aimpoint and I really like it. I currently have a Eotech 552 on accucam mount. My question is are any of you using the magnifier with the 552 and how do you like it? Also I saw Samson Fts mount that allows the magnifier to move off to the side. Last question will the magnifier line up on a mount with the 552 on the accucam? Your replies are greatly appreciated. We have a mall in our area and I would really like to have some magnification if need be.
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