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  1. I have heard only good things about Aero. I remember another forum had a member visit the factory and wrote an excellent after action review. This is another board review from a member who visited the factory http://www.weaponevolution.com/forum/showt...-Aero-Precision
  2. Don't forget to post dynamic pictures. I love pictures of smoking shell casings ejecting! http://www.gunsmagazine.com/Features/0708a/07.jpg
  3. I have a friend who shoots the 5.45 x 39 out of a M&P rifle. He told me it paid for itself after one summer because the surplus ammo is so much cheaper than .223. He also is very good at clearing jams. In a sense, training with ammo that is likely to double feed, not feed at all or gum up your bolt is good. You are prepared for when everything doesn't go right. Zombies won't wait patiently for you to clear your rifle...
  4. I own the 9mm carbine (bought it used to shoot 2-gun fun matches while I saved up for an AR). The matches were bi-weekly, I never had a malfunction for a whole summer, and most matches had a 200 round count between pistol and carbine. Trigger sucked more than a dyson. Man that trigger was bad, awful... My friends tried to hide their snickering, but I always got funny looks when it carried to the safety briefings. I was using a quality red-dot an At 50 yards or less it shot as well as it's operator could. After I upgraded to the AR, I never looked back. The guys always made the same comments " it surprised me how well you did' and 'if you didn't have to reload so often, you may have had a better score.'
  5. I have heard of a crazy guy who used Bond-o. It was one of the range rumors that you hear from time to time. Sounds like a bad idea. To fill them in would be a major hassle...perhaps you could order a lower with minimal markings? Fidelis arms does custom engraving. Maybe they can sell you one with no company logo. I bought a couple of cheap lowers and they have roll marks on both sides. Cost drove that decision, and now I just have to live with it. Also- the ATF has requirements for Serial numbers and manufactures info. Make sure those don't get inadvertently filled in. http://www.fidelisarms.com http://www.atf.gov/publications/download/q...sions-sub-c.pdf
  6. I have a P22 and I had a few issues with it. It had a bunch of Failure to feeds with the shorter barrel. I bought the longer "target" barrel and those problems disappeared because it increased the back pressure. I ended up pitching the goofy slide extension. I used to worry about what would feed through it, now not so much. If you buy one, I would recommend getting .22's with the copper wash. After a brick of lead, the barrel can be difficult to clean. Look on some other forums, the slide is made out of a zinc/aluminum composite (I think) and it can chip. Mine shows some of this chipping. It hasn't effected the performance. I put a brick through it every week during spring, summer and fall. As for some of the Walther P38's, be diligent in your research. some P1's are sold as P38's. They do look cool. Also look out for 'Part' guns. Cheap, yes. Reliably put together, depends on the gunsmith.
  7. I bought some lowers and one eyed mac took care of me! Great price great service. I will definitely use him again!
  8. I found another deal. SMS is trying to break into the AR lower market. I ordered some earlier this week. Should arrive by Wednesday (I hope). I read on the other AR site that the there may be a cosmetic flaw. The hole for the mag release may be canted. It is cosmetic and does not affect the function. Also, roll marks are large and on both sides. shipping was a flat $20 for all five lowers...so 55 + 4 = $59 each plus FFL fee. Not a bad deal. http://www.rguns.net/rifles/rifles-semiaut...ed.shtml#SHARPS
  9. I have used 1 inch scope ring for a flashlight as well. It was fine, held my flashlight well, but I always had to take it off to fit my AR into my case getting to and from the range. I would look into a quick disconnect style scope ring for holding flashlights.
  10. Ammoman.com - Shipping is included in the price. gun-deals.com _ Lists various deals, will calculate shipping and then calculate cost per round. Wal-Mart: Winchester white box (9mm) can't be beaten. Palmetto state armory. Decent prices, great service.
  11. My AR has never has a problem with the Silver Bear either. seems to burn fairly clean as well. See link for a nifty screen saver ! http://wall.alphacoders.com/images/Militar...y-Gun-70518.jpg
  12. I have shot some IDPA in the past. It was fun. I wonder when a qualifier is coming up...
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