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  1. And clean off the active rust.
  2. swordknives

    Great 10mm Mag deal

    Great thank you for the heads up!
  3. swordknives

    New guy with a 10

    I'm in the same boat. great to see the answers.
  4. swordknives

    Addax ATAC GPU VS. DI impressions

    Very nice Thanks for sharing
  5. swordknives

    Welcome To AR15Armory.com

    Hey guys Im new here Just thought id pop in and say hello. Built my first AR lower and purchased a complete upper for my first and i hope to do a complete build next.
  6. swordknives

    Update on my reloading room project (pic)

    Looks great. ive been using ammo cans for brass storage but i like your idea better. good job.
  7. swordknives

    Carbide Dies: Do they really work?

    you dont need lube if your using carbide dies but a little bit makes it alot easier.
  8. swordknives

    Homemade snap caps...

    Ive never had a problem with drilling holes in the brass and using a bit of rubber/pencil eraser for the primer. The holes in the brass dont catch and it is very obvious when it is and is not a dummy round. I had a buddy who painted his bullets on his dummy rounds well the paint got scraped off over the years and one day he relised he had a few more that he started with! He went to drilling after that.
  9. swordknives

    quick caliber poll

    I voted for 45 because I live in a state that caps mags at 10 rds, which to me reduces the advantage of the smaller calibers.
  10. swordknives

    More addictive than most things...

    yep ive sure spent a few more afternoons than i care to admit on there fooling around.
  11. swordknives

    BCG lube habits

    I run it fairly wet. i use grease on the hi friction areas and oil on the rest. it actually drives my army roomate a little batty as he was thought to run on the dry side. Ive never had a failure in 500 rds or so. I live near the ocean so i tend to store everything a little wet with oil, even my knives.
  12. swordknives

    pretty good deal on complete upper

    page says item not found oh well that would have been a good deal.
  13. swordknives

    Pmag, stripper clip and guide

    wow thanks for the links thats some great deals
  14. swordknives

    New style forward grip from MAGPUL

    looks silly to me but that does not meat that it wont work every bit as good as they say. I like the fact that it dosent stick out.
  15. swordknives

    Valhalla armory optics

    Personally ill be getting a Vortex Here has everything including a mount and a Doubler all for about $150