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  1. bomberhat

    Anyone looking for any specific cases?

    do you have any 22-250 i would be interested in that
  2. bomberhat

    model 1 sales

    and why is that
  3. bomberhat

    model 1 sales

    im lookin to build a 24 inch varminter delton only has 20 inchers anyone know of any co that sells kits
  4. bomberhat

    model 1 sales

    anyone have any info on this co thinkin of purchasing a kit to build
  5. my glock has never fired without my finger on the trigger so its easy for me to carry with one in the pipe it goes back to the fundamentals dont put your finger on the trigger untill you are ready to fire
  6. bomberhat

    887 nitromag tactical

    ya its not super light by any means but that why it swings nice and its balanced i just want the shorter barrel for when i take it coyote hunting and who doesnt want two or three extra rounds
  7. bomberhat

    887 nitromag tactical

    has anyone seen these i dont know when there comein out but i will definately buy the barrel and mag exstension when it does ive heard alot of bad things about the 887 but i have had no problems with mine and i love it reliable very easy to strip down
  8. i have a a remmington 887 nitro mag
  9. kind of a stupid question but never have shot any so i would like to be educated thanks
  10. bomberhat

    how much ammo on hand?

    thanks for the insite
  11. bomberhat

    free float forend on piston?

    now if i can just find one for under 100 bucks that would be nice
  12. bomberhat

    free float forend on piston?

    thanks this forum has been a huge help after i jumped on the AR bandwagon
  13. bomberhat

    how much ammo on hand?

    just wanted some opinions on how much ammo you guys have on hand for a survival situation not just for plinkin and range fun
  14. i want to put a free float quad rail forend on my cmmg it has a piston so i was wondering if those had a higher profile than your stardard gas tube thanks live free or die
  15. bomberhat

    need help

    alright thanks